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Original Recipe
colonel's secret recipe.
Extra CrispyTM
so crunchy, it's loud.
tender, crispy chicken strips.
bite-sized kfc flavor.
Pot Pie
a warm home-style favorite.
juicy bone-in or boneless wings.
Variety Bucket
build your own.
Boneless Variety BucketTM
something for everyone.


Kfc SnackerTM
big taste, small price
Honey Bbq
smothered in kfc's famous sauce.
Double Crunch
extra crispy on the go.
Tender Roast
slow roasted to juicy perfection.
Crispy Twister
extra crispy, all wrapped up.
Oven Roasted Twister
roasted and wrapped.


Home-Style Biscuits
our famous, flaky biscuits.
Mashed Potatoes & Gravy
whipped to perfection
Mac & Cheese
a cheesy favorite
Cole Slaw
freshly prepared and delicious
Corn On The Cob
a taste of the south in summer
Bbq Baked beans
full of tangy flavor.
Green Beans
southern-style green beans.
Potato Wedges
lightly battered and seasoned.
Seasoned Rice
fluffy and flavorful.


Roasted Caesar Salad
caesar with oven-roasted chicken.
Crispy Caesar Salad
crisp lettuce. crispy chicken
Caesar Side Salad
a classic caesar.
House Side Salad
a crisp, green side.
Roasted Blt Salad
blt and oven-roasted chicken.
Crispy Blt Salad
blt and crispy chicken.


Chocolate Chip Cake
a family-sized chocolate treat.
Quaker Chewy S'Mores Granola Bar
great for kids and parents.
Apple Pie Minis
an all-american dessert
Little Bucket Parfaits
delicious spoonfuls.

Flavors & Snacks

Bone-In Wings
perfect for lunch, dinner or tailgating.
Boneless Wings
it's no bones, all flavor.
tender, crispy chicken strips.

Kfc Famous Bowls

Mashed Potato Bowl
full of your favorite flavors.
Rice Bowl
prepared fresh with layers of your kfc favorites.
Chicken & Biscuit Bowl
homemade taste, served up quick!

Kid's Meal

Choose Your Chicken
drumstick, 2 crispy strips, popcorn chicken
Choose Your Side & Drink
individual side, small drink or tropicana 100% juice
baked cheetos, quaker chewy bar

Variety Big Box Meal

Variety Big Box Meal