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Cold Appetizers

Smoked Yellow Fin Tuna Sliced$9.55
Served on mesculin.
Smoked Salmon Pastrami Style$9.45
Honeydew Melon$8.55
Served with imported prosciutto di parma.
Smoked Brook Trout Filet$8.95
Served with horseradish on the side.
Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail$9.05
Filet Of Fresh Sardines$9.05
Served cold topped with escabeche sauce.
Mediterranean Octopus Steamed and Diced$11.55
Served cold in salad of chopped onions, tomatoes and fresh parsley.

Hot Appetizers

Portobello Mushrooms Sauteed In Garlic Sauce$8.45
New Zealand Green Mussels$9.05
Baked in a red sauce of sliced tomatoes, onions, green and red sweet pepper.
Fresh Imported Portuguese Sardines Broiled$8.55
Broiled served with fresh roasted peppers.
Little Neck Clams$9.45
Steamed in white wine, garlic, fresh cilantro and a touch of dijon mustard.
Jumbo Shrimp Pan$11.45
Sauteed in fresh tomato puree and cognac sauce.
Mediterranean Octopus Broiled$11.55
Served with sauteed garlic in olive oil.
New Bedford Squid$11.45
Stuffed with shrimp and minced vegetables.
Stuffed Clams (By The Piece)$1.55
Snails Sauteed In Cognac Sauce over Linguini$8.45


Red Clam Manhattan Style$5.45
Fresh Vegetable Puree Soup$5.45
Puree of fresh tomato and cucumbers served cold.
Caldo Caldo Verde$4.45
Made with collard greens, potatoes and virgin olive oil.


Mix Of Greens, Baby Red and Green Leaf, Tomato and Seedless Cucumber$4.45
Belgian Endive, Arugula and Radicchio$6.45


Veal Chop Broiled$31.95
Served with broccoli rabe.
Rack Of Lamb$31.95
Broiled served with a touch of garlic sauce.
Tenderloin Filet Mignon$42.95
Broiled served with 9 Ounces Lobster tail.
Cubes of pork loin and little neck clams sauteed in wine and fresh cilantro.
Combination of shellfish, chicken and pork over saffron rice.
Long Island Duck Roasted$19.90
Served with calvados sauce.
Osso Buco Pan Braised$34.05
Served in a very light fresh tomato sauce.
Sirloin Steak Char-Broiled$25.95
Served with sliced sauteed portobello mushrooms.
Roasted Baby Suckling Pig$18.95
Rib-Eye Steak Char-Broiled$34.95
Served with 3 jumbo shrimp broiled butterfly style.

Fresh Fish

Norwegian Dry Cod Fish, Bacalhau, Char-Broiled$24.00
Served in olive oil and garlic.
Red Snapper Filet$21.00
Baked in olive oil and sauteed onions.
Imported Dover Sole Filet or Whole Fish Broiled$35.05
Broiled served in a meuniere sauce.
Seafood Broiled$22.00
Combination of grey sole, jumbo shrimpand sea scallops.
Center Cut Of Sword Fish Broiled$24.05
topped with sauteed onions in balsamic vinegar.
Branzini Filet or Whole Fish 2 Lbs. Broiled$23.95
New Bedford Sea Scallops Broiled$24.05
Served with dill sauce.
Brook Trout Filet Pan$17.05
Sauteed topped with roasted sliced almonds.
Canadian Halibut Filet Pan Sauteed$23.00
Served with banana flambe.
Maryland Soft Shell Crabs Lightly Fried or Sauteed In Cognac Sauce$21.95
Lightly fried or sauteed in cognac sauce.
Farm Raised Salmon Broiled Filet$18.90
Served with hollandaise sauce on the side.
Monk Fish Pan$22.00
Steamed served in a red sauce of fresh tomatoes, onions, sweet red and green peppers.
Yellow Fin Tuna Pan$24.05
Sauteed in white wine, a touch of garlic mustard sauce and fresh cilantro.
Florida Black Grouper Pan Sauteed$23.95
Served in a light shrimp sauce.


New Zealand Langoustines Broiled Butterfly Style$35.05
Jumbo Shrimp Broiled Butterfly Style In Lemon Sauce$19.90
Jumbo Alaskan Crab Legs$34.95
Broiled, portion served 1-1-2 lb.
Portuguese style bouillabaisse of fish and shellfish in red sauce.
Jumbo Shrimp over Linguini In Cognac Sauce$22.00
Colossal Shrimp Broiled Butterfly Style$31.95