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Fish Basket$5.95
Fish Nuggets Basket$9.45
Shrimp Basket$10.45
Oysters Basket$12.45
3 Piece Chicken Basket$6.45
Crawfish Basket$6.55

Po Boys

Fish Po Boy$8.05
Soft Shell Crab Po Boy$10.45
Shrimp Bites Po Boy$8.55
Shrimp Po Boy$9.70
Oysters Po Boy$10.45
Chicken with Cheese Po Boy$7.45
Crawfish Po Boy$8.70
Sausage Po Boy$8.70
Gator Po Boy$11.05
Tilapia Po Boy$8.80
Crawfish Po Boy$8.80
Snapper Po Boy$10.95
Mixed 2 Po Boy$12.55


3 Piece Fish Dinner$12.90
Whole Catfish Dinner$13.00
Snapper Dinner$13.90
12 Piece Shrimp Dinner$16.90
12 Piece Oysters Dinner$18.00

Combo Dinners

2 Piece Fish with 6 Piece Shrimp Combo Dinner$13.90
6 Piece Shrimp and 6 Piece Oysters Combo Dinner$16.90
Gator Combo Dinner$15.00
Gator Special Combo Dinner$14.00
Crawfish Combo Plate Dinner$11.90
Etouffee Plate with Crawfish Combo Dinner$15.45
1 Piece Fish, 3 Piece Shrimp and 3 Piece Oysters Combo Dinner$13.90
1 Piece Grilled Salmon and 4 Piece Shrimp Combo Dinner$12.90


Link Sandwich$5.55
Fish Sandwich$7.95
Chicken Sandwich$6.45

Sides and More

Corn on Cob$0.95
Red Beans and Rice$2.84
Potato Salad$2.94
Small Coleslaw$2.84
Fried Okra$2.95
Boudain Balls$6.05
4 piece per order.
Shrimp Bites$5.05
Cajun Bread$0.95
Fried Pickles$3.80

Family Dinners

10 Piece Fish Family Dinner$25.00
Includes 1 side (excludes balls, boudin, etouffee, bites).
Tackle Box Family Dinner$38.95
Includes 12 piece fish with 10 piece oysters or 10 piece shrimp, shrimp bites, 2 sides (red beans, potato salad) and toast.
6 Piece Fish Only Family Dinner$16.00


Kids Hamburger$5.05
Kids Cheeseburger$5.55
Ketchup and pickle only.
Kids 1 Piece Fish$4.95
Kids 1 Piece Chicken$4.45
Kids Po Boy Fish$5.55


Salmon with Salad$8.00
Salad with 1 Piece Fish$6.45
Salad with 6 Piece Shrimp$6.45