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Huevos Rancheros Breakfast$3.94
2-eggs any style sensed with salsa ranchera, beans potatoes and 2 tortillas and 1 bacon strip.

Classic Meals - Breakfast

Huevos a la Mexicana Breakfast$3.84
Eggs scrambled with onion, tomato, jalapeno.
Chorizo con Huevo Plate Breakfast$3.94
Chilaquiles Plate Breakfast$5.94
Corn chips mixed with eggs, onion, tomato, jalapeno, cheese.
Machacado Plate Breakfast$6.04
Dried beef mixed eggs, onion, tomato, jalapeno.
Migas Plate Breakfast$4.94
Corn chips mixed with eggs and cheese.
Pork Chop Breakfast$5.54
2 pork chop with eggs, potatoes and beans.

Breakfast Tacos

Potato Egg Taco Breakfast$1.15
Egg Cheese Taco Breakfast$1.15
Egg Ranchero Taco Breakfast$1.25
Egg a la Mexicana Taco Breakfast$1.15
Bean Egg Taco Breakfast$1.25
Potato Chorizo Taco Breakfast$1.25
Bean Cheese Taco Breakfast$1.15
Papa a la Mexicana Taco Breakfast$1.25
Bean Chorizo Taco Breakfast$1.15
Papa Cheese Taco Breakfast$1.25
Bacon Egg Taco Breakfast$1.30
Bacon Potato Taco Breakfast$1.30
Ham Egg Taco Breakfast$1.30
Country Egg Taco Breakfast$1.40
Country a la Mexicana Taco Breakfast$1.40
Country Ranchera Taco Breakfast$1.30
Sausage Egg Taco Breakfast$1.40
Sausage Bean Taco Breakfast$1.30
Create Your Own Taco Breakfast$1.94
Pick any 3 combinations.

Breakfast Burritos and Tortas

Breakfast Burritos aqnd Tortas$3.64
Mix any 2 together: egg, bacon, sausage, ham, country, potatoes. We'll top it off with meat and cheese.

Try Our Favorites - Breakfast

Chilaquiles Breakfast$1.84
Chicharon and Egg Breakfast$1.94
Barbacoa Breakfast$2.44
Migas Breakfast$1.84
Fajita and Egg Breakfast$2.44
Machacado Breakfast$2.24
Pork Chop Breakfast$1.94
Served with beans.

Scrambled Up - Breakfast

Country Sausage$4.54
Sausage Patties$4.64
Scrambled Combo$5.54
Choose your favorite two.

Favorites - Breakfast

Oatmeal Breakfast$3.34
Oatmeal with toast and cinnamon.
Pancake Breakfast$3.94
Two-pancakes, two-eggs, two-bacon strips with sausage patties.
Biscuits and Gravy Breakfast$3.94
Two-buttermilk biscuits topped in sausage gravy.
Chicken Fried Steak Breakfast$6.94
Hand breaded steak, 2 eggs, beans and potatoes.
Espinacito Plate Breakfast$8.84
Espinacito, 2 eggs, pico de gallo, beans and potatoes.

Hot Soups - Lunch

Hot Soup$5.94
Champions of people's choice menudo contest.
Caldo de Res$5.94
Caldo de Pollo$5.64

Tortas - Lunch

Beef Fajita Torta Lunch$4.14
Chicken Fajita Torta Lunch$4.24
Carne Guisada Torta Lunch$4.14
Piccadillo Torta Lunch$4.24
Steak a la Mex Torta Lunch$4.24
Steak Ranchera Torta Lunch$4.14
Pollo Torta Lunch$4.14

Burritos - Lunch

Beef Fajita Burrito Lunch$4.24
Chicken Fajita Burrito Lunch$4.14
Asada Burrito Lunch$4.14
Carne Guisada Burrito Lunch$4.24
Piccadillo Burrito Lunch$4.24
Steak a la Mex Burrito Lunch$4.24
Steak Ranchera Burrito Lunch$4.14
Pollo Burrito Lunch$4.14

Enchiladas - Lunch

Cheese Enchilada$5.24
3 cheese enchiladas topped with enchilada sauce and melted cheddar cheese.
Enchilada de Picadillo$5.64
2 enchiladas filled with our tender beef. Topped with melted cheese and sauce.
Chicken Enchilada$5.64
2 enchiladas filled with seasoned chicken topped with cheese and sauce.
Enchiladas Verde's$5.94
2 enchiladas filled with deliciously seasoned chicken topped with salsa-verde and melted Monterey Jack cheese.
Enchiladas Rancheras$5.84
2 beef or chicken enchiladas topped with salsa ranchera.
El Trio Enchilada$6.94
1 beef, 1chicken one-cheese enchilada.
El Jefe's Trio Enchilada$7.34
1 mole enchilada, 1 enchilada verde, 1 cheese enchilada.
Soft Taco$5.94
3 rolled soft tacos covered in salsa ranchera lettuce tomato (beef - chicken).
Enchiladas de Mole$6.34
Two chicken enchiladas covered in mole and white cheese.

Combos - Lunch

Mexican Plate Combo$6.84
One crispy taco, 2 cheese enchiladas, 1 chalupa.
El Tampiqueno Combo$7.84
Asada, 2 cheese enchiladas.
Tejas Plate Combo$7.94
Game guisada, 2 cheese enchiladas.
Puffy Combo$6.84
One-puffy taco (beef or chicken), 2 cheese enchiladas.

Seafood - Lunch

Fish Plate$5.94
2 tilapia fillets served with fries and salad Texas toast.
Shrimp Plate$6.84
8 breaded shrimp fries and salad Texas toast.
Fish and Shrimp Plate$6.84
2 fillets, 2 juicy shrimp with fries and salad.
Shrimp a la Mexicana$6.84
Served with rice, beans, salad, avocadoand tortillas.
Quesadillas de Camaron$6.84
2 quesadillas rice, beans, salad.
Enchiladas de Camaron$7.94
Served with rice, beans, salad avocado and tort.

Tex Burgers - Lunch

Tex Burger$3.30
1/4 oz. of all beef.
Big Tex Double Meat Burger$4.55
Two 1/4 oz. patties served with all the trimmings with fries.

Mark's Tex Burger - Lunch

Beef Pattie Burger$4.84
Ham Slice Burger$4.94
Cheese Slice Burger$4.84

Big Tex Favorite - Lunch

Crunchy Dogs$1.54
2 hot dogs wrapped in corn tortillas, fried to golden perfection.

Favorites - Lunch

Carne Guisada Plate$6.94
Stew meat in gravy.
Picadillo Plate$5.94
Ground meat with diced potatoes.
Fajita Plate$6.54
Fajitas grilled with fresh onions and bell peppers.
Carne Asada Plate$6.94
Sliced steak grilled with onion.
Tripas Plate$7.64
Served with pico de gallo, made to order (soft, medium, crispy).
Steak a la Mexicana Plate$7.24
Onion, tomato, jalapeno with strips of steak.
Mole Plate$5.94
Beef Gorditas Plate$6.04
2 puffy tacos rice, beans, tortillas.
Chicken Gorditas Plate$5.94
2 puffy tacos rice, beans, tortillas.
Beef Puffy Taco Plate$5.84
2 puffy tacos rice, beans, tortillas.
Chicken Puffy Taco Plate$5.94
2 puffy tacos rice, beans, tortillas.
Espinacito Plate$8.94
Borrego meat with pico de gallo.
Chicharron Plate$5.04
Chile Relleno Plate$6.84
Filled with beef and covered with cheese.
Morcilla Ranchera Plate$6.94
Blood sausage.
Flautas Plate$5.84
3-flautas, rice, beans
Pork Chop Plate$5.94
3 pork chops.
Beef Chalupa Plate$5.14
2 chalupas, lettuce, tomato and cheese.
Chicken Chalupa Plate$5.24
2 chalupas, lettuce, tomato and cheese.
Bean and Cheese Chalupa Plate$4.94
2 chalupas, lettuce, tomato and cheese.
Crispy Taco Plate$5.34
Picadillo or chicken 3 crispy tacos with lettuce, tomato and cheese.

Featured Items - Lunch

Chicken Fried Steak$7.24
Hand breaded served with salad, fries or mashed potatoes and toast.
Chicken Fried Chicken$7.24
Hand breaded served with salad, fries or mashed potatoes and toast.

Lunch Tacos

Beef Fajita Taco Lunch$2.44
Chicken Fajita Taco Lunch$1.84
Barbacoa Taco Lunch$2.54
Chicharon Taco Lunch$1.74
Carne Guisada Taco Lunch$2.24
Picadillo Taco Lunch$2.04
Pollo Taco Lunch$1.94
Morcilla Taco Lunch$2.34
Tripas Taco Lunch$2.44
Steak Ranchero Taco Lunch$2.24
Steak a la Mexicana Taco Lunch$2.34
Carne con Chile Taco Lunch$2.24

Drinks - Lunch

Sodas Cans$1.55
Sodas Bottle$1.94
Orange Juice$1.45
Apple Juice$1.45
Chocolate Milk$1.84
Tea to Go$2.24