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Coffee & Tea Organic Fair Trade Coffee & Espresso

Regular or Decaf whole Bean or Ground
(prices vary) special orders available upon request
Coffee & Tea$1.25

Chai Teas by Big Train

By the Cup$3.20
By the Bag$9.94
green tea, raspberry, spiced and vanilla hot & iced

Specialty Drinks

Cappuccinos, Lattes, Breves$3.06
Red Eye (Single Shot Espresso & Dark Coffee)$2.17
Cafe Au Lait (1/2 Steamed Milk & 1/2 Coffee)$2.40
Cafe Americano (Single Shot & Hot Water)$1.89
Steamer (1/2 Steamed Milk & 2 Flavor Shots)$1.79
Italian Soda (Club Soda & 2 Flavor Shots)$1.60
Italian Cream Soda$2.05
(1/2 & 1/2, club soda & 2 flavor shots)
Milk, Hot Chocolate or Fruit Juice$1.32
Add a Flavor Shot$0.55
milk choices: fat-free 2% half-n-half, plain or vanilla soy

Frozen Drinks

blueberry, banana, peach and strawberry
C C Freeze$3.95
cookies & cream, heath mocha, mocha, peanut butter mocha, vanilla

Baked Goods

Assorted Muffins$1.40
Assorted Scones$2.55
Assorted Biscotti$1.30
Cinnamon Rolls$2.05
Assorted Cakes (by the slice)$2.30
Fudge Brownies (with and without nuts)$2.05
Lemon Bars$0.80
Weight Watchers Muffins$2.00
Specialty & Custom Cakes

Specialty Cakes

Tiramisu Crunch
Chocolate Raspberry
Chocolate Andes Mint
Chocolate Peanut-Butter


(with cream cheese)
English Muffin$1.30
(with butter and jam)
Bagel Sandwich$3.87
one egg and cheese on bagel
English Breakfast$3.01
one egg and cheese on white or whole wheat english muffin
Add Sausage, Canadian Bacon, or 2 Slices Bacon$0.80
Breakfast Special Everyday$3.90
two eggs, white or wheat toast, two slices of bacon & a small coffee
Bagel (with Cream Cheese)$1.70