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Mustache Series | Brewed Tea Series | Milk Tea Series | Creative Mix Series | Fresh Milk Series | Coffee Series | Toppings $0.50 Each | Gong Cha

Mustache Series

Milk Foam Green Tea
Milk Foam Black Tea
Milk Foam Oolong Tea
Milk Foam Earl Grey Tea
Milk Foam Watermelon

Brewed Tea Series

Green Tea
Black Tea
Oolong Tea
Wintermelon Tea
Wintermelon Oolong Tea
Earl Grey Tea

Milk Tea Series

Earl Grey Milk Tea With 3J's$3.70
pearl, pudding, herbal jelly. cold only.
Pearl Milk Tea$2.95
Milk Tea With Herbal Jelly$3.80
cold only.
Milk Tea With Pudding$3.70
cold only.
Oolong Milk Tea$3.05
Caramel Milk Tea$2.95

Creative Mix Series

Lemon Ai-Yu$3.20
with white pearl. cold only.
Lemon Wintermelon$3.55
with basil seeds. cold only.
QQ Passionfruit Green Tea$3.70
pearl and coconut jelly
Mango Green Tea$3.45
Lychee Oolong Tea$3.45
Honey Green Tea$3.55
cold only.
Chocolate Drink$3.30
Taro Drink$3.45
Roselle Drink$3.55
with basil seeds. cold only.
Green Tea Yakult$3.80

Fresh Milk Series

Pearl Fresh Milk Tea$3.20
with fresh milk
Fresh Milk
with herbal jelly. cold only.
Earl Grey Fresh Milk Tea

Coffee Series

Milk Coffee$3.80
Milk Foam Black Coffee$4.05

Toppings $0.50 Each

Milk Foam
White Pearl
cold only.
Coconut Jelly
cold only.
Herbal Jelly
cold only.
Ai-Yu Jelly
cold only.
Basil Seeds
cold only.

Gong Cha

Milk Foam Green Tea
Earl Grey Milk Tea
with 3j's
Lemon Wintermelon
with basil seeds
QQ Passion Fruit Green Tea
pearl and coconut jelly
Pearl Milk Tea
Lychee Oolong Tea
Fresh Milk
with herbal jelly
Milk Foam Black Coffee
Lemon Ai-Yi
with white pearl
Caramel Milk Tea