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A11. Egg Roll$1.55
2 pieces.
A12. Fried Wonton$2.90
6 pieces.
A13. Fried Cheese Wonton$3.90
6 pieces.
A14. Steamed Dumpling$4.00
6 pieces.
A15. Pot Sticker$4.00
6 pieces.


S16. Canh Thit Cua Bong Bong Ca
Crabmeat with fish belly soup.
S17. Canh Do Bien Bong Bong Ca
Seafood with fish belly soup.
S18. Sup Man Cua
Crabmeat with asparagus.
S19. Canh Bap Thit Cua
Crabmeat corn soup.
S20. Canh Do Bien Dau Hu
Seafood bean curd soup.
S21. Canh Do Bien Chua Ngot
Seafood hot and sour soup.
S22. Canh Cai Xa Lach Thit Heo Soi
Water crest with shredded pork soup.
S23. Canh Bo Thoi Dau Hu
Spinach bean curd soup.
S24. Sup Thit Bo Bam
Minced beef soup.
S25. Canh Bap Thit Ga
Chicken corn soup.
S26. Seaweed Bean Curd with Pork Soup

Mi Va Hu Tieu

D27. Mi Tom Tuoi Hoanh Thanh$5.20
Fresh shrimp wonton noodle soup.
D28. Hoanh Thanh$5.20
Fresh shrimp wonton soup.
D29. Mi Xa Xiu$6.00
Bbq pork noodle soup.
D30. Mi Xa Xiu Hoanh Thanh$6.30
Bbq pork and wonton noodle soup.
D31. Mi Vit Quay$6.20
Roast duck noodle soup.
D32. Mi Vit Quay Hoanh Thanh$6.20
Roast duck and wonton noodle soup.
D33. Mi Bo Kho$5.90
Home made beef stew noodle.
D34. Mi Bo Kho Hoanh Thanh$6.20
Beef stew and wonton noodle soup.
D35. Mi Xa Xiu Vit Quay$6.45
Bbq pork and roast duck noodle soup.
D36. Mi Xa Xiu Ga$6.45
Bbq pork and marinated chicken noodle soup.
D37. Mi Ga Vit Quay$6.55
Roast duck and marinated chicken noodle soup.
D38. Mi Dau Hao$6.45
Noodle with oyster sauce.


R56. Com Vit Xa Xiu$6.55
Bbq pork and roast duck on rice.
R57. Com Ga Xa Xiu$6.45
Bbq pork and marinated chicken on rice.
R58. Com Ga Vit Quay$6.45
Roast duck and marinated chicken on rice.
R59. Com Ga Quay$5.90
Marinated chicken on rice.
R60. Com Vit Quay$6.30
Roast duck on rice.
R61. Com Xa Xiu$5.90
Bbq pork on rice.
R62. Com Heo Quay$6.20
Roast pork on rice.
R63. Com Tam Bao$7.00
Bbq pork, chicken and duck on rice.
R64. Com Trung Xa Xiu$6.30
Bbq pork and egg over steamed rice.
R65. Com Trang Trung Voi Thit Bo$6.45
Beef with egg sauce on rice.
R66. Com Trang Tom Voi Trung$6.45
Shrimp with egg sauce on rice.
R67. Com Trang Thap Cam$7.55
Combination on rice.
R68. Com Trang Thit Bo Kho$6.55
Beef stew and tendon on rice.
R69. Com Trang Thit Bo Kho Ca Ri$6.45
Spicy. Curry beef stew and tendon on rice.
R70. Bap Non/Tau Xi/Nuo Sot Cay Va Ca Chien Trang Com$6.45
Fish filet on rice (black bean sauce, corn sauce or spicy sauce).

Fried Rice

R71. Vegetable Fried Rice$7.00
R72. BBQ Pork Fried Rice$7.55
R73. Chicken Fried Rice$7.55
R74. Beef Fried Rice$7.55
R75. Shrimp Fried Rice$8.00
R76. Com Chien Do Bien$7.90
Seafood fried rice.
R77. Com Chien Thit Ga Ca Man$7.90
Chicken and cubed salted-fish fried rice.
R78. Com Chien Duong Chau$8.00
Young chow fried rice (shrimp and bbq pork).
R79. Com Chien Thap Cam$7.90
Combination fried rice.

Mi Xao Don & Hu Tieu

N80. Mi Xao Don Do Bien & Hu Tieu$9.00
Seafood chow mein or flat noodles.
N81. Mi Xao Don Thap Cam & Hu Tieu$9.00
Combination chow mein or flat noodles.
N82. Mi Xao Don Tom & Hu Tieu$8.55
Shrimp chow mein or flat noodles.
N83. Mi Xao Don Thit Heo$7.90
Xa xiu or hu tien. Shredded pork chow mein or flat noodles.
N84. Mi Xao Do Chay & Hu Tieu$7.90
Vegetable chow mein or flat noodles.
N85. Mi Xao Don Thit Bo & Ga$8.00
Beef or chicken chow mein.
N86. Mi Xao Thap Cam$8.00
Stir-fried egg noodles with shrimp, chicken and bbq pork.
N87. Mi Xao Xi Dau$7.45
Chow mein with soy sauce.
N88. Hu Tieu Kho Xao Do Bien$8.90
Dry stir-fried flat noodles with seafood.
N89. Hu Tieu Thit Bo & Ga Xao Kho$8.00
Dry stir-fried flat noodles with beef or chicken.
N90. Hu Tieu Xao Thit Bo & Ga Gai Ngot$7.90
Beef or chicken flat noodles with gravy.
N91. Hu Tieu Thit Bo & Ga Xao Tau-Xi$8.00
Beef or chicken flat noodles with black bean sauce.
N92. Hu Tieu Thit Bo & Ga Xao Sa-Te$7.90
Spicy. Beef or chicken flat noodles with sate sauce.
N93. Hu Tieu Chay Xao Tuong Xo$7.45
Spicy. Dry stir-fried rice flat noodles with xo sauce.
N94. Bun Xao Quang Chau$7.90
Canton style rice noodles.
N95. Bun Tau Xao Ca-Ri$7.90
Spicy. Singapore style rice noodles.
N96. Bun Tau Xao Tuong Ma Lay$8.00
Spicy. Rice noodles with Malaysia sauce.
N97. Tom Ga Xa Xiu Xao Bun Gạo$8.00
Stir-fried rice noodles with shrimp, chicken and bbq pork.
N98. Hu Tieu Xao Ca-Ri$7.90
Spicy. House special flat noodles with curry sauce.
N99. Bun Udon Xao Tieu Den Thit Bo$9.00
Spicy. Beef with black pepper udon noodles.
N100. Bun Kho Udon Xao Do Bien$8.90
Dry stir-fried seafood udon noodles.

Lo Mein

L101. Lo Mein Hanh Gung$7.00
Lo mein with ginger and green onion.
L102. Vegetable Lo Mein$7.20
L103. BBQ Pork Lo Mein$7.55
L104. Chicken Lo Mein$7.45
L105. Beef Lo Mein$7.55
L106. Shrimp Lo Mein$8.00
L107. Combination Lo Mein$8.45

Do Quay

B40. Vit Quay$10.95
Delicious roast duck.
B41. Ga Xi Dau$7.45
Marinated chicken.
B42. Xa Xiu Va Vit Quay$8.90
Barbecue pork and roast duck.
B43. Xa Xiu Va Ga Xi Dau$9.00
Barbecue pork and marinated chicken.
B44. Ga Va Vit Quay$9.00
Roast duck and marinated chicken.
B45. Xa Xiu$11.10
Barbecue pork.
B46. Heo Quay$8.45
Roast pork.
B47. Gan Va Bao Tu Bo$9.20
Marinated beef tendon and stomach.
B48. Long Heo Bo Thap Cam$6.90
Marinated combination specials.
B49. 2 Combination$8.90
B50. 3 Loai$13.00
3 combination.
B51. 4 Loai$15.00
4 combination.


B108. Thit Bo Nuong Vi$10.00
Spicy. Beef fillet on sizzling plate.
B109. Thit Bo Kieu Tau$9.90
Oriental beef fillet.
B110. Orange Beef$9.90
B112. Thit Bo Sa-Te$8.90
Spicy. Beef in sate sauce.
B112. Thit Bo Sa-Te$9.00
Spicy. Beef in sate sauce.
B113. Thit Bo Xao Cai Lan$9.00
Beef with Chinese broccoli.
B114. Thit Bo Xao Cai Ngot$8.90
Beef with seasonal vegetables.
B115. Thit Bo Xao Nam Dong Co Va Nam Meo$9.00
Beef with double mushroom.
B116. Thit Bo Xao Cai Chua$9.00
Beef with Chinese pickle.
B118. Kho Qus Thit Bo$8.90
Beef with bitter melon.
B119. String Bean with Beef$9.00


P126. Thit Suon Heo Xo Sot$8.55
Spicy. Pork chop with xo sauce.
P127. Thit Suon Heo Toi Hanh Va Tieu$8.55
Pork chop with garlic green onion and black pepper.
P128. Thit Suon Heo Kieu Tau$8.45
Peking style pork chop.
P129. Thit Suon Heo Ram Muoi Tieu$8.55
Salty deep-fried pork chop.
P131. Suon Xao Vo Cam$8.55
Baked pork chop with orange sauce.

Ga & Vit

C133. Ga Quay Chien Don$8.00
Golden crispy brown chicken.
C134. Vit Tism Thap Cam$13.00
Braised duck with assorted meat and vegetable.
C135. Vit Tism Rau Chay$11.00
Braised duck with assorted vegetables.
C136. Chim Cut Muoi Tien$13.00
Crispy salty quail.
C137. Ga Xao Xa$8.00
Chicken with lemongrass.

Va Cai Tuoi

V162. Dau Hu Chien Don$9.00
Crispy bean curd stuffed with shrimp.
V163. Dau Hu Tau Xì Nuong Vì$8.55
Bean curd on a sizzling plate.
V164. Dau Hu Don$7.90
Crispy bean curd.
V165. Dau Hu Chung Don Thit Tom$8.00
Steam bean curd stuffed with shrimp.
V166. Dau Hu Xao Do Chay$7.90
Braised bean curd with vegetables.
V167. Dau Hu Xao Tuong Cay$7.45
Spicy. White bean curd with spicy sauce.
V168. Vegetarian with Bamboo Fungus$7.90
V169. Ca Tim Voi Nuoc Sot Chua Cay$7.90
Spicy. Eggplant with garlic sauce.
V170. Xao Rau Cai Lun Dau Huo & Cai Ngot$7.55
Season vegetables with oyster sauce.
V171. Xao Cai Ngot & Cai Lan$7.45
Stir-fried with seasonal vegetables.
V172. Nau Dong Co Lau Cai Be Lanh$8.00
Braised vegetable with mushroom.
V173. Stir Fried & Garlic Sauce Snow Pea Leaves$9.90

Do Bien

S179. Ca Tuset Chien Don Xi Dau$15.00
Fried black cod.
S180. Ca Tuyet Chung Tau Xi$14.90
Steam black cod with black bean sauce.
S182. Ca Kho Xa$8.45
Catfish with lemongrass.
S183. Hai Sam Bao Ngu$16.00
Sea cucumber with abalone.
S184. Hai Sam Xao Dau Hao$11.90
Braised sea cucumber in oyster sauce.
S185. Scallop & Nam Chien Voi Sot Dau Hao$11.90
Deep-fried scallop and mushroom with brown sauce.
S186. Tau Xi Nuong Vi$11.90
Black bean sauce with scallop in a sizzling plate.
S188. Hao Xao Sot Xo$12.00
Spicy. Oyster with xo sauce.
S189. Hao Xao Hanh Gung Nuong Vi$11.90
Oyster with ginger and green onion in a sizzling plate.
S190. Hao Xao Tau Xi Nuong Vi$11.90
Oyster with black bean sauce in a sizzling plate.
S191. Tom Chien Cheese Khong Vo$10.90
Shrimp with cheese (no shell).
S192. Tom Ram Muoi Tieu$10.55
Spicy. Shrimp in shell with spicy salt.
S193. Tom Chien Trang Nuoc Sot Toi Xi Dau$10.45
Shrimp (with shell and head) with special garlic soy sauce.
S194. Tom Rim Ca Chua Cay$10.45
Spicy. Shrimp with spicy sauce.
S195. Tom Rim Nuoc Sot Mayonnaise$10.55
Shrimp with mayonnaise sauce.
S196. Tom Lon Hap Toi$10.45
Shrimp in shell steamed with garlic.
S197. Muc Tuoi Xao Kung Pao Sot$8.90
Spicy. Fresh squid with kung pao sauce.
S198. Muc Xao$8.90
Sauteed fresh squids.
S199. Muc Xao Muoi Tieu$8.90
Crispy salty squids.
S200. Muc Tuoi Xa Tau Xi$9.00
Spicy. Fresh squid with black bean sauce.
S201. Muc Tuoi Xao Cai Chua$8.90
Chinese pickled with fresh squid.
S202. Do Bien Thap Cam Xao Muoi Ngot$12.00
Fried assorted seafood with spiced salt.
S203. Do Bien Xao Cai Chun$11.90
Chinese pickled with seafood.
S204. Trai Vai Lao Tom$12.00
Shrimp with lychee.
S206. Fish Fillet with Vegetable$9.00

Lau Tay Cam

H149. Ca Tuyet Tay Cam$15.00
Black cod with bean curd hot pot.
H150. Hao Tuoi Hanh Gung Dau Hu Tay Cam$13.00
Oyster with green onion and ginger hot pot.
H151. De Tay Cam$11.90
Lamb hot pot.
H152. Dau Hu Do Bieu Tay Cam$11.00
Seafood hot pot with bean curd.
H153. Thap Cam Dau Hu Tay Cam$11.00
Assorted meat and vegetable hot pot.
H154. Bo Kho Tay Cam$9.00
Braised beef brisket hot pot.
H155. Ca Ri Bo Kho Tay Cam$8.90
Curry beef brisket hot pot.
H156. Ca Man Thit Ga Dau Hu Tay Cam$8.55
Chicken with bean curd salted fish hot pot.
H157. Thit Heo Quay, Dau Hu Tay Cam$8.45
Roast pork tofu hot pot.
H158. Ga Ca Tim Tay Cam$8.45
Chicken and eggplant hot pot.
H159. Ga Lan Tay Cam$8.55
Chicken hot pot.
H160. Chicken, Eggplant, Salted Fish Hot Pot$8.90
H161. Bun Tau, Cai Thap Cam Tay Cam$8.00
Mixed vegetable hot pot.


F207. Lau Canh Chua Ca$13.90
Vietnamese style fish firepot.
F208. Lau Canh Chua Tom$15.90
Vietnamese style shrimp firepot.
F209. Lau Canh Chua Do Bie$16.00
Vietnamese style seafood firepot.
F210. Lau Do$17.00
Lamb firepot.
F211. Lau Do Bien$15.90
Seafood firepot.
F212. Lau Thap Cam$16.00
Combination firepot.
F213. Thai Style Seafood Fire Pot$16.00


Mix Vegetable$7.55
Sweet & Sour Chicken$8.00
Chicken Broccoli$7.90
Chicken with Vegetable$8.00
Chicken with Garlic Sauce$8.00
Kung Pao Chicken$8.00
Moo Goo Gai Pin$7.90
Cashew Chicken$8.00
Szechuan Chicken$7.90
Hunan Chicken$8.00
Lemon Chicken$8.45
Sesame Chicken$8.45
Orange Chicken$8.55
Sweet & Sour Pork$8.45
Twice Cook Pork$8.55
Pepper Beef$8.90
Szechuan Beef$8.90
Hunan Beef$9.00
Kung Pao Beef$9.00
Beef with Vegetable$8.90
Mongolian Beef$9.00
Hunan Beef & Chicken$9.90
Shrimp Broccoli$10.45
Shrimp with Vegetable$10.55
Shrimp with Garlic Sauce$10.55
Kung Pao Shrimp$10.45
Cashew Shrimp$10.45
Shrimp with Lobster Sauce$10.45
Szechuan Shrimp$10.55
Hunan Shrimp$10.45
Happy Family$10.55
Combination with Curry Sauce$10.45
Seafood Combination$10.45

Giai Khat

DK32. Nuoc Ngot$1.70
Soft drinks.
DK33. Sua Dau Nanh$1.70
Soybean milk.
DK34. Cam Vat$2.45
Fresh orange juice.
DK35. Ca-Phe Phin$2.55
Ice french coffee with condense milk.
DK36. Hot Coffee$2.55
DK37. Tra Nong$1.20
Hot tea.
DK38. Iced Tea$1.55
Tra lanh.