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Whole Chicken

Golden Olive Chicken$16.19
Hot Spicy Golden Olive$16.79
Secret Sweet Golden Olive$16.79
Brazilian Chicken$15.94
Half & Half Bone-In$30.53
If you request "Sauce on Side", you will be charged each sauce price of $2.00.

Boneless Chicken

Golden Olive Boneless$15.94
Hot Spicy Boneless$16.44
Secret Sweet Boneless$16.44
Honey Garlic Boneless$16.54
Soy Garlic Boneless$16.44
Galbi Boneless$16.44
Gang-Jeong Boneless$16.84
Cheesling Boneless$16.84
Half & Half Boneless$29.93

Chicken Wings

Golden Olive Wings$16.54
Hot Spicy Wings$17.04
Secret Sweet Wings$17.04
Honey Garlic Wings$17.04
Soy Garlic Wings$16.94
Galbi Wings$16.94
Gangnam Style Wings$17.44
BB Wings$17.04
Half & Half Wings$31.03


Spicy level 3
Kimchi Fried Rice$13.20
Spicy level 2
Jjim Dak$15.30
Spicy level 2
Bulgogi Bibimbab$14.20
Spicy level 2


Bulgogi Poutine$14.20
French Fries$7.70
Sweet Potato Fries$7.70
Tater Tots$7.60
Onion Rings$7.70
Mozzarella Sticks$6.54
White Rice$2.45
Corn Salad$1.95


Bottled Water$1.30
About 17 oz.
Diet Pepsi$1.95
Ginger Ale$2.05
Mountain Dew$1.95
Sierra Mist$2.05
12 oz.
Brisk Iced Tea$1.95
Mug Rootbeer$2.05
Red Bull (8.4 oz.)$2.55
G Monster (16 oz)$2.55

Extra Sauces

Hot Spicy Sauce$1.95
Secret Sweet Sauce$1.95
Honey Garlic Sauce$2.05
Soy Garlic Sauce$1.95
Blue Cheese$2.05
BBQ Sauce$1.95
Honey Mustard$1.95
Thousand Island$1.95
Tabasco Hot Sauce$2.05
Italian Sauce$1.95
Frank's Hot Spicy Sauce$1.95
Siracha Sauce$1.95