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New York Steak$11.95
Steak & Shrimps$14.05
Deep Fried Shrimps$9.95
Fish & Chips$9.05
Grilled Salmon$9.05
Grilled Chicken$8.95
Teriyaki Chicken$8.95


Garden Salad$4.05
Chef Salad$6.95
Chef Salad with Grilled Chicken$7.05
Chef Salad with Spicy Chicken$6.95
Taco Salad$6.95
Steak Salad$7.95
Dinner Salad$2.95


Malibu Chicken Sandwich$7.45
B.L.T. Sandwich$7.05
Ham Sandwich$7.05
Turkey Sandwich$7.05
Reuben Sandwich$6.95
Pattie Melt Sandwich$6.95
Grilled Cheese Sandwich$5.95
Tuna Melt Sandwich$6.95
Bar Sandwich$8.05


Plain Burger$6.95
Garlic with Cheese Burger$6.95
Bacon with Cheese Burger$9.05
Cheese Burger$7.05
Buffalo Style Blue Cheese Burger$8.05
Jalapeno with Cheese Burger$7.95
Pastrami with Cheese Burger$9.05
Mushroom Bacon with Cheese Burger$10.05
Mushroom with Cheese Burger$8.05


Cheese Enchilada$7.05
Beef Enchilada$8.05
Chicken Enchilada$8.05


New York Steak Lunch$12.05
Steak & Shrimps Lunch$13.95
Deep Fried Shrimps Lunch$10.05
Fish & Chips Lunch$9.05
Grilled Salmon Lunch$9.05
Grilled Chicken Lunch$9.05
Teriyaki Chicken Lunch$8.95

Lunch Salads

Garden Salad Lunch$4.05
Chef Salad Lunch$7.05
Chef Salad with Grilled Chicken Lunch$6.95
Chef Salad with Spicy Chicken Lunch$6.95
Taco Salad Lunch$7.05
Steak Salad Lunch$8.05
Dinner Salad Lunch$2.95

Lunch Sandwiches

Malibu Chicken Sandwich Lunch$7.45
B.L.T. Sandwich Lunch$6.95
Ham Sandwich Lunch$6.95
Reuben Sandwich Lunch$6.95
Pattie Melt Sandwich Lunch$6.95
Grilled Cheese Sandwich Lunch$5.95
Tuna Melt Sandwich Lunch$6.95
Bar Sandwich Lunch$8.05
Turkey Sandwich Lunch$6.95

Lunch Burgers

Plain Burger Lunch$7.05
Garlic with Cheese Burger Lunch$6.95
Bacon with Cheese Burger Lunch$9.05
Cheese Burger Lunch$7.05
Buffalo Style Blue Cheese Burger Lunch$8.05
Jalapeno with Cheese Burger Lunch$7.95
Pastrami with Cheese Burger Lunch$9.05
Mushroom Bacon with Cheese Burger Lunch$9.95
Mushroom with Cheese Burger Lunch$8.05

Lunch Mexican

Cheese Enchilada Lunch$7.05
Beef Enchilada Lunch$7.95
Chicken Enchilada Lunch$7.95

Saturday Breakfast

Ham Saturday Special$6.95
Served with eggs, hashbrowns and toast.
Bacon Saturday Special$7.05
Served with eggs, hashbrowns and toast.
Sausage Saturday Special$7.05
Served with eggs, hashbrowns and toast.
Build Your Own Omelet Saturday Special$7.95
Biscuits and Gravy Saturday Special$4.05
Sirloin & Eggs Saturday Special$8.05
Bacon & Egg Sandwich Saturday Special$6.95
New York Steak Saturday Special$11.05

Sides Saturday Special

1/2 Biscuits & Gravy Saturday Special$2.95
Toast Saturday Special$1.05
Hashbrowns Saturday Special$4.05
English Muffin Saturday Special$2.05

Sunday Breakfast

Ham Sunday Special$6.05
Served with eggs, hashbrowns & toast.
Sausage Sunday Special$6.05
Served with eggs, hashbrowns & toast.
Biscuits & Gravy Sunday Special$5.95
Served with ham or sausage.
Biscuits & Gravy Sunday Special
Chicken Fried Steak & Eggs Sunday Special$5.95
Served with hashbrowns & toast.
Denver Scramble Sunday Special$5.95
Served with hashbrowns & toast.
Sirloin & Egg Sunday Special$7.05
Served with hashbrowns & toast.