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West Coast Oysters on Half Shell*$2.95
Red Onion, Fresno, Chervil, Tonic 04. Minimum order 4.
Pan Seared Broccoli$14.05
Soft cooked egg, 5 year gouda, hazelnut cracker and n'duja viniagrette.
Hamachi Crudo*$15.95
Compressed pear, tamari, pickled shitake, yuzu and "fried rice".
18 Hour Pork Cheeks$17.05
Creamy polenta, frisee, radish, elephant garlic and mustard-bourbon Jus.
Steak Tartare*$18.05
Pickled shallot, hard cooked egg, calabrese chili, castelvetrano olive and tonnato sauce.
Hudson Valley Foie Gras Terrine$25.95
Figs, pistachio, maple wood smoke and watercress.
Honey Brûléed Cambozola Cheese$12.05
Sour Cherry, Parsley-Pistachio Salad and Bos Toast.

Soup and Salad

Compressed Caesar* Salad$12.05
Sourdough croutons, lemon, grana padano, classic caesar dressing. Add white anchovies 1.
Chicories Salad$14.05
Roasted beets, mountain rose apples, hazelnuts, puffed quinoa and creamy horseradish vinaigrette.
Bos Wedge Salad$12.95
Wilted heirloom tomatoes, shaved scallions, crispy pork and smokey bleu cheese.


Japanese Miyazaki A5 Wagyu* NY Strip Loin$29.05
Japanese Miyazaki A5 Wagyu* Tenderloin$38.95
Japanese Hokkaido A5 Wagyu* NY Strip Loin$35.95
Cedar River Farms - Tolleson, AZ$41.05
Straight from the heart of cattle country, Tolleson, AZ, this all natural angus beef begins with pure-bred steers raised by family farmers and ranchers committed to producing this remarkably tender beef.
Allen Bros. - Chicago, IL$28.05
In chicago's historic union stock yard, allen brothers is synonymous for exceptional quality. They only source breeds from the middle-northern states where the land and climate are ideal for growing some of the best beef you can source.
Flannery - San Rafael, CA$53.95
Flannery beef is at the forefront of introducing holstein cattle to the most exclusive restaurants in the country. Sourcing the cattle from south eastern california, the flannery family then builds to perfection with their unique dry-aging program, passed down through 3 generations.
Other Producers of Note$39.05

Non Steak

Shrimp Scamp$29.05
Shallot, garlic, heirloom tomato jus and bos toast.
Butternut Squash Agnolotti$29.95
Confit bacon, fresno chili, sage, parmesan, gingersnap cookie.
Chicken and Dumplings$30.95
Chanterelle mushrooms, mirepoix, foie gras dumplings, sauce soubise.


Braised Wild Mushrooms$12.05
Kale, creamy polenta, smokey bacon.
Simple Mac and Cheese$8.95
Childhood flavors.
Yukon Gold Potato Puree$6.95
Local butter and cream, chive.
Patatas Bravas$8.05
Crispy yukon gold potato, paprika aioli and fines herbs.
Crispy Brussel Sprouts$10.95
Roasted almonds, pork belly, smokey maple, fermented chilis.
Creamed Spinach$9.95
Shallot, garlic and gremolata.