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Every Day Brunch

Tres Omelet$10.04
Blend of Parmesan, feta cheese, basil, garlic, spinach, chopped tomatoes, onions and peppers. Add shrimp, chicken, bacon or sausage for an additional charge.
Buttermilk Pancakes$9.94
Stack of pancakes with a side of strawberries, bananas, and whip cream!
BK's Chicken and Waffle$10.94
Good ole traditional chicken and waffles served with hot buttery syrup, whipped cream and fresh fruit for the topping!
The Burger Pancake$10.94
A loaded pancake with sausage, bacon and egg served with home fries.
BK's Fish and Grits$11.94
Choice of steamed, pan seared or deep-fried red snapper or catfish.
BK's Classic Steak and Eggs$14.95
Grilled 8 oz. NY strip steak. Additional prep time needed.

Quick Delicious Appetizers

Jack Tortilla Chips and Plantain Picada Dip$11.04
Warm bed of chips, red beans and rice, lettuce, shredded cheese, and sour cream. Add shrimp or chicken for an additional charge.
Jerk Chicken Mini Sliders$11.04
Five Sliders Stuffed with Jerk Chicken crisp onions and peppers, Jamaican spices and herbs, dashed with chef's famous sauce.
Chef Gourmet Wings$12.04
Plain, barbecue, lemon pepper, Hennessy or sweet fire.
Sweet Fire Chicken Bites$11.04
Boneless Chicken Chunks lightly battered and deep fried. Tossed in Sweet Fire Sauce that would make your taste buds want more.
Fried Mac & Cheese Crab Balls$11.95
Fresh Crab meat stuffed with delicious mac & cheese rolled into seasoned bread crumbs, deep fried until golden brown. Served with a side of the Chef's Famous Sauce.


The Supper Classic Salad$10.04
Mixed green lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, shredded carrots, cran-raisins, and crispy onions. Add grilled salmon, shrimp, or chicken for an additional charge.
Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad$11.94
Mixed green lettuce, Parmesan flakes and croutons.

Sandwiches, Wraps and Burgers

BK Classic BLT$9.94
Add cheese for an additional charge.
Chicken Club$9.94
Grilled chicken or fried chicken, lettuce, tomato with chef's secret sauce. Add cheese for an additional charge.
Buffalo Mozzarella Chicken Wrap$10.04
Add bacon for an additional charge.
The Classic BK Deluxe Burger$10.94
Juicy beef burger served with lettuce, bacon, tomato on roll laid with chef's famous sauce.
The Hardo Burger$10.94
Jamaican spicy beef patty and a loaf with lettuce and tomato with chef's famous sauce.

Chicken Entrees

Garlic Ginger Stir Fry Chicken$11.94
Pan fry chicken breast with sauteed green beans and raw veggies.
Spice Chicken$11.94
Zesty jerk chicken marinated in a blend of chef's flavors. Choice of white or dark meat.
Jamaican Bobby Fry Chicken$12.04
Smothered fried chicken covered with a sweet and spicy homemade chef's gravy.

Meat Entrees

Braised Bone-In Beef Oxtail$15.94
Fried blazed oxtails stewed down in a savory brown gravy.
NY Strip Steak$15.94
Marinated steak grilled to your perfection.
Roast Jerk Pork$16.04
Grilled pork picnic simmered in a brown gravy sauce.

Seafood Entrees

Riverman Seaside$19.94
Jerk salmon and shrimp entree seasoned with raw vegetables in a chef made spicy sauce.
Pon the River$19.94
Stewed fish, shrimp with steamed dumplings and okra.
Supper Classic Fish and Chips$15.94
Hand battered fish and shrimp dashed with Jamaican spices and herbs with one additional side.
Curry Shrimp and Broccoli$16.04
Traditional Blue Mountain curry dish in a stew gravy.

Vegetarian Entrees

Veggie Fried Rice Bowl$12.04
Reggae Rasta Pasta Marinara$12.04
Made to Order. Additional Prep Time Required Determined by the Restaurant.
Raggae Rasta Pasta Primavera$11.94
Made to Order. Additional Prep Time Required Determined by the Restaurant.
Caribbean Parmesan Eggplant$12.04
Steamed Dumplings and Callaloo$11.94
Made to Order. Additional Prep Time Required Determined by the Restaurant.

Deluxe Side Dishes

Pineapple Coconut Rice$4.94
Spinach Rice and Peas$4.94
Baked Mac and Cheese$4.94
Candy Yams$4.94
Jerk Truffle Fries$5.04
Sweet Potato Fries$5.04
Seasoned Green Beans$4.94
Cheddar Butter Garlic Mash Potatoes$4.94
Fried Sweet Plaintains$5.04
Cheesy Grits$4.94


Double Chocolate Cake$5.94
Plain Cheesecake$6.04
Strawberry Cheesecake$6.04
Deh Marley Black Rum Cake$6.04
Apple Peach Cobbler$6.04
Strawberry Banana Pudding$6.04


Sweet Tea$3.04
Orange Juice$3.04