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Mac & Cheese$9.55
Blue cheese mornay, bacon, garlic bread crumb
Pork Carnitas Taco$10.05
Braised pork butt, housemade guacamole, and pico de gallo, corn tortillas
Semolina crust, crispy cherry peppers, lime-cilantro aioli
American cheese, tomato, pickle, honey barbecue
French Fries$7.45
Diavlo, san marzano tomato, hot sopressata, chili flake. Grilled bread, provencal, white wine, sundried tomato, herbs de provence
Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail$13.05
House made cocktail sauce

Soup & Salad

Soup of the Day$6.95
Shaved parmigianino reagiano, roasted garlic croutons, white anchovy
Mixed greens, mandarin oranges, candied walnuts, house vinaigrette
The Wedge$9.95
Tomato, bacon, blue cheese crumble, shaved radish, housemade blue cheese dressing


6oz Filet Mignon$29.95
Goat cheese mashed potatoes, grilled asparagus, red wine demi
Faroe Island Salmon$26.05
Black beluga lentils, fall vegetable hash, sriracha aioli
Grilled Swordfish$26.95
Blackened seasoning, bourbon-sweet potato mash, braised rainbow chard
14oz Cowboy Pork Chops$29.05
Chipotle creamed corn, fried broccoli, maple glaze
Chicken Penne$17.95
Grilled chicken breast, wild mushrooms, sweet marsala demi
Baked Manicotti$18.05
San marzano tomato, three cheese filling, housemade meatballs
Stir Fried Quinoa$16.95
Red quinoa, seasonal vegetables, tamari soy

Light Fare

Black & Bleu Burger$12.45
Blackening seasoning, gorgonzola bacon onion marmalade
Steakhouse Burger$12.55
Fried onions, honey barbecue sauce, applewood smoked bacon, aged cheddar
Build Your Own Burger$9.95
American, provolone, swiss-aged cheddar, bacon, fried onions, mushrooms $0.75 lettuce, tomato, onion - no charge
Hot Roast Beef Sandwich$11.55
Roast prime rib, provolone, horseradish mayonnaise, natural jus
Rob's Margherita Pie$13.05
Buffalo mozzarella, fresh tomato, basil, san marzano tomato puree
Vegetarian Stromboli$13.55
Grilled seasonal vegetables, shredded mozzarella, shaved pecorino
Turkey Club$11.55
Multigrain bread, oven roasted turkey breast, lettuce, tomato, bacon, cranberry mayonnaise
Grilled Chicken Sandwich$10.55
Grilled chicken breast, garlic aioli