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Jamaican Porridge$4.05
cornmeal boiled in water and/or milk sweetened with spices and milk.
Savory Soup$6.05
A hot and savory pool of broth, chicken, provisions, vegetables and spices.


Mozzarella Sticks (8)$12.95
Deep-fried breaded mozzarella cheese served with a homemade dipping jerk sauce.
Caribbean Calamari$12.95
Crispy squid seasoned with Caribbean spices. Served with homemade sauce- a captivating flava.
Fish N Tings$13.05
Whiting fish fillet topped with escovitch sauce. Served with fries.
Portmore Pepper Shrimp (5)$14.95
Shrimp simmered in Jamaican scotch bonnet peppers. Spicy kick packed with lots of flava.
Flava's Fry Shrimp(5)$14.95
5 jumbo fry
Negrill Wings$13.05
Party wings marinated in bold Jamaican seasoning, grilled and simmered in special sauces for that savory flava and tingling pepper sensation.
Mo'Bay Mussels$14.95
Mussels rundown. Sauteed mussels in a perfect marriage of coconut milk, white wine, and natural herbs and spices. Served with toasted hardo bread or pasta.
Jamaican Style Tacos$12.05
traditional tacos made with caribbean spices, sauces, and a special cabbage slaw.


TnT Roti$10.05
a flatbread like dough wrapped around your favorite meat or vegetable, potatoes, and chick peas
Marley Pasta$9.95
Penne pasta satueed in a creamy sauce with red and green peppers and broccoli.
National Ackee & Codfish$18.05
Jamaica's national dishes: ackee fruit callaloo, or saltfish sauteed with onions, peppers, and other herbs and spices.
Kingston Jerk Chicken$15.95
Chicken marinated in jerk season and Jamaican spices slowed cooked on the grill for that spicy, smoky, sensational savory taste.
Flava's Fete Fry Chicken$14.95
Crispy and golden Caribbean style fry chicken.
J'ouvert Chicken & Griddle$11.95
Flava's fried chicken paired with sweet and savory yet light and fluffy waffles or pancakes topped with a festival of fresh fruits.
Mi Luv Mi Browning Stew Chicken$13.05
Chicken marinated in aromatic spices then braised in a savory brown stew gravy with Jamaican herbs and carrots.
Island Vybz Curry Chicken$13.05
Chicken stewed in Jamaican curry spices with potatoes and legumes (chic peas).
West Indian Curry Goat$15.05
Goat meat slowed cooked in Jamaican spiced curry with potatoes and carrots.
Escovitch Whiting Fish$14.95
fried whiting fillet topped with escovitch onions, peppers, and carrots.
Flava's Oxtail$22.95
Everyone's favorite and most popular dish. Braised oxtails stewed in Jamaican herbs, spices, and butter bean. Full of flava and fall of f the bone tenderness.
Raetown Red Snapper$25.05
Caribbean red snapper pan seared, stew or steamed.
Calypso Shrimps$23.05
Plump and juicy shrimp simmered in Jamaican curry powder, onions and peppers and infused with bold Jamaican spices.
Ocho Rios Mango Salsa Salmon$24.94
Salmon grilled then topped with a fiesta of mango salsa sauce.
Jamaican Style Snow Crab Legs$35.05
Naturally sweet and tender snow crab legs simmered in Jamaican spices corn, pumpkin, and potatoes prepared in garlic buttery sauce.
Surf On Any Turf$70.05
Can't decide? Choose 2 of your favorite items can't decide? Choose 2 of your favorite items on one plate.
Drunken Lobster Tails$48.95
2 lobster tails grilled and simmered in a jerk sauce infused with Wray & Nephewrum.

Simply Vegan

Back Home Brown Stew Broccoli$14.95
Fresh broccoli, red and green peppers, and onions braised and stewed in Jamaican spices and pimentos.
Everything Cook & Curry Legumes$15.05
Chick peas, potatoes, and carrots, cooked in Jamaican curry and spices.
Ital Ackee$14.95
Sauteed ackee with red and green peppers and onions. Have it for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.
Vegan Marley Pasta$14.95
Penne pasta meal in a medley of red and green peppers, broccoli marinade in Jamaican jerk sauce and cooked in a creamy coconut sauce.
Vegan Season Fries$6.95
Regular cut potato fries deep fried in avocado oil and seasoned with Jamaican seasonings and spices.
Festive Fried Tomatoes & Vegan Waffles$14.95
Ripe tomatoes seasoned and dip in special batter then fried paired with vegan waffles topped with fresh fruit.
Rasta Man Vibration Roti$13.05
A flatbread like dough wrapped in curry cabbage, potatoes, and chickpeas.

Selectors(side orders)

Macaroni & Cheese Side Order$7.95
Jerk Chicken Fried Rice$6.95
A meal on its own white rice cooked up with jerk chicken, peppers and onions.
Steam Vegetables Side Order$6.95
Rice & Beans$4.95
White Rice Side Order$3.95
Sweet Ripe Plantains (8)$2.95
Marley Pasta Side Order$7.05
A jubilee of penne pasta, broccoli, red and green peppers in a creamy sauce.
Mashed Potatoes$4.95
White potatoes mashed smoothly butter added.
Candy Yams$7.05
shrimp fried rice$10.05
perfectly seasoned baby shrimps sautéed with green onions, peppers, carrots,

Jammin' Jamaican Sandwiches

Jammin' Jamaican Sandwich$9.04
mix of sweet/spicy Jamaican flavas in a sandwich

Flava Beverages

Homemade juices made with roots, fruits, or vegetables brewed, strained and sweetened with sugar and spices then chilled.
Home made lemonade with a hint of your favorite flavors.
Flava Tea$4.95
Refreshing ice tea infused with syrups and/or fruits.
Flava's Fruit Punch$7.05
Mango, orange pineapple, passion, guave, ad cranberry juices mixed with a splash of other natural saps and juices.
Flava's Tropical Fruit Punch$6.95
orange, pineapple, passion fruit, and lemon juices mixed with a splash of ginger
Jamaican Sodas$3.45
bottle water$1.95

Sweets (desserts)

Rum Raisin Cake$7.95
Loaded with walnuts and raisins and yes loaded with rum.
Red Velvet Cake$7.95
2 layers of moist crimson colored chocolate cake topped with homemade cream cheese frosting. truly the queen of layered cakes.
Strawberry Cheese Cake$10.05
A moderately sweet dessert consisting of a thick mixture of soft fresh cheese, eggs, and sugar with a homemade crust.


Jamaican Beef Patty$3.20
Flaky and golden shell filled with beef, chicken, or vegetable.
coco bread (pk)$6.95
Coco Bread (individual)$2.95

Flava Wata (16oz)


vodka, gin, rum, tequila, triple sec, peach schnapps, grenadine, and a shot of red stripe beer
blue mountain$12.05
wray & nephew, blue curacao, coconut water, pineapple juice, lime juice, sprite,
Jamaican Mule (12 oz)$12.05
The original mule Jamaican style ginger beer, Appleton estates rum, fresh lime juice. Must be 21 to purchase.
celebrate jamaica's independence everyday: champagne, appleton estates dark rum, mango nectar
flava punch(rum punch)$13.95
wray & nephew white rum, appleton estates dark rum, triple sec, peach schnapps, mango, cranberry, pineapple, orange, & lime juices.
vodka, gin, moscato
patron tequila, cointreau, homemade caribbean juices, lime juice, simple syrup
flava bo$$$10.05
wray & nephew white rum, blue curacao, pineapple & oranges, simple syrup
flava's tropical punch (liquor)$12.05
bacardi pineapple rum, malibu coconut rum, canton ginger liqueur, pineapple liqueur, lemonade, pineapple, passionfruit, & orange juices
gyalis passion ( the John Flava)$11.95
bacardi pineapple rum, passion fruit alize, orange & pineapple juices, grenadine
ms. independent$9.95
vodka, hypnitiq, lime juice, orange juice
bo$$ bitch$12.05
coconut rum, pineapple rum, blue curacao, pineapple juice & grenadine
rum, blue curacao, peach schnapps
berry sexy$10.05
ciroc berry vodka, triple sec, cranberry, lime juice
pyt (pretty young ting)$11.95
vodka, champagne, triple sec, cotton candy
good pussy gyal$14.05
alize red passion, vodka, triple sec, simple syrup, cranberry juice
hennessy, alize red, triple sec, lemon juice
hot gyal$12.05
appleton estates rum, wray & nephew white rum, lime, pineapple, & cherry juices, & simple syrup
vodka, triple sec, alize red passion, lemon juice, simple syrup
vodka, triple sec, alize pink passion, lemon juice, simple syrup
victoria's secrets$14.05
hennessy, champagne, lemon juice, simple syrup
casamigos, blue curacao lime juice, simple syrup, cranberry juice
I'm that girl$14.05
casamigo tequila, pink alize, triple sec, lime juice
I'm that guy$14.05
casamigo tequila, bleu alize, tripple sec, lime juice, simple syrup
hennessy, lemon juice, simple syrup, cranberry juice
classic man$14.05
hennessy, triple sec, lemon & pineapple juices
patron tequila, compari, simple syrup
Mr. CEO$15.95
patron tequila, ciroc vodka lime juice, simple syrup
champagne papi$14.05
casamigo, champagne, triple sec
super freak$15.95
hennessy, chambord, triple sec, lemon juice, simple syrup
tequila, rose champagne, triple sec, lime juice
we outside$10.05
tequila, energy, lemonade
it's lit$15.95
hennessy, tequila, triple sec, lime juice, cranberry juice, simple syrup
you know da vibes$12.05
tequila, red passion alize, triple sec, lime juice, simple syrup
pop out$13.95
hennessy, orange juice, simple syrup, lemon juice
good vibes$14.05
hennessy, lemon juice, simple syrup, pineapple juice
life's good$16.05
casamigo, red alize, passion fruit alize, pineapple juice
big energy$15.95
hennessy, hypnotiq, green alize
hennessy hypnotiq, red alize, passion fruit alize
It's Da Drink For Me$16.05
patron, hypnotiq, green apple & passion fruit alize, pineapple juice
level up$15.95
gin, vodka, pineapple rum, blue curacao, orange & pineapple juices, splash of sprite simple syrup


citrus margarita$10.05
tequila, triple sec, lime, orange, pineapple. & lemon juices, simple syrup
azul margarita$10.05
tequila, blue curacao, lime juice, simple syrup
classic margarita$9.95
tequila, triple sec, lime juice, simple syrup
cerveza margarita$9.95
tequila, corona beer, triple sec, citrus soda, lime juice, simple syrup
summer melon margarita$14.05
tequila, triple sec, fresh watermelon, lime juice, simple syrup
tropical passion margarita$14.05
tequila reposado, triple sec, pineapple, passion fruit, mango, & lime juices, ginger syrup
s' berry margarita$14.05
tequila, triple sec, fresh strawberries, lime juice, simple syrup
the grand margarita$15.95
patron tequila, grand marnair, lime juice, simple syrup
portofina margarita$15.95
patron tequila, cointreau, disaronno, sweet/sour
stella's groove margarita$13.95
tequila reposado, spice rum, triple sec, mango juice, simple syrup


Caribbean Citrus Mojito$11.95
rum, orange, lemon, lime, mint, simple syrup, club soda
watamelon mojito$13.95
bacardi rum, fresh watermelon, mint, lime, sugar, club soda
tropical fruit mojito$13.95
bacardi rum, fresh ginger, pineapple, mint, lime juice, simple syrup, club soda
bbm mojito$14.05
bacardi rum, fresh blueberries, mint, lime juice, simple syrup, club soda
jam roc mojito$14.05
wray & nephew white rum, mint, lime juice, ting(grapefruit soda)
blacker da berry$15.95
bacrdi rum, fresh blackberries, mint, lime juice, sugar, club soda
fruit punch mojito$16.05
bacardi rum, fresh strawberry, blueberries, orange, pineapple, mango, mint, lime juice, sugar, club soda
bacardi rum, patron, tequila, mint, lime juice, sugar, club soda


tequila, triple sec, red wine, lime juice, simple syrup
I like it on top$10.05
vodka, red wine, pineapple & lime juices
dutty wine$9.95
red label wine, stone's ginger wine, jamaican brandy, triple sec, orange juice
sixty nine$11.95
vodka, red wine, lime juice, simple syrup
get a room$13.95
amaretto, red wine, white wine, spiced rum
berries hammond$16.05
mocato wine, ciroc berry vodka, fava punch, citrus, simple syrup
melannin poppin$13.95
moscato wine, ciroc watermelon vodka, triple sec, tropical watermelon juice, simple syrup
spanish town sangria(red)$15.95
red sweet wine, tequila, peach schnapps, triple sec, sorrel, lime, & orange juice
ocho rios sangria (white)$15.95
moscato wine, bacardi pineapple rum, triple sec, mango papaya, splash of pineapple soda


orange juice, champagne
tequila sunrise$8.95
tequila, orange juice, and grenadine
sex on the beach$10.05
vodka, peach schnapps, cranberry & orange juices
vodka, triple sec, cranberry juice, and lime juice
Bahama Mama (10 oz)$12.05
Combination of rum, coconut rum, orange and pineapple juices and grenadine. Must be 21 to purchase.
Mimosa (10 oz)$11.95
Bubbly champagne and fruit juice (9 oz). Must be 21 to purchase.
bahama mama$12.05
rum, coconut rum, orange & pineapple juice, grenadine
vodka, triple sec, sour apple
malibu bay breeze$12.05
malibu coconut rum, pineapple juice, cranberry juice
lemon drop$14.05
vodka, lemon juice, triple sec, simple syrup
long island ice tea$16.05
vodka, gin, rum, tequila, triple sec, peach schnapps, coke
incredible hulk$13.95
hennessy, hypnotiq
hennessy side car$13.95
hennessy, triple sec, lemon juice, simple syrup
thug passion$13.95
hennessy, passion fruit alize
white russian$13.95
vodka, kahlua, heavy cream