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Fountain Drinks

Root Beer$1.80
Diet Coke$1.80
Strawberry Soda$1.80


Foie Gras$15.95
Spicy Chopped Beef Sandwich$6.05
Comes with your choice of fountain drink.


Jackson Salad$7.95
Field greens topped with bleu cheese, tomato, onion, and smokehouse vinaigrette.
Brisket Salad$7.95
Brisket piled high on top of a traditional iceberg salad with bleu cheese dressing.
House Salad$7.95
Sliced chicken breast on a bed of romaine, spinach, basil, onion, tomato, pickles and corn, drizzled with vinegar and oil.

BBQ Sandwiches

Pulled Pork Sandwich$8.05
Pork Belly Sandwich$8.05
Rib Tips Sandwich$8.05
Lamb Sausage Sandwich$7.95
Beef Brisket Sandwich$9.05
Burnt Ends Sandwich$10.55
Smoked Turkey Sandwich$12.05
Home Cured Pastrami Sandwich$12.05

Specialty Sandwiches

John Brown Reuben$9.45
House cured pastrami, Swiss cheese and coleslaw topped with Russian dressing, on a roll. Comes with choice of one regular side.
P.B.L.T. Sandwich$9.55
Pork belly, tomato and lettuce topped with mayo on Texas toast. Comes with choice of one regular side.
Smokehouse Club Sandwich$10.05
Juicy slow smoked turkey breast, pork belly, brisket with lettuce and tomatoes. Comes with choice of one regular side.
John Brown Burger$10.05
1/2 lb. of ground beef, smoked, then grilled to order with tomato, pickle and lettuce. Comes with choice of one regular side.


Burnt Ends with One Side$12.05
Burnt Ends with Two Sides$13.45
3 Ribs Plus 1 Meat with One Side$11.45
3 Ribs Plus 1 Meat with Two Sides$12.55
1 Meat Platter with One Side$9.95
1 Meat Platter with Two Sides$11.55
2 Meat Platter with One Side$12.95
2 Meat Platter with Two Sides$14.55
3 Meat Platter with One Side$16.05
3 Meat Platter with Two Sides$17.05

Pork Spare Ribs

Quarter Slab Pork Spare Ribs Solo$7.95
Quarter Slab Pork Spare Ribs with One Side$10.05
Side is regular size.
Half Slab Pork Spare Ribs Solo$14.05
Half Slab Pork Spare Ribs with One Side$15.55
Side is regular size.
Whole Slab Pork Spare Ribs Solo$24.95
Whole Pork Spare Ribs with One Side$26.05
Side is regular size.


1/4 Bird Solo$5.05
1/4 Bird with One side$7.55
Side is regular size.
1/2 Bird Solo$9.05
1/2 Bird with One Side$10.55
Side is regular size.
Whole Bird Solo$16.05
Whole Bird with One Side$16.95
Side is regular size.

Meat by the Pound

1 lb. Pulled Pork$14.95
1 lb. Pork Belly$16.05
1 lb. Rib Tips$18.05
1 lb. Brisket$18.95
1 lb. Smoked Turkey$20.05
1 lb. Burnt Ends$20.95
1 lb. Home Cured Pastrami$22.05

Homemade Sides

French Fries$3.05
Baked Beans$2.95
Mac and Cheese$2.95
Mashed Sweet Potatoes$3.05
Collard Greens$3.05

Homemade Desserts

Apple Pie$3.95
Seasonal Fruit Cobblers$4.05
Bread Pudding$4.05
Pecan Pie$4.55
Key Lime Pie$4.95