Mussels Scampi $10.65
Mussels Scampi over Pasta $15.65
Sauteed with white wine, lemon and garlic
Shrimp Cocktail $2.45
Served with cocktail sauce
Grilled Shrimp $3.20
Wrapped with prosciutto
Stuffed Mushrooms $8.65
Filled with lobster and crab stuffing
Garlic Bread $5.65
Topped with Mozzarella cheese, served with marinara sauce
Carmela’s Fried Calamari $7.65+
Served with marinara sauce
Honey Buffalo Shrimp $13.65
Lobster Ravioli $13.65
In a light cream or pesto cream sauce
Portabella Bruschetta $7.65
Fresh garlic bread topped with portabella mushrooms, roma tomato, scallions and basil
Mozzarella Sticks $6.65
Chicken Tenders $9.65
Served buffalo, sweet honey barbeque, or sesame teriyaki style
Eggplant Tower $11.65
Stuffed Quahog $4.65
With our homemade stuffing

Garden Salad $3.65+
Caesar Salad $7.65
Greek Salad $10.65
House Antipasto $12.65
Arugula Apple Walnut Salad $10.65
Fresh sliced ham, turkey, roast beef, Swiss cheese, served over tossed salad with hardboiled eggs
Wedge Salad $9.65
Prosciutto, fresh mozzarella, tomato and fresh roasted peppers on a bed of mixed greens
Mozzarella Caprese $8.65
Fresh mozzarella, slices of tomato and basil over lettuce topped with balsamic vinaigrette dressing

Soup of the Day $2.65+
Cheese Tortellini $4.65+
Served with chicken broth.

Shrimp Fra Diavolo or Scampi $13.65+
Large shrimp sauteed with garlic, in a spicy marinara sauce or scampi style, over choice of pasta
Shrimp, Broccoli & Penne $13.65+
Large shrimp, broccoli and garlic tossed with penne and Romano cheese
Broiled Haddock $12.65+
Fresh filet of haddock topped with fresh seasoned bread crumbs and broiled to perfection
Baked Stuffed Haddock $16.65
Fresh filet of haddock baked and topped with seafood stuffing and fresh seasoned bread crumbs

Veal Parmigiana $13.65+
Pan fried veal cutlet topped with mozzarella and Romano cheese, served with traditional homemade red sauce
Veal Piccata $13.65+
Tender veal sautéed with capers, garlic, lemon, butter and white wine, served over choice of pasta
Veal Marsala $13.65+
Veal medallions sauteed with mushrooms in sweet marsala wine sauce, served over choice of pasta
Dry Veal $12.65+
Pan fried veal cutlet served with lemon and a house salad only

Chicken Piccata $12.65+
Fresh chicken breast sauteed with garlic, capers, lemon, butter and white wine
Chicken, Broccoli & Penne $12.65+
Chicken tenderloin, broccoli, garlic, and penne pasta tossed with white wine, chicken stock and Romano cheese
Chicken Marsala $12.65+
Chicken breast sauteed with mushrooms in a sweet marsala wine sauce, served over choice of pasta
Chicken Parmigiana $11.65+
Pan-fried chicken breast topped with mozzarella cheese and our traditional homemade red sauce
Chicken Giovanni $12.65+
Chicken tenderloin sauteed with fresh tomato and buffalo mozzarella tossed with penne pasta and Romano cheese

Sirloin Tips $14.65+
Lean steak tips marinated and grilled per request. Espagnole sauce $1.20 extra.
Grilled Pork Chop $17.65
Grilled per your request and topped with vinegar, peppers or sage espagnole
Carmela Burger $9.65

Lasagna $11.65+
Lasagna noodles layered with sliced meatball, three kinds of cheese and topped with our homemade traditional red sauce
Fettuccine Alfredo $11.65+
Homemade fettuccine tossed with Alfredo sauce
Tortellini $11.65+
Cheese filled tortellini in our traditional homemade red sauce
Tortellini with Alfredo Sauce $10.65
Eggplant Parmigiana $11.65+
Pan fried eggplant topped with Mozzarella cheese and our traditional homemade red sauce served with choice of pasta
Stuffed Pepper & Pasta $11.65+
Baked red pepper stuffed with beef, bread crumbs, pine nuts and Italian seasonings
Cheese Ravioli $11.65+
Homemade pasta filled with a blend of three cheeses and topped with our traditional homemade red sauce
Cheese Manicotti $11.65+
Manicotti stuffed with a blend of cheeses topped with our homemade traditional red sauce
Baked Ziti $10.65+
Ziti tossed with our traditional red sauce, sliced meatballs, Mozzarella and Romano cheeses, baked to perfection
Pasta with Sauce $11.65
Choice of pasta served with our traditional homemade red sauce with meatballs or sausage $2.65 extra

14 oz. New York Sirloin $26.65
Seasoned and grilled to perfection. Add espagnole $1.95, add blue cheese & spinach $2.45.
Chicken Anthony $17.65
Chicken breast stuffed with prosciutto and linguica, buffalo mozzarella and fresh rosemary topped with pancetta Espagnole sauce
Baked Stuffed Shrimp $17.65
Four jumbo shrimp stuffed with a crabmeat stuffing
Italian Haddock $16.65
Fresh haddock topped with tomato, white wine, Italian seasonings, and bread crumbs
Haddock Florentine $17.65
Baked haddock topped with mushrooms, tomato, spinach and cheese
Seafood Fra Diavolo $18.65
Large shrimp, calamari and mussels sauteed with garlic, in a spicy marinara sauce. Can also be served scampi or pesto style, over choice of pasta
Saltimbocca – Chicken $17.65
Saltimbocca – Veal $18.65
Sauteed and topped with prosciutto and fresh mozzarella in a sage Marsala wine sauce
Mamma Carmela’s Combo $14.65
Stuffed pepper, cheese manicotti, eggplant parmigiana and homemade meatball
Chicken Carmela $15.65
Sauteed chicken breast tossed with portabella mushrooms and tomatoes in a sherry wine cream sauce over choice of pasta
Chicken Pesto Tortellini $17.65
Shrimp Scampi $13.65+
Fresh jumbo shrimp sauteed with roasted red peppers and asparagus in a vodka cream sauce served over spinach ravioli
Haddock Florentine $17.65
Formaggio Forno – Chicken $17.65
Formaggio Forno – Veal $18.65
Formaggio Forno – Eggplant $17.65
Pan fried cutlet stuffed with roasted red peppers, mozzarella and ricotta cheese, and topped with our traditional homemade red sauce

Two Sausages $3.20
Three Meatballs $4.65
French Fries $3.65
Stuffed Pepper $9.65
Sauteed Spinach $4.65
Seasonal Vegetable $3.20
Mashed Potato $3.20
Side of Traditional Homemade Red Sauce $1.20