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And Salads

Greek Salad$7.34
Julienne Salad$7.24
Caesar Salad$5.94
Chicken Caesar Salad$7.44
Cajun Chicken Salad$7.54
Mixed Greens Salad$7.54

Cool And Refreshing

Assorted Fresh Fruit Platter$6.94
Tuna Or Chicken Salad Platter$6.44
Low - Calorie Chicken Breast Platter$6.74
Cantaloupe Stuffed With Tuna Or Chicken Salad$6.94

Chicken Sandwiches

Chicken Breast On A Bun$6.04
Honey Mustard Chicken Sandwich$6.54
Southwest Chicken Sandwich$6.44
Chicken Caesar Pita$6.44
Cajun Chicken Breast Sandwich$6.44
Grilled Chicken Breast Croissant$6.54
Chicken Salad Croissant$6.44

Triple Decker Clubs

BLT Club$6.24
Turkey Club$6.94
Ham And Cheese Club$7.04
Grilled Chicken Club$6.94
Roast Beef And Swiss Club$7.04


French Dip$6.44
Roast Beef And Cheddar Croissant$6.54
Smoked Turkey And Swiss Croissant$6.44
Philadelphia Beef Sandwich$7.04
Fish Sandwich$6.94
Mont Cristo Sandwich$6.54
Reuben Sandwich$6.44
Tuna Melt On English Muffins$6.54
Grilled Cheese Sandwich$4.44
Grilled Bacon And Cheese With Tomatoes$5.04

From Around The World

Gyros Plate$10.04
Bourbon Street Chicken With Honey Mustard Sauce$7.94
Mediterranean Chicken With Artichokes$8.04
Southwest Smothered Chicken$8.04
Cajun Pork Chops$8.94
with rice and oven brown potatoes
Stir Fry Steak Over Rice$8.94
Stir Fry Chicken Over Rice$8.04
Ribeye Steak$10.94
with rice and oven brown potatoes
3 Charbroil Pork Chops$8.94
with rice and oven brown potatoes
Chicken Quesadilla$7.34

Juices And Beverages

Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice$1.64
California Tomato Juice$1.44
Pineapple Juice$1.44
Apple Juice$1.44
Cranberry Juice$1.34
100% Colombian Coffee$1.34
Decaffeinated Coffee$1.34
Hot Tea$1.54
Chocolate Milk$1.34
Hot Chocolate$1.54
Soft Drinks$1.74
(refills available)
Iced Tea$1.74
(refills available)


Milk Shake$2.94
Ice Cream Scoop$1.54
Apple Pie$2.55
Apple Pie$3.04
topped with ice cream
Ice Cream Sundae$3.24
Junior Sundae$2.54
Banana Split$3.94

French Toast

Thick French Toast$4.94
Thin French Toast$4.84
Fresh Strawberry French Toast$5.64
Cinnamon Apple French Toast$6.04


Belgian Waffle$4.54
Fresh Strawberry Waffle$5.94
Blueberry Waffle$6.04
Peach Waffle$6.04
Peach Waffle$6.04
Blackberry Waffle$6.04
Pecan Waffle$6.04

Old Fashioned Pancakes

Old Fashioned Pancakes$4.04
Fresh Cinnamon Apple Pancakes$6.04
Blueberry Pancakes$5.94
Blackberry Pancakes$6.04
Fresh Strawberry Pancakes$6.04
Pecan Pancakes$6.04
Silver Dollar Pancakes$4.54
Chocolate Chip Pancakes$5.24
Short Stack Pancakes$3.55

Eggs, Eggs, Eggs

One Egg$3.54
Two Eggs$3.94
Corned Beef Hash And Eggs$6.44

Steaks, Biscuits And Lots Of Gravy

Ribeye Steak With Eggs$11.04
Chopped Steak With Eggs$7.44
Three Centre - Cut Chops With Eggs$9.04
Country - Fried Steak$7.54
with eggs, country gravy
Two Eggs$6.04
with hash browns, biscuits and gravy
Biscuits And Gravy$3.04

Fluffy Omelets

Plain Omelette$4.54
Cheddar Or American Cheese Omelette$6.04
Sausage And Cheddar Omelette$6.84
Ham And Cheddar Omelette$6.74
Western Omelette$6.84
Spartan Omelette$6.84
Spinach And Feta Cheese Omelette$6.74
Broccoli And Cheddar Omelette$6.84
Asparagus And Swiss Cheese Omelette$6.84
with mozzarella and parmesan cheese
Hawaiian Omelette$7.04
Bacon And Cheddar Cheese Omelette$6.74
Wisconsin Cheese Omelette$6.44
Gyros Omelette$7.34
Mushroom Omelette$6.44

Sizzling Skillets And Frittatas

Hobo Skillet$6.64
Gypsy Skillet$7.44
House Special Skillet$7.54
Country Fried Steak Skillet$7.54
Corned Beef Skillet$7.54
Don Garcia Skillet$7.74
Farmhouse Frittata$7.44
Mediterranean Frittata$7.54
Blueberry Hill Frittata$7.54
Chef James Special$7.84

Blueberry Hill Originals

Junior Apple Pancake$8.94
Large Apple Pancake$11.04
German Pancake$9.04

Classic Crepes

Plain Crepes$4.74
Fresh Strawberry Crepes$6.04
Blueberry Crepes$5.94
Fresh Cinnamon Apple Crepes$5.94
Cherry Crepes$5.94
Chef's Crepes$6.24
Blueberry Hill Crepes$6.24
Blackberry Crepes$6.04
Peach Crepes$6.04


Cheese Blintzes$5.34
Fresh Strawberry Blintzes$6.54
Blueberry Blintzes$6.44
Blackberry Blintzes$6.44
Peach Blintzes$6.54

Epicurean Treats

Eggs Benedict$7.24
Eggs Florentine$7.24

Double Smile

Special Club #1$6.04
Special Club #2$5.94
Special Club #3$6.34

Health And Happiness

Side Order Of Fresh Fruit$3.34
Oatmeal Served With Milk$3.04
with choice of fresh strawberries, banana or raisins
Dry Cereal Served With Milk$2.94
with choice of fresh strawberries or banana
Oatmeal Served With Milk$1.94
Dry Cereal Served With Milk$1.94


Sausage Links$2.74
Sausage Patties$2.74
Country Ham$2.94
Canadian Bacon$2.94
Corned Beef Hash$3.24
French Fries$2.04
Hash Browns$2.04
Potato Pancakes$3.34

Side Dishes

Cottage Cheese$2.04
Cottage Cheese & Peaches$3.24
Bagel With Cream Cheese$2.34
English Muffin$1.64
Egg (1) A La Carte$1.34
Side Pancakes (2)$2.24



Kids Menu - Lunch

Kids Grilled Cheese And French Fries$3.44
Hamburger And French Fries$3.64
Cheeseburger And French Fries$4.04
Kids Chicken Tenders And French Fries$3.94

Lunch Specials

Bacon Cheeseburger$6.44
Hickory Hamburger$6.54
Spartan Hamburger$6.44
Pattie Melt$6.54

Kids Menu - Breakfast

Mickey Mouse Pancakes$3.44
French Toast$3.44
One Egg Combo$3.54