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Shrimp Alfredo$20.05
Made from scratch Alfredo sauce
Honey Glazed Salmon$19.95
comes with yellow rice and mixed greens
Seafood Alfredo$39.65
Lump crab, extra jumbo shrimp and salmon.
12 Extra Jumbo Shrimp$19.05
Old Bay or garlic butter.
Jerked Mhai Mhai Fish
with grilled pineapple
Seafood Mac and Cheese$14.45
Lump Crab$10.75
Topping only.
Jumbo Lump Crabcake platter$38.35
2 crab cakes with yellow rice and mixed greens


oxtails served with yellow rice and mixed greens
Honey BBQ Smoked Lamb Platter
Chicken Alfredo Platter$16.95
Jerk chicken or regular chicken. Sold complete.
Jerk Chicken Platter$15.05
comes with yellow rice and mixed greens
Curry chicken$14.95
comes with yellow rice and mixed greens
honey bbq chicken$14.95
comes with yellow rice and mixed greens
Tender pepper steak$21.05
Steak served with yellow rice greens


Macaroni and Cheese$5.95
Rice and Beans$4.95
Potato Salad$4.95
Side Salad$5.95
Spinach, mango strawberries and avocado.
Seafood Salad$8.05
Extra jumbo shrimp and yellow fin tuna.


Honey BBQ Lamb Sandwich$12.05
Colby Jack, spinach, tomato and honey BBQ sauce.
Honey Glazed Salmon Sandwich$12.10
crab cake sandwiches$17.45
seafood sandwich$18.05


Strawberry Cheesecake$5.95
Tropical Fruit Salad$4.45
Strawberry, blackberries and pineapple.
Banana Pudding$6.05
Strawberry Banana Pudding$6.95
Red velvet$4.80
Chocolate Fudge$4.55
Apple Pie$4.55
Oreo White Chocolate$5.05


salmon shrimp and rice$20.05
steak shrimp and rice$21.95
curry chicken shrimp and rice$17.95
daily specail$24.05
go to _fresh2go_ on IG to see todays special


chicken Alfredo$15.95
Jerk chicken alfredo$17.05
chicken and shrimp alfredo$22.05
jerk chicken and shrimp alfredo$22.95
seafood alfredo$39.55
salmon alfredo$20.05
shrimp alfredo$20.05
oxtail alfredo$22.05