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Opening Acts

Glen "Fries"$3.39
Regular or sweet potato fries. Add cheese sauce for an additional charge.
6 breaded mozzarella sticks.
5 Piece John Poppers$6.30
5 pieces cream cheese jalapenos.
5 Piece Spice Girls$7.14
5 pieces breaded chicken breast strips.
Fried Okra$4.95
Green Day Salad$5.36
Iceberg lettuce, tomato.
Fleetwood Mac$6.20
Fried mac and cheese with cheese sauce.
Onion rings.
Corn Bread Side Show$3.70
Beans Side Show$3.70
Slaw Side Show$3.80
Potato Salad Side Show$3.70

From Our Smoker

Big Johnson$19.11
5 slow hickory smoked BBQ spare ribs, beans and jalapeno cornbread.
Lil' Johnson$8.80
3 hickory smoked BBQ spare ribs.
6 apple wood smoked wings with your choice of sauce.
Smoked meatloaf and BBQ sandwich.
Bob Dylan$11.11
Smoked corned beef reuben.
Cowboy Mouth$10.58
Smoked BBQ beef brisket sandwich.
Pork Tornado$10.68
Smoked BBQ loin sandwich.

Regular Fair

Patti "Melt" Smith Burger$9.74
Burger, fried onions and Swiss on rye.
B.B. King Burger$9.11
1/4 lb. Angus burger.
Fred "Double Decker" Burger$11.24
1/2 lb. double Angus burger.
Chicago Hot Dog$9.95
1/4 lb. all beef hot dog with the works.
BLT Sandwich$9.95
Served anytime.
The Wrapper$8.70
2 tortillas with breaded chicken, lettuce and mayo.
Dolly Parton$11.20
Chicken breast, bacon and cheese.
Annie Lennox Burger$10.05
1/4 lb. veggie burger.
Phish Burger$11.20
Salmon burger.
America Sandwich$8.08
Grilled cheese sandwich.

Side Shows

Corn Bread$3.80
Potato Salad$3.80