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Mexican Treats

Chicharron Preparado$4.05
Chicharron with cabbage, pork rinds, pico de gallo, sour cream, lemon juice.
Doritos with cabbage, pico de gallo, pork rinds, lemon juice.
Elote en Vaso$4.05
Corn in a cup with mayo, cheese, lemon juice, sour cream and chili.
Takis chips with pineapple, gummy bears, pork rinds, lemon juice, hot sauce.
Adobadas Preparadas$4.95
Adobadas chips with cabbage, pork rinds, sour cream, pico de gallo, lemon juice.
Conchitas Preparadas$4.05
Conchitas chips with nacho cheese, jalapeno and Parmesan cheese.
Rusa drink squirt with chopped jicama, pineapple, cucumber, also with chamoy, tajin chili and natural orange juice.


Mexican Flavored Popsicles$1.20
Popsicle Covered with Chocolate & Coconut$1.55
Lce Cream Cone$0.95
Ice Cream Cup (3 Scoops)$2.45
Frozen Mango Fruit Popsicle$3.05
Smoothie with Chamoy, Tajin$5.05
3 Scoops of Ice Cream$4.95


Vaso de Coctel de Frutas$4.95
Fresh fruit cocktail cup.
Cucumbers with chamoy, peanuts, tajin chili.
Manzana de Chamoy$5.95
Apple covered with chamoy, served gummy bears and tajin chili.
Fruit with sweet cream, honey and granola.
Fresas con Cream$6.05
Strawberries and cream.

Real Fruit Juices

Topo Chico Preparado$3.45
Mexican topo chico drink with ice, lemon and chili powder.

Ice Cream Shakes

Ice Cream Shake$3.95
Shakes are made with ice cream.