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Build Your Own Breakfast$5.04
Includes small Cuban coffee with milk. Comes with 2 eggs, protein, 1 side and 1 toast.
Coco Bakery Breakfast$6.00
2 eggs with white rice and sweet plantains.
Bistec a Caballo$6.70
2 eggs over beef flat steak with fries or hash browns and wheat or Cuban bread.
Pico Loro$5.30
3 scrambled eggs with jam, tomatoes, onions and peppers. Includes choice of Cuban or wheat bread.
Tortilla al Plato$4.20
Plain omelette with fries and Cuban toast. Add condiments for an additional charge.
Cuban Toast with Butter$1.20
Cuban Toast with Cream Cheese$1.94
Cuban Toast with Swiss Cheese$1.84
Tostada con Pasta de Bocadito$1.55
Cuban toast with pasta snack.
Served with a choice of style.
Jam Croquettes$0.75
Beef Stuffed Potato$1.84
Omelette Sandwich$4.90
Add condiments for an additional charge.

Soup and Salads

Homemade Chicken Soup
Grilled Chicken Salad$6.60
Tuna Salad$6.30
House Salad$3.04
Helados (Ice Cream)$1.55
Empanadas de Jamon y Queso$1.30
Ham and cheese turnovers.
Empanadas de Pollo$1.30
Chicken turnover.


Cuban Sandwich$6.20
Midnight Sandwich$5.90
Roasted Pork Sandwich$6.20
Steak Sandwich$6.90
Chicken Sandwich$6.80
Croquette Sandwich with Jam and Cheese$6.20
Tuna Sandwich$5.94
Croissant Sandwich with Jam and Cheese$4.04
BLT Sandwich$4.50

Main Entrees

Beef Round Steak$8.60
Grilled Chicken Breast Steak$8.60
Chicken with tomato sauce.
Pork Loin Steak$8.70
1/4 Fried Chicken$7.90
Fried Pork Chunks$8.00
Smoke Pork Chop$8.20
Fried Shredded Beef$8.60
Fajita Chicken$8.70
Fajita Beef$8.60
Breaded Fish Fillet$8.60
Shrimp in Creole Sauce$11.94

Side Orders

White Rice$2.55
Black Beans$2.45
Sweet Plantains$2.55
Fried Green Plantains$2.55
French Fries$2.45
Mixed Vegetables$2.45
Yuca (Cassava)$1.45
Fried green plantain.

Kids Mains

Kids Chicken Tenders with Fries$3.94
Kids Grilled Tenders with Fries$4.04
Hot Dog$1.45
Combo Kids'$3.05
Chicken nuggets, French fries, apple juice.
Papa Frita (French Fries)$1.55


Sweet Rice Milk Pudding$2.65
Dulce de Leche$2.65
Tres Leches$2.94


Canned Soda$1.55
Served with a choice of flavor.
Bottled Water$1.30
Served with a choice of flavor.
Cuban espresso cup.
Coffee and Milk
Cafe (Coffee)$0.70
Chocolate Caliente$1.55
Hot chocolate.
Jugos (Juices)$1.20
Te Frio (Cold Tea)$0.95
Coffee espresso with milk.