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Coconut Shrimp$11.95
Fried Coconut Shrimp | Cilantro | Peanuts Toasted Coconut Flakes Coconut Glaze sauce
Crab & Lobster | Cream Cheese | Scallions Deep Fried | Sweet & Sour Sauce
Golden Fingers$11.05
Dipped Chicken Tenders | Deep Fried Sweet & Sour Sauce
Veggie Egg Rolls$8.95
Napa Cabbage | Scallions | Carrots Glass Noodles | Sweet & Sour Sauce (fs)
Scallion Pancake$10.05
Fried Scallion Sesame Dough Garlic Butter | Ginger Garlic Sauce
Fresh Rolls$8.83
Local Greens | Cucumbers | Bean Sprouts Pickled Veggies | Thai Basil Wrapped With Rice paper House-Made Peanut Hoisin Sauce (gf) + (vg)
Twice Fried Wings
Bone-in spicy crunchy wings Karrage Sauce - Topped with cilantro, peanuts, sesame seeds and toasted coconut flakes Ssam Sauce - Spicy & tangy chili sauce, topped with scallions
Spicy Tots$9.95
Potato Tots | Spicy Dust | Scallions Sesame Seeds | Spicy Aioli
Pot Ang Corn$8.75
Grilled Corn | Coconut Glaze | Cilantro Peanuts | Toasted Coconut Flakes | Chili Dust
Boba Street Sampler$24.95
3 Pcs Rangoons | 3 Pcs Wings | Pot Ang Corn | Coconut Shrimp | 2 Veggie Egg Rolls Spicy Tots


Bulgogi Beef Dumpling$10.83
Marinated Beef Mixed With Caramelized Onions, Deep Dried Ginger Garlic Sauce
Chicken Curry Dumpling$10.93
Marinated yellow curry chicken, topped with peanuts and cilantro, pan-fried (served with coconut dipping sauce)
Pork & cabbage Dumplings$10.83
Local Minced Pork With Asian Herbs And Cabbage, Pan-Fried Ginger Garlic Sauce
Mushroom & Leek$8.95
Shitake Mushrooms, Carrots, Corn, Deep Fried Ginger Garlic Sauce

Banh Mi

Teriyaki Brisket Mi$14.05
Marinated Ginger Garlic Beef Brisket
Katsu Sando Mi$16.05
Hand Breaded Curry Marinated Chicken, Tossed With House-Made Sweet And Tangy Pineapple Glaze
Tofu Mi$11.95
Local Heiwa Tofu Marinated In Ginger Garlic Sauce
Pork Belly Mi$16.83


Ssam Bao$11.05
Steamed Buns | Spicy & Tangy Chili BBQ Pork Belly | House Slaw House- Quick Pickles
Mumu Bao$11.85
Steamed Buns | 5-Spice Braised Pork Belly Chili Plum Sauce | House-Made Quick Pickles
Chicken Little Bao$11.85
Steamed Buns | Crispy Chicken Thigh Pineapple Katsu Sauce | House-Made Quick Pickles
Seoul Hot Bao$9.95
Steamed Buns | Marinated Gochujang Chicken Thigh | House Slaw House-Quick Pickles
Ginger Tofu Bao$8.75
Steamed Buns | Marinated Ginger & Garlic Heiwa Tofu (vg)


Small Pho$13.90
Classic savory bone broth, served with your choice of noodles, and meats. Vegetarian options are available. *All Pho is served with a side plate of bean sprouts, thai basil, jalapeños, and a lime wedge.
Large Pho$15.90
Classic savory bone broth, served with your choice of noodles, and meats. Vegetarian options are available. *All Pho is served with a side plate of bean sprouts, thai basil, jalapeños, and a lime wedge.


Rich Fatty Chicken Broth | Ramen Noodles Soy Egg | Scallions | Garlic Oil | Pork Belly

Noodle & Rice Bowls

Pad Khee Mao$16.05
Spicy egg wide noodles | broccoli | red peppers shallots | bean spouts | eggs scallions | shittake mushroom | lime wedge (fs)
Bang Bang Noodz$15.95
sczechuan wide egg noodles | chili briased pork garlic | tangy sesame sauce | fried egg | cilantro | peanuts
Dry Ramen$15.85
wok-fried egg noddles | fried egg | kimchi house-made quick pickles | sesame seeds scallions (fs)
Pad Thai$15.75
sweet & tangy wok-fried rice noodles eggs shallots | scallions | bean sprouts | peanuts lime wedge (gf) + (fs)
*Spicy Salmon Poke$25.95
SUSHI Grade Salmon | Jasmine Rice Kimchi | House-Made Pickles Seaweed Salad | Mango | Cucumbers Avocado | Sesame Seeds | Spicy Aioli
Bop Bowl$19.95
Briased Brisket | Jasmine Rice | Kimchi Poached Sesame Bean Sprouts Shiitake mushrooms | House- Quick Pickles | Seaweed Salad | Fried Egg Side Saam BBQ Sauce (fs)
Bangkok Chicken$16.95
Tangy, Sweet, Spicy Sauce Crispy Chicken | Bell Peppers | Shallots Jasmine Rice
Bulgogi Don$18.05
Teriyaki Braised Brisket | Caramelized Onion | Jasmine Rice | Sesame Seeds Scallions
Bacon Fried Rice$15.95
Jasmine Rice | Eggs | Sweet Corn | Bacon Shallots | Garlic | Scallions | Sesame Seeds
Basil Fried Rice$15.05
Jasmine Rice | Eggs | Shallots | Scallions Onions | Sweet Corn | Bean Sprouts Thai Basil


Boba Beignets$7.83
Glazed Fried Dough Bites | Cardamon Cinnamon Powdered Sugar | Condensed Milk
Napa Kimchi$6.05
Fermented Napa Cabbage | Chili | Scallion (fs)
Garlic & Chili Vinaigrette | Sesame Oil


Side White Rice$2.76
Side Steamed Biang Noodles$3.43
Side Banh Pho Noodles$2.86
Side Steamed Ramen$3.33
Extra Sweet Sour Sauce$0.61
Extra Peanut Hoisin$0.51
Extra Ginger Garlic Sauce$0.61
Side Aioli$0.61
Side Broth$13.00

Shaken Milk Teas

Brown Sugar Milk$6.20
Cookies & Cream$6.20
Jasmine Green Tea$6.30
Magic Mocha$6.30
Orange Cream$6.30
Red Bean$6.30
Thin Mint$6.20
Thai Tea$6.20
Vanilla Chai$6.30
Vietnamese Coffee$6.30

Frozen Milk Bubble Teas

Almond Frozen$7.20
Avocado Frozen$7.30
Caramel Frozen$7.20
Cookies & Cream Frozen$7.20
Chocolate Frozen$7.30
Coconut Frozen$7.30
Jasmine Green Tea Frozen$7.20
Honeydew Frozen$7.20
Magic Mocha Frozen$7.20
Mango Frozen$7.30
Orange Cream Frozen$7.30
Red Bean Frozen$7.30
Regular Frozen$7.20
Strawberry Frozen$7.30
Chocolate Mint Frozen$7.30
Taro Frozen$7.30
Watermelon Frozen$7.20
Vanilla Chai Frozen$7.30