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Insalata & Antipasto

Gamberetti, Cozze, Vongole
Choose from shrimp, mussels or clams served hot or cool inumido or with cocktail sauce and lemon
Our House Antipasto Salad
Meats, cheese, olives, peppers, tomatoes and our house dressing on mixed leaf lettuce
House Salad
Mixed leaf lettuce with our house Italian dressing of balsamic vinegar, blended oil, herbs and tomato
Frank Salad
Mixed leaf lettuce, hot peppers, onion, tomato, salt, balsamic vinegar and olive oil
Artichoke Salad
Marinated artichoke hearts served with a wedge of fresh lemon on a bed of greens

La Pasta

Our traditional family recipe for these little bite sized potato pasta dumplings goes very nicely with a mild to medium heat arrabbiato or aglio e olio, garlic sauce
These pillows of pasta, sometimes referred to as agnellotti, are filled with our original recipe of ricotta, romano, egg and herbs. Marries well with either our meat sauce or our white mushroom sauce
Wide cut pasta with the texture and true flavor of Italy's premier pasticciai, pasta makers, pairs best with our signature three cheese sauce, gorgonzola sauce or carbonara sauce
This thin cut spaghetti is handmade with our family recipe handed down from Italy's premier pasta region, the abruzzo, with semolina flour and fresh eggs. Excellent with our fresh tomato sauce or arrabbiato sauce
Wide pasta noodles layered with our ricotta filling and tomato sauce and served with meat sauce and a meatball. Feel free to ask for a meatless sauce choice if prefer
Spaghetti, Capellini, Penne, Linguine
Italy's finest imported spaghetti, capellini, penne and linguine



Combinations of the House Pizzas

Fresh spinach topped pizza with olive oil, fresh garlic, fresh tomato, ricotta and choice of mushrooms or black olives
Layered pesto and tomato sauce, pecorino romano and parmigiana reggiano, grilled chicken, fresh tomato and cheese
Vegetable pizza with onions, mushrooms, dried tomato, fresh garlic and choice of hot peppers or artichoke hearts
Quattro Formaggio$6.45
For the cheese lover our four cheeses are gorgonzola, romano, mozzarella and bric
Quattro Stagione$6.45
Four seasons with one fourth each, prosciutto, artichoke hearts, fresh mushrooms and mozzarella
Seasonal-when fresh basil is available. This pizza is dressed simply with olive oil, light crushed tomato, a bit of fresh garlic, fresh mozzarella and fresh basil

Meat & Fish

Classic italian, choose parmigiana, marsala, picatta, or saltimbocca alla romana served with homemade tagliatelle
Veal (Half Orders)$11.95
Classic italian, choose parmigiana, marsala, picatta, or saltimbocca alla romana served with homemade tagliatelle
Clams or Mussels
In their shells cooked to perfection with a hint of garlic, fresh ground black pepper, fresh grape tomato halves, white wine and extra virgin olive oil. Served with linguine
Fra diavolo with a bit of tomato and a lot of heat, limone with a touch of garlic, lemon and white wine or aglio, heavy on the garlic, a bit of fresh tomato, olive oil and white wine. Served with angel hair
Thick juicy orange pink salmon cooked inumido, with a bit of white wine to bring up all the natural flavor of this good for dish. Served with angel hair

Panini - Sandwiches

Our signature house sandwich contains our house salad, hot peppers, onions, ham, salami, provolone, brick cheese and our tomato sauce on a homemade bun
Grilled Cheese
Our unique combination of 5 cheeses, swiss, provolone, mozzarella, brick and american, on our homemade bread
Our in house made sweet italian sausage patty with sauteed mushrooms, cheese, tomato sauce on our homemade bun
All Italian Sub
Mortadella, sopressata, capocollo, provolone and mozzarella add tomato, lettuce, sauce on our homemade bun
Our handmade meatballs and sauce with mushrooms and cheese on our homemade bun
Pepperoni Bread
Pepperoni, tomato sauce and cheese, like a pizza on our homemade bun


Chicken Wings
Big and juicy and seasoned just right with Italian herbs
Italian Fries
Fresh potato sliced thin, fried crisp, sprinkled with herbs, topped with provolone and melted to a golden brown
Fried Clams or Mozzarella Sticks
Breaded and deep fried served with choice of our homemade cocktail or tartar sauce, tomato sauce
Chicken Tenders
Big juicy chicken planks lightly breaded and seasoned
Fried Veggies
Choose from breaded mushrooms, artichoke hearts or zucchini fries
Our Homemade Soup
Tuscan tomato and killer chili are always available


Light flaky handmade shell with a traditional filling of ricotta, mascarpone and a hint of almond and citrus or chocolate
Cheese Cake
Cheese cake new york style, chocolate ganache, specialty
Individual cups of creamy mascarpone on savoiardi cookies topped with cocoa powder, a true Italian treat
Spumoni Ice Cream
A combination of cherry, chocolate and pistachio


Pepsi Products (Glass)$1.95
Pepsi Products (1/2 Pitcher)$3.95
Pepsi Products (Pitcher)$6.95
San Pellegrino$2.05
Mineral water, limonata and aranciatta, gassossas
Various Beverages$2.05
Milk, iced tea, coffee, tea, decaf, espresso, regular and decaf and orange, apple or cranberry juice