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Thali Special

Vegetarian Appetizers

Vegetable Pakora$6.00
Deep fried pieces of fresh and garden vegetables, coated with chick pea batter.
6 Pieces Paneer Pakora$8.04
Home made cheese with Indian spices and chick pea batter.
2 Pieces Vegetable Samosa$6.04
2 deep fried triangular shape pastry stuffed with mildly spiced potatoes, green peas and garden herbs.
Gobi Manchurian$8.04
Cauliflower fritters fried and cooked in mildly tomato sauce.
Chili Gobi$8.04
Cauliflower fritters sauteed in chilli sauce.

Non Vegetarian Appetizers

Chilli Chicken$8.04
Fried boneless chicken sauted in chilli sauce and flavored with bell pepper and onion.
Chicken Manchurian$8.04
Fried boneless chicken sauted in Indo-Chinese sauce.
Chicken Tikka Kabab$12.04
Boneless chicken breast skewed and grilled in oven and flavored with spices.
Chicken Malai Kabab$12.94
Boneless white chicken flavored with spices, cream herbs, skewed and grilled in oven.
Tandoori Chicken$11.94
Marinated in the assorted spice and yogurt for 48 hours and cooked slowly in oven.
Lamb Seekh Kabab$13.94
Ground lamb, ginger, garlic, salt and add some Indiana spices cooked in oven.
Chicken Pakora$9.04
deep fried chicken marinated and lightly coated with spices

Main Vegetarian Course

Paneer Makhani$14.94
Cheese cooked in tomato sauce, ginger and garlic.
Paneer Tikka Masala$14.94
Cheese cubes cooked in onion base sauce and Indian herbs and cream.
Spinach Paneer$15.04
Palak paneer. Cooked spinach with cream and cheese cubes.
Navrattan Korma$14.04
Mixed vegetables cooked with mild creamy sauce flavored with nut and spices.
Channa Masala$10.94
Garbanzo beans cooked with onion and tomato sauce and flavored with spices.
Paneer Bhurji$15.94
Homemade fresh cheese cooked with peas and tomatoes.
Baingan Bharta$11.94
Smoked eggplant cooked over an flame poured and stuffed with fresh onions and tomatoes.
Dal Makhani$10.94
Whole mixed lentils cooked with onion and tomatoes and flavored with spices, butter and cream.
Yelllow dal Tadka$11.04
Yellow lentils, onion and tomatoes cooked with spices.
Malai Kofta$13.94
Cottage cheese and vegetable mix dumplings in a rich creamy tomato based sauce.
Mushroom Mutter$13.04
Peas. Mushrooms and peas cooked with Indian herbs.
Aloo Gobi$11.94
Potatoes and cauliflower sauted with spicy tomato sauce.
Spinach Mustard Greens$12.94
Sarson da saag. Mustard leaves, spinach and assorted greens slowly cooked with herbs and spices.
Shahi paneer$15.94
Homemade cheese cooked with almond nuts in a cready sauce
Aloo Muttar$10.94
indian style vegan item made with potatoes and peas with indian herbs

Main Chicken Course

Cream Chicken$15.94
Mild chicken in white curry cooked with cashew nut powder, spice and herb.
Butter Chicken$15.04
Boneless chicken grilled in oven and cooked with tomato sauce and flavored with butter and spices.
Chicken Tikka Masala$15.04
Boneless grilled chicken cooked in tomato and onion sauce and flavored with cream and spices.
Chicken Saag$14.04
Boneless chicken cooked with spinach.
Chicken Korma$14.94
Boneless chicken cooked with creamy butter sauce made with nuts and cashew paste.
Kadai Chicken$14.04
Chicken cooked with onion, tomatoes, bell peppers and flavored with spices.
Chicken Curry$13.94
Boneless chicken cooked with fresh ginger, garlic, onion and tomato sauce.
Chicken Vindaloo$15.04
Authentic boneless chicken dish cooked with vinegar and potatoes, can be mild medium or spicy.
Coconut Chicken$13.94
Chicken cooked with coconut and Indian herbs.

Taste of Lamb and Goat

Goat Curry$16.94
Goat meat cooked with spices.9
Goat Kadhai$14.94
Goat meat, bell peppers, onion and spices.
Spinach Lamb$17.04
Lamb cooked with spinach and Indian spices.
Lamb Curry$17.04
Boneless lamb with spices.
Lamb Korma$17.04
Boneless lamb cooked with spices, cream and cashew nut.
Lamb Kadhai$16.94
Lamb cooked with bell pepper, onions and Indian spices.
Lamb Vindaloo$17.04
Lamb cooked with vinegar and potatoes can be mild medium or spicy.

Rich Taste of Indian Style Eggs

Scrambled Egg Bhurji$6.00
Egg mixed with onion and tomato and Indian spices.
Egg Curry$11.04
Boiled eggs cooked in classic onion and tomato sauce.

Biryani and Rice

Chicken Biryani$13.94
Lamb Biryani$15.04
Vegetable Biryani$12.94
Mutters (Peas) and Jeera Rice$1.54

Indian Bread

India Hut Plain Naan$2.54
Plain Indian style bred to eat with food.
Chili Naan$3.94
Spicy Indian style bread to eat with food.
India Hut Butter Naan$3.04
Bread baked in oven and flavored with butter.
Garlic Naan$3.94
Bread baked in oven and flavored with fresh garlic.
Onion Kulcha$3.94
Bread baked in oven and stuffed with onion and spices.
Aloo Kulcha$3.94
Delicious bread stuffed with potatoes mixture.
India Mix Onion Paneer Aloo Kulcha$4.44
Bread baked in oven stuffed with onion, paneer and potatoes mixture.
Chicken Naan$4.04
Bread baked in oven stuffed with cooked ground chicken meat.
Cheese Naan$4.04
Breado baked in the oven stuffed with cheese


Plain Raita$1.94
Yogurt. Fresh homemade yogurt.
Tomato Cucumber Raita$3.04
Yogurt mixed with tomato, cucumber and Indian herbs.
Jeera Raita$2.70
Cumin seeds. Delicious yogurt with cumin seeds.




Kheer (rice pudding)$3.94
Gulab jaman$3.94


Mango Lassi$4.04
Sweet yogurt drink mixed with mango
Salty lassi$2.94
Salty yogurt drink
Masala hot tea$1.90
Hot Indian tea with spices and milk
Diet Coke$2.04
Sweet Green Teat$1.94
Unsweetened Tea$2.04
Dr. Pepper$1.94