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Ken'S Kickin Chicken

Chicken 'n Waffles$10.44
Our sweet homemade waffle batter cooked to golden perfection, layered with crispy chicken tenders tossed in your choice of sauce, served with maple syrup for added sweetness, with 1 side.
Chicken Strip Dinner$11.54
4 golden brown strips, 2 sides, dinner roll.
4 Piece Pressure Fired$10.94
Thighs and legs, tossed in Henny penny flour and fried to perfection. 1 side, dinner roll.
Firehouse Chicken Chunks$9.44
1/2 pound of freshly breaded in house chicken chunks, tossed in your choice of sauce, 1 side.
Grilled Chicken Dinner$12.54
8 OZ. chicken breast dressed in pineapples and Barbeque sauce, or left plain, with 2 sides, dinner roll.
2 Piece Pressure Fried$10.94
Two breasts tossed in Henny penny flour and pressure fried to perfection, 1 side, dinner roll.
Garlic Lime Chicken$11.44
8 OZ. chicken breast marinated in our signature garlic and lime marinade, topped with Parmesan cheese, with 2 sides, dinner roll.

Premium Sides

Onion Rings$2.44
Waffle Sweet Potato Fries$2.44
French Fries$2.04
House Salad$2.94
Country Green Beans$1.74
Mac 'n Cheese$2.54
Apple Sauce$1.84
Seasoned Rice$1.94
Baked Potato$2.44
Steamed Broccoli$2.44
Cottage Cheese$1.74
Smoked Baked Beans$1.84
Mashed Potatoes & Gravy$1.84

Mamaw Great'S Desserts

Creamy Peanut Butter Pie$3.20
Chocolate Brownie Batter Cheese Cake$3.54

Seaside Creations

Pan-Seared Haddock$10.54
Prepared fresh daily, seared haddock, cooked to perfection, atop a bed of seasoned riced, served with fresh lemon, 1 side.
Atlantic 8 OZ. Salmon filet, drizzled with fresh lemon garlic butter, served with house salad, 1 side and dinner roll.
Butterfly Shrimp$15.04
10 of our golden fried butterfly shrimp, served with lemon butter and cocktail sauce, 2 sides and a dinner roll.
Fish Fry$10.94
Hand-breaded in-house haddock, tartar sauce, and fresh lemon.


Fried Pickles$4.94
Basket of chips served with homemade chipotle ranch.
Post Wings$6.04
Dusted in Henny penny flour, choice of hot, Barbeque, Parmesan garlic, or lampost signature sauce.
Sweet Corn Bites$6.04
Delicious bites served with homemade sweet pepper jam.
Lampost Skins$6.94
Pork or plain, cheddar cheese and bacon with sour cream.
Beer Dipped Onion Rings$6.04
Heaping basket, with homemade chipotle ranch.
Fried Green Beans$4.94
From the garden with a twist, served with chipotle ranch.
Mac 'n Cheese Bites$6.24
Basket of bites, with sour cream.
Pretzel Bites$6.54
Basket of bites, with signature beer cheese.
Mozzarella Sticks$6.34
Basket of 8.
Try It All$12.54
A sampler platter full of all our starters, with our signature sauces.


Iced Tea$1.84
Sweet or unsweetened.
Fountain Soda$1.84

Lampost Originals

Lampost Alfredo$12.54
Choice of chicken or shrimp, on a bed of noodles and homemade alfredo sauce, infused with our broccoli and mushrooms.
Classic Spaghetti$10.54
Homemade tomato meat sauce, fresh mushrooms, atop noodles, with fresh parsley.

Garden Favorites

Grilled Salmon$13.44
Fresh greens, onions, tomatoes, cheese, homemade croutons, egg, choice of dressing.
Southwest Salad$7.94
Golden fried chicken, atop of hand-cut salad green mix, carrots and cabbage, chopped onions, tomatoes, cheese, homemade croutons, egg, cornand black beans, dressed with homemade southwest garlic dressing.
House Salad$2.94
Greens, tomatoes, cheese, garlic croutons, choice of dressing.
Chef Salad$7.54
Diced ham, turkey and bacon, atop fresh mixed greens with carrots and cabbage, lined with hand cut onions, tomatoes, cheese, egg and homemade croutons, choice of dressing.
Chicken Salad$9.04
Fresh greens, onions, tomatoes, cheese, homemade croutons, egg, choice of dressing.


Classic French Onion$3.44


BBQ or Pineapple Chicken or Beef Sandwich$10.04
Chicken breast or burger, toasted bun, pineapple, Barbeque sauce, Cheddar cheese, lettuce, and a pickle spear.
Fish Sandwich$8.20
Hand breaded haddock and fried to golden perfection, tomatoes, lettuce, farter sauce, and lemon.
Bbq Smoked Pork$6.54
Our juicy smoked pork, toasted bun, dressed in Barbeque sauce and a pickle spear.
Hand-cut corned beef, on rye bread, swiss cheese, sauerkraut. Dressed in our homemade Thousand Island dressing and a pickle spear.
Pig in the Garden$7.94
6 crispy slices of bacon, fresh tomatoes, lettuce, mayonnaise, and a pickle spear.
Lampost Tenderloin$9.94
Our hand-breaded tenderloin served on a toasted bun, Cheddar cheese, garlic mayonnaise, pickle.
Fresh ham and turkey, packed between toasted Texas toast, mayo, lettuce, tomato, Cheddar cheese, thick applewood bacon, and a pickle spear.


Hand-Cut Ribeye$22.94
12 OZ. perfectly marbled ribeye, grilled to your liking.
Hand-Cut Filet Mignon$23.04
Pulled Pork Dinner$11.44
Full of flavor and taste bud friendly, smoked and hand pulled pork-served with Barbeque sauce.
Smoked Bbq Pork Ribs$12.54
Slow cooked and hand-pulled to ensure perfect quality. Served with Barbeque sauce.
Hand-Cut Top Sirloin$16.04
8 OZ. sirloin, grilled to your liking.

Steak Burgers

Mushroom Swiss$10.04
Charbroiled burger, topped with swiss cheese, freshly sauteed mushrooms, on a toasted bun.
Southern Sundrop$10.04
Charbroiled burger on a toasted bun, Cheddar cheese, fried egg, tomato, and coleslaw.
The Blazer$2.94
Charbroiled burger, smoked salami, fresh ham, pickles, lettuce, tomato, on a toasted bun.
Bacon & Cheddar$10.04
Burger, Cheddar cheese, with crispy applewood bacon, topped with lettuce, tomato, pickles, and onion, on a toasted bun.
Southwest Dream$10.04
Charbroiled burger, Cheddar cheese, Barbeque sauce, onion ring, lettuce, tomato, pickles, on a toasted bun.