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Everyday Favorites

Everyday 3 Side Special$9.04

Tuesday Special

Tuesday 2 Side Special$10.20
Tuesday 3 Side Special$9.94
Tuesday Veggie Special$8.55
Everyday 2 Side Special$11.04

Wednesday Special

Wednesday 2 Side Special$10.20
Wednesday 3 Side Special$8.80
Wednesday Veggie Special$7.04

Thursday Special

Thursday 2 Side Special$10.30
Thursday 3 Side Special$8.70
Thursday Veggie Special$7.04

Friday Special

Friday 2 Side Special$10.20
Friday 3 Side Special$8.70
Friday Veggie Special$6.94

Sunday Special

Sunday 2 Side Special$10.30
Sunday 3 Side Special$8.80
Sunday Veggie Special$8.70
Chicken and Dressing$11.55
Served with 2 sides.
Served with 2 sides.
Sweet Potato Pie$2.90

Sunday Special Dessert

Peach Cobbler$3.05
Banana Pudding$2.95

Homemade Cakes and Pies

Pound Cake$2.90
Strawberry Crunch Cake$3.95
Lemon Cake$2.90
Key Lime Cake$2.90
Red Velvet Cake$4.05
German Chocolate Cake$3.90


20 oz. Pepsi Product$2.04
Sweet Tea$1.84
Kat's Famous Punch$2.04
Kat's Lemonade$2.04
Bottled Water$1.30
Cup of Ice$0.45