Bowl $2.99
Gallon $18.95
Half Gallon $10.29
Quart $5.69
Pint $3.20

Chef Salad with Ham $5.90
Chef Salad with Turkey $5.90
Chef Salad with Ham and Turkey $5.90
Garden Salad $4.29
Smoked Chicken Salad $4.29
Extra Dressing $0.15
Chicken Salad $3.69+

Honey Glazed Ham Potato $5.35
Heney Glazed Turkey Potato $5.35
Stuffed Potato $4.05
Extra Condiments $0.15

Frito Lay Potato Chips $0.59
KC Masterpiece Potato Chips $0.59
Baked Lays Potato Chips $0.59
BBQ Baked Lays Potato Chips $0.59

Pepsi $0.99+
Diet Pepsi $0.99+
Mountain Dew $0.99+
Diet Mountain Dew $0.99+
Coke $0.99+
Diet Coke $0.99+
Dr. Pepper $0.99+
7-Up $0.99+
Sweet and Unsweet Tea $0.99+

Supreme Ham Sandwich $4.59
Supreme Turkey Sandwich $4.59
Supreme BLT $4.59
Supreme Club Sandwich $4.69
Chicken Salad Sandwich $4.69
Kid’s Sandwich – Any Sandwich $2.59

Ham, Turkey or Club Sandwich with Chips and a 200z, Drink $5.95
Chicken Salad Sandwich with Chips and a 200z, Drink $5.95

Banana Pudding $1.25+
Applelicious Apples $14.70

Homemade Chocolate $1.70+
Homemade Coconut $1.70+
Homemade Peean $1.70+
Homemade Strawberry $1.70+

Little Ham $5.49
weights available, 3-5 lbs
Half Ham $5.29
weights available, 7-10 lbs
Whole Ham $5.29
weights available, 14-18 lbs
Turkey Breast $7.19
weights available, 4-5 lbs
Sliced Ham and Sliced Turkey $8.69

Heney Glazed Ham Tray $3.65
Heney Glazed Ham Tray with Vegetable Tray $4.20
Honey Glazed Turkey Tray $3.65
Heney Glazed Turkey Tray with Vegetable Tray $4.20
Honey Glazed Ham and Turkey Combo Tray $3.65
Honey Glazed Ham and Turkey Combo Tray with Vegetable Tray $4.20
Vegetable Trays $1.70
we also offer a stunning vegetable tray that consists of fresh tomatoes, crispy lettuce, sweet vidalia onions, Swiss and American cheese, and dill pickle spears with an olive and kiwi centerpieces
Buffet-Style Trays $7.20
per person – make it easy on yourself and let us furnish everything, your choice of meat tray, a crisp vegetable tray, buns for sandwiches, bags of chips, cold canned drinks, and for dessert, our homemade banana pudding, we can also provide all the paper goods and serving utensils
Fruit Trays $27.65
per tray – sliced apple wedges, luscious red and white grapes, fresh pineapple spears, delicious melon balls, fresh strawvberries and a creamy caramel dip will make apple lane farms’ fruit trays a hit at your next party