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Fried Okra$5.45
Fried Mushrooms$7.04
Cup of Chili$3.94
Cheese Curds$8.04
Chips and White Queso$6.94
Add sausage for an additional charge.
Chips and Salsa$4.94


Boneless Wings$6.44
Traditional Wings$7.74

Bo's Classic Burgers

1/4 lb. Classic Burger$4.04
1/3 lb. Classic Burger$4.94

Specialty Burgers

1/3 lb. Sausage Cheeseburger$8.94
50/50 blend of Angus beef and sausage.
1/3 lb. Sausage Chili Cheeseburger$8.94
50/50 blend of Angus beef and sausage.
1/3 lb. Chili Cheeseburger$9.04
Mustard, pickles and grilled onions.
1/3 lb. Bacon Cheeseburger$9.04
Mustard, pickles, lettuce, tomato and grilled onions.
1/3 lb. Mushroom Swiss Burger$9.04
Mayo, lettuce, tomato and grilled onions.
1/3 lb. Patty Melt$8.94
Cheese and grilled onions on Texas toast.

Kids Menu

Kid's Hamburger$4.94
Kid's Cheeseburger$5.24
Kid's Chicken Basket$5.24
Kid's Corn Dog$4.74
Kid's Hot Dawg$4.74


Chili with Cheese$3.94
Frito Chili Pie$5.44
Chili Spaghetti$5.54

Hot Dawgs

Hot Dawg$3.94

Fries, Tots and Rings

Cheese Fries$5.94
Cheese Tots$5.94
Chili Cheese Fries$6.94
Chili Cheese Tots$7.04
Onion Rings$4.94
1/2 Fries and 1/2 Rings$6.04


Grilled Chicken Sandwich$5.24
Lettuce, tomato and mayo.
Chicken Strips$5.34
Served with fries and Texas toast.
Grilled Ham and Cheese$4.94


BO's Chicken Salad$8.04
Grilled, spicy or crispy chicken, cheese, bacon, tomato and carrots.
Frito Chili Salad$5.94
Fritos, chili, beans, cheese, lettuce and tomato.
BO's Cobb Salad$7.94
Chicken Caesar Salad$7.94
Dinner Salad$4.94