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Soup and Noodles | Chicken | Deck Bock Ki Rice Cake | Fried Rice | Deep Fried | Sangreen Pasta | Soondae | Kimbap Rice Roll

Soup and Noodles

Fishcake Soup$10.94
Spicy Seafood Fish Cake Soup$14.04
Spicy Seafood Noodles$15.04
Choice of style.
White Seafood Noodles$15.04
Choice of style.
Spicy Beef Noodles$14.94
Choice of style.
White Beef Noodles$15.04
Choice of style.
Ham and Sausage Noodles$15.04
Choice of style.
Beansprout Ramen$13.04
Rice Cake and Egg Ramen$12.94
Spicy Soondae Noodle$15.04
Choice of style.
White Soondae Noodles$14.94
Choice of style.


Chicken Tenders$15.04
Chicken Bite$15.04
Spicy sweet soy.
Fried Bite$10.94
Honey Bite$11.94
Red Red Bite$13.04
So spicy.
Sesame Sweet Soy Bite$11.94
Slice Green Onion Bite$12.94
Sweet Garlic Cream Bite$12.04
Sweet Tomato$11.94

Deck Bock Ki Rice Cake

Spicy Rice Cake$12.04
Squid Spicy Rice Cake$15.04
Garlic Kimchi Spicy$15.94
Beef Rice Cake$14.94
Sweet soy sauce.
Seafood Rice Cake$16.04
Black Rice Cake$11.94
Cream Cheese Rice Cake$12.94
Spicy Soondae Rice Cake$20.04
Calamari Spicy Rice Cake$11.04

Fried Rice

Kimchi and Spam Fried Rice$14.94
Spicy Squid Fried Rice$15.94
Shrimp Fried Rice$15.94

Deep Fried

Glass noodles in seaweed roll.
Rice Cake with Sweet Sauce$8.04
Mix Deep Fried$15.94
Kimmari, dumpling and squid.

Sangreen Pasta

Cream Pasta$9.94
Chicken, seafood or beef.
Sweet Spicy Sauce Pasta$16.04
Spicy Sweet Glass Noodles$14.94


Korean Sausage$15.04
Mix Korean Sausage$17.94

Kimbap Rice Roll

Chanchan Kimbap$10.94
Kid's Kimbap$10.94
Grilled Beef Kimbap$11.04
Sweet Pork Kimbap$10.94
Kimchi Kimbap$10.94
Spicy and Sweet Tuna Kimbap$10.94
Spam Kimbap$10.94
Spicy Cream Cheese Kimbap$11.04
Choomoo Kimbap$10.94
Anchovy and Seaweed Kimbap$11.04
Jalapeno Anchovy and Seaweed Kimbap$11.04
Choong Moo Sweet and Spicy Radish and Squid Roll$7.94
Sweet Seaweed and Anchovy Roll$7.94
Kid's Jalapeno Seaweed and Anchovy Roll$7.04