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Limited Time Offer

Apple Crumble Cookie$4.55
Fresh apples and homemade pie crumble baked into our classic Cinnadoodle cookie.
Jelly Roll$8.55
Strawberry jam and raspberry jam topped with fresh strawberries and powdered sugar.
Monkey Business Roll$8.95
Chocolate frosting topped with fresh bananas, chocolate chips, and powdered sugar.


GrubHub 6-Pack$39.90
Half Dozen Cinnamon Rolls. Comes with vanilla frosting unless another frosting flavor is selected.

Cinnamon Rolls

Classic Old Skool Roll$7.00
Cinnamon roll with vanilla frosting.
Cookie Monster$9.00
Cream cheese frosting, cookie dough, chocolate chips and chocolate drizzle.
"OREO" madness$11.20
The biggest roll in the house. Cream cheese frosting, an entire scoop of cookie dough topped with more cream cheese frosting an "Oreo."
Banana Cream Pie$8.70
Cream cheese frosting, fresh bananas, and pie crumble.
Birthday Cake$8.55
Vanilla and Cake batter frosting topping with marshmallows and sprinkles.
Mad Batter$9.70
Cake batter frosting topped with blueberries, raspberries, pie crumble and chocolate drizzle.
Morning Java$9.20
Coffee and Hazelnut frosting topped with crushed graham crackers, pie crumble and agave drizzle.
Nutty Buddy$8.90
Peanut butter frosting topped with walnuts, peanut butter cups and almonds.
Strawberry Shortcake$8.55
Strawberry and cream cheese frosting topped with fresh sliced strawberries and strawberry drizzle.
Campfire S'mores$9.00
Marshmallow frosting topped with graham cookies, chocolate drizzle and marshmallows.
The Cookie Encounter$11.00
Vanilla frosting topped with an entire chocolate chip cookie, chocolate chips and finished with a chocolate drizzle.
Tropical Taste$9.00
Lemon frosting topped with coconut shreds, fresh blueberries and strawberries.
Caramel and Cream cheese frosting topped with Pecans, warm caramel sauce and chocolate drizzle.
Maple Harvest Pecan$8.65
Maple frosting topped with pecans and fresh apples.

More House Made Treats

Cookie Dough
Freshly baked brownie!
3 Piece Baby Buns$7.30
Includes 1 shot of frosting.


Extra Frosting$0.80
On the side.

DIY Kits


16 Oz. Coffee$3.30
Freshly brewed light house coffee.
Iced Coffee$3.20
Hot Tea$2.55
Bottled Water$1.95
Bottled Soda$2.95
Bottled Iced Tea$3.05