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Appetizers - Trang Mieng

101. Spring Roll (4)$4.20
cha gio
101 A. Fried Shrimp Sticks (4)$4.55
cha ram tom
102. Salad Roll (2)$4.20
goi cuon
103. Pot - Sticker (6)$5.90
banh xep
104. Fried Shrimp (5)$5.45
tom chien
105. B. B. Q Pork$5.45
xa xiu
106. Chicken Salad$7.45
goi ga
107. Appetizer Supreme$8.55
spring roll (2), fried shrimp (4), b.b.q. pork
108. Fried Crab Puff$5.45
hoanh thinh chien
109. Jelly Fish$8.55
goi sua gio thu
110. Pepper Salted Soft Shell Crab$12.00
cua lot rang mudi
111. Home Style Chicken Feet$9.00
chan ga dam toi
112. Fried Fish Cake$6.55
cha ca chien
113. Soy Sauce Pork Intestine Mix$8.90
pha lau long heo
114. Special Bean Curd Skin Wrapped$9.00
with shrimp. dau hu ky chien tom
115. Fried Stuff Crab Legs$4.05
cang cua bach hoa

Soup - Canh

201. Hot And Sour Soup$3.00
canh chua bac phudng
202. Wonton Soup$2.90
soup hoanh thanh
203. Asparagus Seafood Soup$8.00
soup mang cua do bien
204. Seafood Sizzling Rice Soup$8.00
canh do bien com chay
205. Seafood Tofu Soup$7.90
canh do blen dau hu
206. Thai Style Tom Yum Seafood Hot And Sour Soup$17.00
canh chua thai do bien
207. Vietnamese Hot And Sour Soup$11.90
fish or shrimp canh chua ca tom
208. Seafood & Fish Maw Soup$11.55
soup do bien bong bong ca
209. Crab Meat Shark Fin Soup$13.00
soup vi ca thit cur
210. Crab Meat$13.00
with fish maw soup. soup bong bong ca thu cue
211. Clams$11.00
with mustard green soup canh cali xanh nghieu deu hu
121. West Lake Beef Soup$11.00
soup thit bo tay ho
213. Seafood Hot Pot$26.95
lau thap cam

Pork - Heo

401. Moo Shu Pork$9.00
bo-bia bac phuong
401. Moo Shu Pork$0.15
with 4 pancakes extra pancakes at
402. Spicy Pork Sparerib$8.90
suon heo xeo tuong ngo vj
403. Sweet & Sour Pork$8.90
heo xeo chua ngot
404. Minced Pork$10.45
with lettuce cup thit heo voi cai xa lach
405. Shredded Pork In Spicy Garlic Sauce*$8.90
thit heo xao tuting toi
406. Peking Style Pork Chop$9.90
thit heo chien don
406 A. Pepper Salted Pork Chop$9.90
thit heo rang muoi
406 B. Hong Kong Style Pork Spareribs$9.55
thit heo rang toi
406 C. Pan Fried Spareribs$8.90
with sweet and sour sauce, suon heo chua ngot
406 D. Lemongrass Pork Chops$8.90
suon nuong xa

Seafood - Do Bien

301. Pepper Salted Squid*$10.00
crispy squids sauteed with garlic, pepper and onions muc rang muoi
302. Kung Pao Shrimp*$9.90
tom cung bao
303. Sesame Shrimp*$9.90
tom xao mo trang
304. Shrimp In Spicy Garlic Sauce*$10.00
tom xao tuong toi
305. Curry Shrimp*$10.00
tom can
306. Mustard Greens$9.90
with squid or beef cai chua xao muc hoac bo
307. Pepper Salted Fish*$11.00
ca rang muoi
308. Broccoli Shrimp$10.00
tom xac bong cai xanh
309. Shrimp$10.00
with assorted vegetables, tom xao cai thao cam
310. Mushroom Shrimp$10.00
tom xao nam
311. Sugar Peas Shrimp$10.00
tom xao dau hos lan
312. Shrimp$10.00
with black bean and garlic sauc tom xao dou xi den
313. Sweet And Sour Shrimp Or Fish$10.00
tom chian chua ngot hoac ga
314. Seafood Combination$10.00
do bien thep cam
315. Pepper Salted Shrimp*$10.00
tom rang muoi with shell or without shell
316. Honey Walnut Shrimp$11.00
tom hat deo
317. String Bean Shrimp$9.90
deu ve xao tom
318. Squid In Shrimp Sauce$10.00
muc xao mam rudi
319. Jade Tofu With Seafood$12.55
do bien dou ho chien don
320. Fish And Chinese Green$10.90
cai xao ca
321. Shrimp In Lobster Sauce$10.90
tom xao sot trang
322. Shrimp$11.00
with maggi sauce tom rang maggi
323. Clams Stirred$11.55
with fresh basil, nghilu xao rau que
324. Fried Oysters$11.55
hao chien don
325. Seafood Bird Nest$18.90
o chim do bien
326. Hong Kong Style Crab
cua rang toi hong kong cay

Beef - Bo

407. Mongolian Beef*$9.45
bo mong co
408. Sesame Beef*$8.90
bo xao mi trang
409. Broccoli Beef$8.90
bo xao bong cal xanh
410. Beef$9.00
with black bean and garlic sauce bo xao deu xi den
411. Szechwan Beef*$8.90
bo tu xuyen
412. Ginger Beef$8.90
bo xao gung
413. String Bean Beef$9.00
bo xao dau ve
413. A Peppers Salted Beef Spareribs$12.00
suon bo rang mudi
413 B. Black Pepper Beef Cubes$12.00
bo luc lac
413 C. Pineapple Beef$9.45
bo xao thom

Noodles & Rice - Mi Va Com

601. House Special Chow Mein$9.00
fried noodle soft or crispy mi xao thap cam
602. Shrimp Chow Mein$9.00
mi xao tom
603. Seafood Chow Mein$8.90
mi xao do mien
604. Chow Mein$8.55
your chunky of chicken, pork or beef and vegetables mi xai mam hoac don bo, heo, ga, cai
605. House Special Chow Fun$9.00
pan fried rice stick hu tieu xao thap cam
606. Shrimp Chow Fun$9.00
hu tieu xao tom
607. Seafood Chow Fun$9.00
hu tieu xao do bien
608. Chow Fun$8.45
your choice of chicken, pork, or beef hu tieu xao bo, heo, ga, cai
609. Beef Chow Fun$9.00
with soy sauce dry pho ap chao xao bo
610. Beef Chow Fun$9.00
with black bean sauce hu tieu xao dau xi den
611. House Special Fried Rice$8.30
com chien thep cam
612. Shrimp Fried Rice$8.55
com chien tom
613. Seafood Fried Rice$8.45
com chien do bien
614. Fried Rice$8.00
your choice of chicken, beef or pork com chien bo, heo, ga hoac cai
615. Young Chow Fried Rice$8.45
b. b. q pork and shrimp com chien duong chilu
616. Chicken, Salted Fish Fried Rice$9.00
com chien ga, ca man
617. Rice Noodle, Singapore Style$8.90
bon xao ca fii
618. Hong Kong Style Beef Stew Chow Fun$9.55
hu tieu xao bio kho hongkong style
619. Pad Thai
rice noodle stirred fried with egg, bean sprouts, green onions and peanuts
619. Pad Thai$9.00
chicken, beef, pork, tofu
619. Pad Thai$9.30
620. H. K. Style Chow Mein$9.00
choice of beef, chicken or pork with veg cac loai mi xao hong kong
621. Hong Kong Style Seafood Chow Mein$9.20
mi xao do mien hong kong
622. House Special Hong Kong Style Chow Mein$9.20
mi xao thao cam hong kong
623. Beef$9.20
with chinese broccoli chow fun cai lan thjt bo xeo hu tieu
624. Dried Scallop Fried Rice$11.90
com chien bien mai kho
625. Pineapple Fried Rice$8.90
com chien thom
626. Chinese Sausage Fried Rice$8.90
com chien lao xuong

Traditional Noodle Soup

702. Egg Noodle$7.00
with cornish hen, shrimp, biscuit, b.b.q. pork mi lacey
703. Combination Egg Noodle Or Rice Noodle$6.30
mi hay hu tieu thao cam
704. Seafood Egg Noodle Or Rice Noodle$6.20
mi hay hu tieu do bien
705. Duck Egg Noodle Or Rice Noodle$6.20
mi hay tieu vit
706. Chicken Egg Noodle Or Rice Noodle$6.20
mi hay hu tofu ga
707. Shrimp Egg Noodle Or Rice Noodle$6.20
mi hay hu tieu tom
708. B. B. Q. Pork Egg Noodle$6.20
with oyster sauce mi xa xiu dau hao
709. B. B. Q Pork Egg Noodle Or Rice Noodle$6.20
mi hay hu tieu xa xiu
710. Wonton Egg Noodle Or Rice Noodle$6.20
mi hay hu tieu hoarh thanh
711. Fish Ball Egg Noodle Or Rice Noodle$6.20
mi hay hu tifu ca vien
712. Sate Beef Egg Noodle Or Rice Noodle$6.90
mi hay hu tifu sa te
713. Seafood Transparent Noodle$6.45
hu tieu dai nam vang
714. Fish Ball And Beef Ball Egg Noodle Or Rice Noodle$6.20
mi hay hu tifu ca vien, bo vian
715. Vegetable Noodle$6.20
mi rau cai
716. Hong Kong Style Beef Stewed Noodle$6.70
hongkong style bo kho

Beef Noodle Soup - Pho

1. Pho Dac Biet$7.00
special combination noodles, sliced of eye round, flank, brisket, shredded tripe, tenden and meatballs
2. Pho Tai Nam, Gau, Gan$6.55
noodles, slices or eye round, flank, brisket and tendon
3. Pho Tai Nam$6.45
noodles, slices of eye round, and flank
4. Pho Tai Nam Gau$6.45
noodles, slices of eye round, flank and brisket
5. Pho Tai Gan$6.55
noodles, slices of eye round, and tendon
6. Pho Tai Sach$6.55
noodles, slices of eye round, and shredded tripe
7. Pho Tai$6.45
noodles and slices of eye round
8. Pho Bo Vien$6.55
noodles and meatballs
9. Pho Chin$6.55
noodles and lean brisket
10. Banh Pho$5.90
noodles and beef broth
11. Pho Bo Kho$6.55
beef stewed with rice noodles
12. Banh Mi Bo Kho$6.45
beef stewed served with french bread

Rice Dish - Com Tam

13. Com Tam Bi Cha$6.00
baked egg and shredded pork with steamed rice
14. Com Tam Bi Cha Suon Nuong$6.90
pork chop, baked egg and shredded pork with steamed rice
15. Com Suon Nuong$7.00
rice and pork, side of house sauce
16. Com Tom Thit Nuong$6.90
rice, pork and shrimp, side of house sauce
17. Com Tom Thit Nuong Bi Cha$7.90
shrimp charbroiled pork, baked egg and shredded pork with steamed rice
18.Com Ga Roti$8.90
comiah han with rice
19. Com Tam Tau Huky$8.20
broken rice with bean curd skin with shrimp
20. Com Tam Dac Biet$9.00
special broken rice
21. Banh Canh Tom Thit$6.45
pork, shrimp with thick rice noodle soup
22. Banh Canh Gio Heo$6.55
pork, pork hock with thick rice nodle soup

Vermicelli - Bun

41. Bun Bo Hue*$6.45
spicy noodle soup beef shanks, pack hock, spicy beet broth
42. Bun Rieu$6.55
crabmeat noodle soup, vermicelli noodles, chunks of crabmeat, and light tomato meat broth
43. Bun Cha Gio$6.45
egg rolls with vermicelli and vegetables
44. Bun Thit Nuong$6.55
charbroiled pork vermicelli and vegetables
45. Bun Thit Nuong, Cha Gio$6.90
charbroiled pork and egg rolls with vermicelli and vegetables
46. Bun Tom Thit Nuong$7.00
shrimp and pork with vermicelli and vegetables
47. Bun Tau Hu Ky$7.00
special bean curd skin with shrimp vermicelli
48. Bun Nem Nuong$6.90
charbroiled meatball with vermicelli
49. Bun Chao Tom$7.00
shrimp paste with vermicelli
50. Bun Dau Hu$6.45
tofu with vegetables and vermicelli

Congee - Chau

R1. Seafood Congee$5.55
chao do bien
R2. Fish Congee$5.45
chao ca
R3. Pork And Black Egg Congee$5.55
chao thit trung bilc thao
R4. Beef Congee$5.55
chao thit bo
R5. Abalone Congee$6.90
chao bao bhu
R6. Fried Chinese Bread$1.80
dau cha ouay

Seafood $6.75

302. Kung Pan Shrimp*$6.70
308. Broccoli Shrimp$6.70
309. Shrimp$6.80
with assorted vegetable
310. Mushroom Shrimp$6.80
312. Shrimp$6.80
with black bean and garlic sauce
313. Sweet And Sour Shrimp$6.80
314. Seafood Combination$6.70

Pork & Beef $6.25

403. Sweet And Sour Pork
408. Sesame Beef*
409. Broccoli Beef
410. Beef
with black bean and garlic sauce
411. Szechwan Beef*

Chicken $6.25

414. General Tso's Chicken*
414 A. Orange Chicken
415. Sesame Chicken*
416. Kung Pao Chicken*
417. Broccoli Chicken
418. Mushroom Chicken
419. Chicken
with assorted vegetables
420. Cashewnut Chicken
425. Sweet And Sour Chicken

Vegetables $6.25

501. Home Style Bean Curd*
505. Buddhist Delight
506. Sweet And Sour Bean Curd
507. General Tso's Bean Curd*
508. Crispy Eggplant
509. Dry Sauteed String Beans*
513. Pepper Salted Crispy To - Fu*

Salads - Goi

1. Goi Ga$7.90
chinese chicken salad sliced chicken breast, lettuce, green onions, crisp wontons, beansprouts, sesame food, topped in our house ginger dressing
2. Goi Kieu Thai Lan
thai salad marinated beef on a bed of lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, green onion, basil, lemongrass, served with a chili lime dressing
2. Goi Kieu Thai Lan$11.00
2. Goi Kieu Thai Lan$7.90
3. Goi Lu Lu$7.90
papaya salad shredded papaya mixed with carrots, tomatoes in a chili lime sauce

Poultry - Ga, Vit

414. General Tso's Chicken$9.45
ga tai tuding
414 A. Orange Chicken$9.00
ga xao tran bl.
415. Sesame Chicken$8.90
ga xao me treng
416. Kung Pao Chicken*$9.00
ga cung beo
417. Broccoli Chicken$8.90
ga xao bong cai xanh
418. Mushroom Chicken$9.00
ga xao nam
419. Chicken$8.90
with assorted vegetables ga xao cai thap cam
420. Cashewnut Chicken$9.00
ga xao hot dieu
421. Ginger Chicken$9.00
ga xao gung
422. String Bean Chicken$9.00
ga xao dau ve
423. Curry Chicken*$8.90
ga can
424. Chicken With Sugar Peas$9.00
ga xao deu hoa lan
425. Sweet And Sour Chicken$8.90
ga xao chua ngot
426. Szechwan Chicken*$9.00
ga ta xuyan
427. Lemon Chicken$8.90
ga xao chanh
428. Chicken In Spicy Garlic Sauce*$9.00
ga xao tuong toi
429. Crispy Duck$9.30
vit chien don
430. Crispy Chicken$9.30
steamed salt chicken ge chien don ga hap mudi
431. Steamed Chicken With Vegetables$10.90
ga hap gai be xanh
432. Green Onion Steamed Chicken$9.30
ge di bo hap hanh gung
433. Peking Duck$27.00
vit bac kinh, banh bao
434. Roasted Duck$8.90
vit quay kieu hong kong
435. Roasted Crispy Quail$10.00
chim cuc chien don
436. Sea Cucumber$14.90
with duck feet clay pot chili vit rot suong hai slum
437. Goose Intestine With Black Bean Sauce$12.00
ruot ngong xao tau xi

Vegetable & Tofu - Cai Ra Dau Hu

501. Home Style Bean Curd*$8.30
dau hu gia thuong
502. Mushrooms With Snow Peas$8.30
dau hoa lan xeo nam
503. Vegetable Deluxe$8.30
cai xao thap cam
504. Ma Po Tofu*$8.20
dau hu ma bao
505. Buddist Delight$8.30
chai la han
506. Sweet And Sour Bean Curd$8.20
dau ho chian chua ngot
507. General Tso's Bean Curd$8.30
dau hu xao tuong ngu vi
508. Crispy Eggplant*$8.20
ca tim xao tuong toi
509. Dry Sauteed String Bean*$8.20
deu ve xao tuking toi
510. Chinese Broccoli With Oyster Sauce$9.00
cai lan xao dau hao
511. Fried Tofu$9.00
dau hu chien don
512. Mixed Vegetable With Glass Noodle$8.90
rau thap cam bun tau tay cam
513. Pepper Salted Crispy To - Fu*$9.30
dau hu muoi tieu
514. Black Mushrooms With Chinese Greens$11.00
cai ham nam huong
515. Tilly$10.00
with beancurd sauce rau muong xao cheo
516. Snowpea Leaves In Garlic Sauce$8.45
dot dau xao toi
517. Golden Mushroom With Vegetable$9.90
nam kim cham xao cai
518. Fried Crispy Tofu$10.90
with golden mushroom nam kim cham dau hi chien
519. Jade Tofu$13.90
with black mushroom and chinese green dau hu xao nam
520. Steam Tofu$13.00
with white wine sauce dau hu hap tom
521. Pei - Pa Tofu$14.00
with golden mushrooms hot pot pi pa dau hu kim cham co
522. Pepper Salted Pei Pa Tofu$13.90
pi pa dau hu rang muoi

Sizzling - Dia Gan

S1. House Pan Fried Noodle In Sizzling Platter$11.90
fresh noodle pan fried born ides served with shrimp, scallop, squid chicken, beef, b.b.q. pork and vegetables with house special sauce mi xao nuding dia gan
S2. Sizzling Oyster With Black Bean Sauce$11.45
hao tuoi nuding de gen
S3. Sizzling Shrimp And Chicken$11.00
shrimps, chicken and vegetables with house sauce, served on a sizzling platter. tom thit ga nuong dia gan
S4. Sizzling Triple Delight$11.00
shrimps, scallops, chicken and vegetables served on a sizzling platter tom, blend mai , thit ga nuding dia gan
S5. Sizzling Fried Fish*$10.90
with szechuan sauce ca chien sot tuong tu xuyen nuding dia gan
S6. Sizzling Seafood And Mushrooms$11.00
shrimp, scallops, crabmeat, squids and three kinds of mushrooms with special house sauce on a sizzling platter do mien, nam nuding dia gan
S7. Sizzling Stuffed To - Fu Eggplant And Pepper$12.00
tam bao doi tom
S7 A. Sizzling Beef Ribs$11.55
with black pepper, suon bo xao sot tiou den dia gan
S7 B. Sizzling Beef Short Ribs$11.90
suon bo nuong dia gen

Chef's Specialties - Mon An Dac Biet

S8. Sweet And Pungent Whole Fish
whole fish fried until crispy and topped with chef's sauce ca chion sot chua ngol
S8 A. Steamed Seabass*
ca seabass hap
S9. Pepper Salted Crab
cracked crab sauteed with garlic pepper and onions cua rang muoi
S10. Ginger crab
cracked crab sauteed with garlic pepper & onions cua xao gung henh la
S10A. Ginger Lobster
tom hum xao gung hanh
S11. Clam With Black Bean Sauce$11.55
ngheu xao dau xi den
S11A. Steamed Counch$12.90
thft oc luoc
S12. Chicken Trio$16.00
general tao's chicken, cashew nut chicken, lemon chicken. ge xao ba mon
S13. Kung Pao Combination *$10.45
shrimps, chicken and beef in kung pao sauce cung bao thap cam
S14. Happy Family$10.55
oriental marriage of shrimps, scallops, squids, chicken, beef, barbecue pork and mixed green vegetables. toan gia phoc.
S15. Chinese Broccoli Beef$9.30
cel lan xao bo/tom
Chinese Broccoli Beef Or Shrimp$10.45
Chinese Broccoli Beef Or Fish$10.90
S16. Pan Fried (Pomfret) Fish
ca chien
S16A. Pan Fried Sole Fish
ca luoi trau chien don

Clay Pot - Tay Cam

S17. Bean Curd With Assorted Meat In Clay Pot$9.90
shrimp irishballs crabmeat, chicken. beef, barbecue pork and vegetables in a delicate house sauce, served in clay pot bat biu dau hi tay cam
S18. Duck And Taro Root In Clay Pot$10.00
five sliced spiced duck and lamb root cooked with house sauce khoai mon vit tay cam
S19. Sate Glass Noodle With Shrimp Or Beef Hot Pot$11.00
shrimp cooked in a wine garlic and safe sauce over chinese greens served in a clay pot. sete bo/tom tay cam.
S20. Catfish Stewed In Clay Pot$9.55
sliced catfish marinated in fish sauce and soy sauce seasoned with special spices served in clay pot.
S21. Oyster With Glass Noodle In Clay Pot$10.85
hao va bun tau tay cam
S22. Chicken, Salted Fish Clay Pot$10.85
tay cam ca tim thit ca va man
S23. Scallop & Eggplant In Clay Pot$10.95
tay cam, bien mai ca tim.
S24. Lamb In Clay Pot$11.95
tay cam thit de
S25. Hong Kong Style Beef Stew In Clay Pot$10.45
bo kho tay cam
S26. Fish And Tofu In Hot Pot$11.95
thit ca dau hu tay cam
S27. Roast Pork And Fried Tofu In Hot Pot$11.95
hei guay dau ho tay cam