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A01. Agedashi Tofu$6.90
4 pieces.
A02. Baked Mussel$8.00
4 pieces.
A03. Beef Gyoza$5.90
4 pieces
A04. Beef Teriyaki$8.45
Marinated or glazed in a soy based sauce.
A05. Calamari Tempura$4.90
4 pieces.
A06. Chicken Teriyaki$8.55
Marinated or glazed in a soy based sauce.
A07. Edamame$4.90
A08. Fresh Oyster$2.00
1 piece.
A09. Heart Attack$7.45
2 pieces.
A10. House Salad$6.00
Basic vegetable salad.
A11. Miso Soup$2.45
Soup that is made from miso paste.
A12. Mixed Tempura$7.45
5 pieces.
A13. Monkey Brain$7.55
2 pieces.
A14. Salmon Teriyaki$8.55
Marinated or glazed in a soy based sauce.
A15. Sashimi Salad$13.55
A16. Shrimp Tempura$7.55
4 pieces.
A17. Udon Noodle Soup$10.00
A18. Bowl of Steamed Rice$2.55
A grain.
Fried Rice: Stir fried rice. Crispy Rice: Slightly browned rice.
Sushi Rice$3.70
Salmon Skin Salad$9.00
Cooked salmon skin salad with mixed vegetables.
Extra sauce$0.30
Fresh Wasabi Small$1.95
Fresh Wasabi Pack$7.05
Side of Crab Meat$4.90
Extra Ginger$2.05


S01. Tuna Sushi$6.90
S02. Yellowtail Sushi$7.00
S03. Salmon Sushi$5.90
S04. Shrimp Sushi$5.45
S05. Izumi Dai Sushi$5.55
Seaweed wrapped around rice and filling.
S06. Albacore Sushi$6.90
Shiro maguro.
S07. Squid Sushi$6.90
S08. Scallop Sushi$6.90
S09. Spicy Scallop Sushi$6.90
Seaweed wrapped around rice and filling.
S10. Salmon Roe Sushi$6.00
S11. Mackerel Sushi$5.45
S12. Octopus Sushi$7.00
S13. Smelt Egg Sushi$6.00
Seaweed wrapped around rice and filling.
S14. Fresh Water Eel$7.45
S15. Crab Sushi$5.55
S16. Egg Sushi$5.45
S17. Inari Sushi$4.90
Bean curd.
S18. Halibut Sushi$4.90
Hirame. 1 order-guest.
S20. Surf Clam Sushi$5.55


R11. Baby Crawfish$7.90
In: avocado, crabmeat. Out: crawfish, mushroom, baked.
R12. Diablo$7.90
In: avocado, crabmeat, shrimp tempura. Out: scallop, mushroom, baked.
R13. Baked Volcano Roll$7.90
In: avocado, crabmeat. Out: salmon, baked.
R14. LA Angels$3.90
1 piece. Crabmeat, wrapped with salmon and white fish topped with scallop, baked.

No Rice Specialty

R31. Nacho Sashimi$3.90
1 piece.
R32. Salmon Crunch$10.00
6 pieces.
R34. Titanic$3.90
1 piece.

Tempura Rolls

R16. Golden Tiger Roll$8.00
R19. Las Vegas Roll$9.90
6 pieces.
R20. Popcorn Roll$8.00
R24. Nu-Roong-Ji Roll$3.90
1 piece.


P01. Albacore Sashimi$9.90
4 pieces.
P02. Fresh Oyster Sashimi$2.00
1 piece.
P03. Izumi Dai Sashimi$9.90
4 pieces.
P04. Mackerel Sashimi$9.90
4 pieces.
P05. Octopus Sashimi$10.90
4 pieces.
P06. Salmon Sashimi$10.00
4 pieces.
P07. Bluefin Tuna Sashimi$15.00
4 pieces.
P08. Yellowtail Sashimi$10.90
4 pieces.

Cut Rolls

C01. Asparagus Roll$6.00
6 pieces.
C02. California Roll$6.00
8 pieces.
C03. Cucumber Roll$6.00
6 pieces.
C04. Philadelphia Roll$6.45
5 pieces.
C05. Salmon Roll$5.90
6 pieces.
C06. Salmon Skin Roll$5.90
5 pieces.
C07. Shrimp Tempura Roll$6.55
5 pieces.
C08. Scallop Roll$6.00
5 pieces.
C09. Spicy Scallop Roll$5.90
5 pieces.
C10. Tun Roll$6.55
6 pieces.
C11. Spicy Tuna Roll$6.45
8 pieces.
C12. Yellowtail Roll$6.55
6 pieces.
C13. Spicy Yellowtail Roll$6.55
6 pieces.
C14. Tiger Roll$6.45
5 pieces.
C15. Vegetable Roll$6.00
5 pieces.
C16. Veggie Tempura Roll$5.90
5 pieces.
C17. Avocado Roll$6.00
6 pieces.

Specialty Fresh Rolls

R01. A.Y.C.E. Roll$7.90
In: avocado, spicy crabmeta, cucumber, shrimp tempura. Out: salmon, tuna.
R02. Caliente Roll$7.90
In: spicy tuna, cucumber. Out: Spicy crabmeta, jalapeno, cilantro.
R03. Caterpillar Roll$8.00
In: crabmeta, avocdao, cucumber. Out: avocado, eel.
R04. Grand Roll$8.45
In: tuna, albacore, salmon. Out: soy paper, avocado.
R05. LA Dodgers Roll$8.00
In: spicy tuna, cucumber. Out: spicy crabmeat, eel tempura.
R06. LA Lakers Roll$7.90
In: spicy tuna, cucumber. Out: seared albacore, sliced onion tempura, jalapeno.
R07. Paradise Roll$7.90
In: spicy albacore, cucumber. Out: seared albacore.
R08. Rainbow Roll$8.00
In: crabmeta, avocado, cucumber. Out: salmon, tuna, izumi dai, avocado.
R09. Tokyo Roll$7.90
In: avocado, crabmeta, cucumber. Out: tuna.
R10. Volcano Roll$7.90
In: avocado, crabmeat, cucumber. Out: salmon.

Specialty Tempura Rolls

R15. A.Y.C.E. Crunch Roll$8.55
In: avocado, spicy crabmeta, sashimi mix, shrimp tempura. Out: crunch.
R17. In-N-Out Shrimp Roll$8.00
In: avocado, crabmeat, cucumber, shrimp, tempura. Out: ebi shrimp, avocado, crunch.
R18. In-N-Out Spicy Roll$8.00
In: avocado, spicy crabmeta, cucumber, shrimp tempura. Out: spicy tuna, crunch.
R21. Spider Roll$11.45
In: soft shell crab, crabmeta, avocado, cucumber. Out: crunch.
R22. Tempura California Roll$8.00
In: crabmeat, avocado, cucumber. Out: salmon, tuna, izumi dai, avocado.
R23. Tempura Spicy Tuna Roll$7.90
Avocado, spicy tuna, deep fried.

No Rice Specialty Rolls

R25. Burrito Roll$11.45
4 pieces. In: crabmeat, spicy tuna, shrimp tempura, avocado, cucumber. Out: soy paper.
R26. Ex-BF Roll$8.00
4 pieces. In: spicy crabmeat, shrimp tempura. Out: soy paper, salmon, albacore.
R27. Ex-GF Roll$8.00
4 pieces. In: crabmeat, spicy tuna. Out: soy paper, tuna, yellow tail, salmon.
R28. Fantastic 4 Roll$8.55
4 pieces. In: shrimp tempura with assorted fish (spicy tuna, albacore, salmon, white fish)
R29. Jhah-Ghi-Ya Roll$7.90
4 pieces. In: avocado, crabmeat, cucumber, ebi shrimp. Out: salmon.
R30. Kiss Me Roll$3.90
1 piece. Avocado, spicy crambeat wrapped with albacore.
R33. Sexy Roll$8.95
4 pieces. In: avocado, crabmeat, tuna, albacore, salmon. Out: cucumber wrap.
R35. Zen-Zen Roll$4.00
1 piece. Spicy crabmeat wrapped with salmon.

Hand Rolls

H01. Asparagus Hand Roll$6.00
H02. California Hand Roll$5.90
H03. Caterpillar Hand Roll$7.55
H04. Cucumber Hand Roll$6.00
H05. Philadelphia Hand Roll$5.90
H06. Rainbow Hand Roll$7.55
H07. Salmon Hand Roll$5.90
H08. Salmon Skin Hand Roll$6.00
H09. Scallop Hand Roll$6.00
H10. Spicy Scallop Hand Roll$5.90
H11. Shrimp Tempura Hand Roll$5.90
H12. Tuna Hand Roll$5.90
H13. Spicy Tuna Hand Roll$5.90
H14. Yellowtail Hand Roll$5.90
H15. Spicy Yellowtail Hand Roll$6.00
H16. Spider Hand Roll$11.00
H17. Tiger Hand Roll$6.00
H18. Vegetable Hand Roll$5.90
H19. Veggie Tempura Hand Roll$6.00