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By the Pound - Mostly

Barbecue Pork$7.94
whole boston butt, sliced or chopped
Barbecue Beef$8.94
eye of round sliced, chopped or whole
Ribs By The Slab$14.04
our regular ribs we've been preparing for over 90 years
Ribs by The Pound$8.94
regular ribs (usually around 5 ribs)
Barbecue Chicken$4.94
1/2 bird (8 halves or more $4.50 - to go only)
Ham Smoked On Our Pit$7.94
sliced from bone-in ham
Whole Smoked Ham$53.50
whole smoked ham bone in
Smoked Turkey Breast$9.04
smoked on our pit bone-in and sliced
Barbecue Texas Brisket$8.94
smoked 10 hours - shoop sauce on side
Tea By The Gallon$4.04
Fresh Lemonade By The Gallon$5.94

Bulk Side Items To Go

Brunswick Stew$4.04
Baked Beans$2.94
Black Eyed Peas$2.94
Butter Beans$3.04
Adult Chili$3.94
Vegetable Soup$3.44
Tater Salad$3.04
Cole Slaw$3.04
barbecue slaw or regular
fresh collards
Barbecue Sauce$2.55
hot, medium, milk or backfire

Barbecue Platters

Famous Barbecue Pork Platter$6.94
sliced or chopped
Barbecue Chicken Platter$8.04
all white meat add one buck
Barbecue Rib Platter$8.74
our special ribs we've prepared for over 30 years
Barbecue Beef Platter$7.94
eye of round - sliced or chopped
Smoked Ham Platter$7.04
smoked on our pit and served chilled
Smoked Turkey Platter$7.44
turkey breast smoked on our pit and served chilled
Pork Tenderloin Platter$9.94
the leanest cut of pork sliced into medallions
Conglomeration Platter$10.04
includes: pork, beef and ribs
Flavor Texas Beef Brisket Platter$8.04
rubbed and slow smoked, with "shoop" sauce


Barbecue Pork$5.94
Barbecue Rib$7.84
Barbecue Chicken$8.94
Barbecue Beef$7.04
eye of round
Smoked Ham$6.04
served chilled
Smoked Turkey$6.54
smoked breast served chilled
Cue Stew$5.74
a large bowl of homemade brunswick stew topped with chunks of barbecue pork - served with bread of choice
Rib Ends & Bread$7.30
the small tapered end of the rib you get five of them with bread ask your sever if we've gott'em

BBQ Sandwiches

Barbecue Pork$3.34
sliced or chopped
Barbecue Beef$3.54
sliced or chopped
Smoked Ham$3.64
American cheese, lettuce, mayo and tomato on toasted french
Smoked Turkey$3.84
jack cheese, tomato, mayo and lettuce on toasted french
pork, beef, slaw, pickles, and bbq, onions on a large seeded bun
Texas Brisket Sandwich$5.74
slow smoked for over 10 hours sliced and served on a large seeded bun with our "shoop" barbecue, sauce and your choice of fries, slaw or baked beans
Backfire Wings$5.20
six whole wings, deep fried in peanut oil and then coated in our hot backfire sauce

Country Cook'in Platters

Buttermilk Fried Chicken Fingers$7.04
fresh chicken tenders
Grilled Chicken Tenders$6.94
marinated fresh tenders cooked on the flat top
Finger & Rib Combo$9.94
3 fingers and 3 of our regular ribs
Wings - Buttermilk Fried$6.04
4 fresh wings
All White Fried Chicken$7.54
2 bone-in breasts and one wing
All Breast Fried Chicken$8.04
3 bone-in fresh breasts - sorry no kid's orders
Regular Buttermilk Fried Chicken$5.94
1 drumstick, 1 thigh and 1 wing
Fried Chicken Livers$5.94
you like chicken livers - you'll love these!
Veggie Tray$6.04
any 4 vegetables on a divided tray - we know you don't like'em mixed up - add 2 ribs or 3 fingers for $3
Handmade Hamburger Steak$7.54
growin up 1 loved mrs, weaver's steaks at the linwood lunchroom we try to make um like that, smothered in gravy and onions!

Fresh Country's Salads

Large Chef Salad$7.54
topped with two meats, eggs, cheese, tomato, cucs, bell pepper and your favorite country's dressing.
Small Chef Salad$5.94
like the large only smaller less stuff and only one meat
Country / Mex Salad$7.04
served in a tortilla shell, with smoked beef, adult chill, sour cream and jack cheese.
Grilled Chicken Finger Salad$6.44
grilled chicken fingers, golden raisins, pecans and salad stuff
Fried Chicken Finger Salad$6.54
buttermilk fried fingers stop a salad bed with pecans, cheddar and tomatoes.

Country's Veggies and Sides

Fresh French Fries$1.54
Cole Slaw Reg, or BBQ$1.34
Brunswick Stew$1.94
Tater Salad$1.54
Skillet Apples$2.04
Corn on The Cob$2.04
Veggie of The Day$1.54
Vegetable Soup$1.94
Baked Beans$1.64
Butter Beans$1.64
Sliced Tomatoes$1.54
Black Eyed Peas$1.64
Tossed Salad$1.94
Baked Sweet Potato$2.04
Potato Chips$0.94
Barbecue Onions$1.54
Adult Chili$1.94
Collards Fresh$1.54

Tea, Coke, Lemonade, Etc.

Famous Tea$1.84
ice cold, sweetened with cane suger
Fountain Drinks$1.64
coke, sprite, dr. pepper, diet coke, orange
IBC Bottle Root Beer$1.64
Red Diamond Coffee$0.94
Hot Chocolate$1.64
Hot Tea Mug$1.54
sorry no refills
sorry no reffls
Apple Cider$1.94
sorry no refills

Other Special Sandwiches

Giant Steak Sandwich$5.94
hand breaded pork tenderloin
Hot Roast Beef Sandwich$6.94
smoked eye of round on toasted french with gravy & onions comes with french fries
Country Club$5.74
made with smoked ham and turkey, served with tater salad
handmade from ground black angus tell us what you want on it
Peanut Butter & Jelly$2.20
Hot Dog$2.20
Chilo or Slaw Dog$2.45
Grilled Cheese$2.94
Country Scrambles Dog$4.20
almost as good as lieutenant's at dinglewood pharmacy


Ice Cold Bottle Beer$3.55
Tight - Wad Beer$1.80
don't even ask it's cold it's wet it's beer tight, wed

Pies and Such

Chocolate Chess Pie$3.00
Lemon Meringue Pie$3.00
fixed with fresh lemons
Coconut Cream Pie$2.90
Goober Pie$3.00
it's a buck extra to add ice cream to any of the above pies
Root Beer Float$2.44
Goober Sundae$3.00
vanilla ice cream covered with peanut butter sauce and topped with m & m's
Ice Cream$2.04
vanilla or chocolate
Banana Pudding$3.90
made from scratch - baked and served in pint jar - topped with meringue
Dot's Special Dessert$4.00
ask your server what it is right now!
Whole Pie$13.00
to go only - please