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Main Menu

Cheese Burger with Fries$8.94
Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich and Fries$11.54
Italian Cheese Burger with Fries sub$12.44
On a sub
Chicken Sandwich with Fries$8.54
Lamb Gyros Sandwich with Fries$10.04
Chicken over Rice$12.44
Chicken Gyros Sandwich with Fries$8.94
Fish Sandwich with Fries$9.04
Wings and Fries$9.94
Chopped Cheese Sandwich with Fries$8.94
Chopped Chicken Sandwich with Fries$8.54
Chopped Cheese with Fries on a Sub$9.04
Homemade Tenders with Fries$9.04
Regular Tenders with Fries$9.04
Mozzarella Sticks with Fries$8.54
Loaded fries$8.94
Nacho cheese, bacon, and burger patty
Fish over Rice$9.44
Turkey Sandwich on a Roll$5.44
Turkey Sandwich on White Bread$5.44
Turkey Sandwich on a Sub$10.04
Turkey club sub$10.04
Toasted sub roll Grilled turkey ,melted pepper jack cheese and Bacon ,LTOif you like!
BLT on a Roll$5.44
Grilled Chicken Salad$10.54
Pepsi 12 oz can$1.64
Schweppes ginger ale 12 oz can$1.74
Coca Cola 12 oz can$1.74
Snapple ice tea 16 oz$2.44
Roast beef sub$9.04
Pastrami sub$8.94
Sprite 20 oz$2.54
Pepsi 20 oz$2.54
Mountain Dew 20 oz$2.44
Snapple apple 16oz$2.34
Pepsi 2 liter$3.94
Cheese burger$6.54
Chopped cheese on a roll$6.44
Poland spring water 16 ozm$1.54
12 lemon pepper wings$15.04
12 buffalo wings$16.04
4 home made tenders over rice$9.04
6 wings over rice$9.94
Fry shrimp and fries$8.94
4 churros cinnamon sticks$9.04
Oreo moose cake$4.44
Red velvet cake$5.04
Grilled cheese$3.04
Carrot cake$4.94
With real cream cheese,walnuts and golden raisins!
12 Honey hot wingz$16.04
Wings dipt in home made honey hot sauce
Gatorade 20 Oz$2.04
Cool blue Fruit punch
Vitamin water 20 Oz$2.80
Power c,energy,xxx
Joe teas$2.94
Peach,half and half ,lemon tea,mango lemonade
New honey hot wings and fries$10.94
New and tasty
Onion rings$5.04
Jerk chicken over rice$12.44
Boneless jerk chicken over rice beans if u would like to add bell peppers and onions please add on instraction
Grilled chicken with Fries$9.44
Grilled chicken on a kaiser roll with lettuce and tomatoes with mayo or ranch please add on instraction
Sweet potato pie 🥧$3.45
All natural ingredients
Honey hot tenders with fries$9.94
10 honey hot tenders and large fries$19.94
Any Candy bar$1.94
Honey hot chicken sandwich with fries$9.04
Double cheeseburger$10.94
Beef patti
Cheese lettuce tomatoes hot sauce
Whiting fried fish over fries or rice$10.04
2 pcs of whiting
Swai fried fish and fries or over rice$13.04
2 pcs fish
Buffalo blue cheese chicken sandwich with a side french fries$9.04
Chicken dipped in buffalo sauce with blue cheese on the bread
Lamb over rice$12.94
Shopped lamb with Peppers and onions over rice and a side salad
Steak over rice$10.94
Shopped Philly steak over rice with peppers and onions and side salad
Shrimp over rice$14.94
Shrimp with peppers onions over rice with Side salad and white Sauce
Philly steak French fries$9.94
Steak of French fries with nacho or any cheese you prefer on it with Pepper onions
Boneless wings with French fries$9.94
Boneless come in your choice of sauce dip Buffalo sauce Or honey hot or bbq sauce

Breakfast meals

BLT on White Bread$5.44
BLT on a Sub$6.94
Bacon Egg and Cheese Roll$4.94
Bacon Egg and Cheese Sub$7.04
Add hash brown$2.24
Ask if you like it in the sandwich or on the side
Sausage, Egg and Cheese Roll$5.44
Sausage, Egg and Cheese on Sub$7.94