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Fried Okra$5.45
Jerk Chicken Salad$6.90
Dee's Fried Green Tomatoes$7.00
Catfish Nuggets$6.00
Fried Shrimp$8.90
Buffalo Wings$7.55
BBQ Wings$7.45


Jalapeno Cornbread$1.55


Fried Chicken$5.00
Rib Tips$7.55
Fried Catfish$7.45
BBQ Chicken$5.90
Smothered Chicken$6.00
Jerk Chicken$6.00
Baked Chicken$6.00
Jerk Catfish$6.90
Beef Short Ribs$10.90
Only weekends

Dinner Combos

Jerk Chicken Salad Entree$9.90
1 Meat W/ 1 Sides Combo$14.00
Choice of meat, 1 sides, and bread.
1 Meat W/ 2 Side Combo$15.90
Choice of meat, 2 side, and bread.


Side of Greens$5.00
Side of Mac & Cheese$5.00
Side of Red Beans & Rice$5.00
Side of Mashed Potatoes$5.00
Side of Candied Yams$5.00
Side Of Spaghetti$4.90
Side of Northern Beans$5.00
Side of Jambalaya Rice$5.00
Side of Corn on The Cob$4.90
Side of Coleslaw$5.00
Side of Black Eyed Peas & Rice$5.00


Banana Pudding$4.90
Peach Cobbler$5.00