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Main Dishes

Chicken Schawarma Pita$12.45
Chicken Schawarma Laffa$17.20
Chicken Schawarma Plate$19.45
Falafel Pita$8.55
Falafel Laffa$14.55
Falafel Plate$17.95
Hot Dog Pita$9.55
Hot Dog Laffa$14.55
Hot Dog Plate$19.05
Teriyaki Chicken Pita$12.55
Teriyaki Chicken Laffa$17.30
Teriyaki Chicken Plate$19.55
Kufta Kebob Pita$13.04
Kufta Kebob Laffa$17.94
Kufta Kebob Plate$18.04
Schnitzel Pita$13.55
Schnitzel Laffa$18.20
Schnitzel Plate$20.55
Salad Pita$7.55
Salad Laffa$13.45
Salad Plate$16.95
Chicken Shish Kebob Pita$12.45
Chicken Shish Kebob Laffa$17.20
Chicken Shish Kebob Plate$19.45
Beef Shish Kebob Pita$15.30
Beef Shish Kebob Laffa$22.94
Beef Shish Kebob Plate$23.04
Zaidy's Spicy Nuggets Pita$13.45
Zaidy's Spicy Nuggets Laffa$18.20
Zaidy's Spicy Nuggets Plate$20.45
Sweet Sesame Nuggets Pita$13.45
Sweet Sesame Nuggets Plate$20.55
Grilled Chicken Breast Pita$13.45
Grilled Chicken Breast Laffa$18.20
Grilled Chicken Breast Plate$20.45
Chetzi-Chetzi Laffa$21.45
Chetzi-Chetzi Plate$21.55
Sesame laffa$18.20

Main Dishes Specials

Bubbie's Hot Shredded Brisket Pita$15.20
Bubbie's Hot Shredded Brisket Laffa$23.04
Bubbie's Hot Shredded Brisket Plate$22.94
Lamb Schawarma Pita$16.20
Lamb Schawarma Laffa$24.04
Lamb Schawarma Plate$24.04


Zaidy's Spicy Chicken Nuggets
Home made spicy chicken nuggets.
Sesame Chicken Nuggets
Classic home made nuggets in sweet sesame sauce.
Hamburger Special$14.95
Beef burger with fries and a can of soda.
Hot Dog Special$12.55
2 hot dogs with fries and a can of soda.
Laffa Dog$5.45
Hot dog wrapped in a laffa bread and dipped in schnitzel batter.
Mount Hermon Salad$17.45
24 oz. bowl with choice of any salad and meat.

Side Dishes

Hummus and a Pita
Hummus and a Laffa
Chicken Wings
House Cut French Fries
Salad by the Pound
Chicken Soup$6.45
Lentil Soup$6.45
Hot Dog on a Bun$3.55
Cholent and Kiggle$8.55
Piece of Kiggle$5.55
3 falafel ballz$3.45

Chanukah Specials