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Appetizer & Finger Foods

Fried Clam Strips$8.34
With tartar sauce.
Buffalo Wings$8.34
Hot and spicy with a bleu cheese dip.
Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail (4)$11.04
With cocktail sauce.
Chicken Fingers$8.24
Served with a tangy barbecue and sweet and sour sauce.
Stuffed Mushrooms$10.94
With crab meat stuffing.
Fried Calamari$8.34
With marinara dip.
Tri Sampler$10.04
Combination of chicken fingers, fried mozzarella and zucchini sticks with accompanying dips.


French Onion Soup$4.94
Au gratin in a crock.

Hot Open Sandwiches

Baked Virginia Style Ham$13.94
Sliced Turkey$14.04
With gravy and cranberry sauce.
Roast Sirloin Of Beef$14.04

Steaks & Chops

T - Bone Steak (16 oz.)$18.94
Broiled Juicy Large New York Strip Steak$19.04
With onion rings.
Broiled Jersey Pork Chops$16.04
With applesauce.
Broiled London Broil$15.94
With mushroom gravy.
Broiled Spring Lamb Chops$25.04
With mint jelly.

Entrees And Roasts

Roast Turkey$15.04
With dressing.
Roast Prime Rib Of Beef (16 oz.)$25.94
Chicken Croquettes$11.94
With gravy.
Baked Meatloaf$12.04
With mushroom gravy.
Fried Chicken$12.94
BBQ Spare Ribs and Chicken$14.94
Pot Roast$15.04
With gravy.
Roast Top Sirloin Of Beef$14.94
Au jus.