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Customize To Your Needs

Fried Chicken$7.04
Bbq Ribs$7.45
Roast Beef$9.30
Chicken Tenders$7.55
Beef Brisket$7.94
Bbq Pulled Pork$8.04
Choice Of Two
mac & cheese / mashed potatoes / green beans / corn / rice / greens / new potatoes / carrots

Party Pack Feasts - To - Go

Bbq Pack$31.90
bbq ribs - one (1) full slab and bbq chicken - four (4) quarters, add'l bbq pieces add'l slab of ribs @ $9.99, bbq chicken (2 qtrs) @ $.99 (please give 24 hour notice due to not all stores cary bbq ribs & chicken every day)
Fried Chicken Pack$17.90
12 pieces - 2 thighs, 3 rib breasts, 1 center breast, 4 legs, 2 wings. (6 white meat and 6 dark meat) add'l chicken pieces leg or wing @ $0.49 ea., thigh or breast @ $0.99 ea.
Fried Catfish Pack$20.00
10-12 filets (approx. two (2) lbs.) and eight (8) hushpuppies. add'l catfish filets filet @ $0.99 ea.
Wing Platters$16.94
(served with carrot and celery sticks and bleu cheese and/or ranch dressings)
Sampler Platters$51.94
(served with ranch dressing and barbecue sauce) 50 wings, 20 chicken tenders, 20 cream cheese-stuffed jalapeno poppers
Sampler Platters$30.04
(served with ranch dressing and barbecue sauce) 25 wings, 10 chicken tenders, 10 cream cheese-stuffed jalapeno poppers

Party Packs Include

One - Quart Sides
mashed potatoes w / gravy, mashed potatoes / o gravy, backed beans, corn, greens, green beans, sweet potatoes, potato salad, cole slaw, macaroni & cheese
Bread Choices
yeast rolls, biscuits, cornbread

Additional Side Orders

Salad Or Vegetable Sides$4.04
Pecan Pie (Whole)$4.94