Anyone that has tried it will know just how great the soft serve ice cream from Dairy Queen is, but that’s not all the restaurant has to offer. Any fast-food chain needs to have some quality fries to alongside their other products, as it really isn’t a fast food meal without the addition of some fries!

Thankfully, Dairy Queen sell some seriously tasty fries that offer exceptional value for money. Whether part of the popular meal deals or just a side snack, it’s often difficult to get a bad serving of Dairy Queen fries!

Kids Fries (180 calories)

Price : $

Medium Fries (290 calories)

Price: $2.19

Large Fries (470 calories)

Price: $ 2.69

An Overview of Dairy Queen Fries

Dairy Queen’s fries can be purchased as an individual side, with the three standard sizes of kids’, regular, and large available. As you would come to expect from a fast food restaurant, any time you purchase a meal deal or combo at Dairy Queen fries will be included.

For the most part, any meal deal or combo from Dairy Queen includes regular fries, making a nice addition to whatever else you are ordering.

Dairy Queen fries can be categorised as the thicker variety, and while they may not be considered chunky fries, they still offer a nice amount of thickness to them. This also helps Dairy Queen fries taste that extra bit crispier, as the thicker coating really helps to add this nice touch to the fries.

Betters still, Dairy Queen fries even come with some nice seasoning to them, and it’s not too uncommon to see specks of black pepper throughout the fries coating.