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Breakfast Burritos$5.20
choice of: bacon, ham, or sausage with scrambled eggs, potatoes, and cheddar cheese. mushrooms, bell peppers, and onions are available upon request.
Fried Egg Sandwich$5.55
fried egg topped with cheddar cheese on your choice of bread. served with lettuce & tomato on the side.
Egg Breakfast$5.00
choice of: 2 eggs, breakfast potatoes, & tortillas or toast.
Deluxe Breakfast$7.00
bacon, ham, or sausage, 2 eggs of your choice, breakfast potatoes, and tortillas or toast.
Huevos Rancheros$8.80
served with breakfast potatoes and tortillas or toast.


Cheese Omelette$5.45
choice of swiss, cheddar, provolone, or pepper jack cheese.
Denver Omelette$8.00
ham, bell peppers, and onions.
Veggie Omelette$7.90
spinach, mushrooms, bell peppers, & onion.
Greek Omelette$7.90
spinach, feta cheese, tomatoes, & olives.
Cabo Omelette$8.45
seasoned beef, tomato, onions, cheese, & avocados.
Build Your Own Omelette$8.55
choice of: sausage, ham, seasoned beef or bacon. choice of: spinach, mushrooms, bell peppers, tomatoes, and onions. choice of: cheese.


Short Stack$3.20
two buttermilk pancakes. served with butter & syrup.
Buttermilk Pancakes$4.05
Deluxe Pancakes$4.70
your choice of chocolate chip or blueberry pancakes.
Pancake Breakfast$7.20
your choice of ham, bacon or sausage, 2 pancakes, & 2 eggs.


Fresh Watermelon$5.45
with canteloupe, honey dew, pineapple, grapes, and mixed seasonal berries.

Green Salads

Classic Chinese Chicken$4.70
romaine & ice-berg lettuce, sliced almonds, boiled chicken, wontons, green onions, and chinese dressing.
Grilled Chinese Chicken$5.00
romaine & ice-berg lettuce, sliced almonds, grilled chicken, wontons, green onions, and chinese dressing.
Veggie Chop Salad$4.55
romaine & ice-berg lettuce, carrots, celery, cucumbers, tomatoes, peas, corn, radishes, and your choice of dressing.
California Bleu Salad$6.30
field greens, dried cranberries, bleu cheese crumbles, caramelized pecans, bacon, and raspberry vinaigrette.
Fried Chicken$7.00
romaine & ice-berg lettuce, spicy fried chicken, corn, red onions, toasted pecans, and spicy ranch dressing.
Mexican Salad$6.90
your choice of chicken or beef, romaine & ice-berg lettuce, black beans, black olives, cheedar cheese, avocado, tortilla strips, tomatoes, pico de gallo, and spicy ranch dressing.
Misto Salad$6.00
field greens, goat cheese, caramelized pecans, tomatoes, and champagne vinaigrette dressing.
Greek Salad$6.55
romaine lettuce, kalamata olives, crumbled feta cheese, cucumbers, tomatoes, red onions, and vinaigrette dressing.
Grilled Marinated Flank Steak Salad$6.90
field greens, flank steak, new potatoes, bell peppers, red onions, and garlic dressing.
Barbeque Chicken Salad$6.80
romaine & ice-berg lettuce, red cabbage, bbq chicken, cucumbers, bell peppers, pepperonccini, and vinaigrette.
Chef Salad$6.70
romaine & ice-berg lettuce, ham, tomatoes, swiss cheese, sliced egg, cheddar cheese, and ranch dressing.
Grilled Citrus Chicken$6.70
field greens, citrus marinated chicken, mandarin oranges, bell peppers, pecans, and low-fat orange dressing.
Classic Caesar$5.30
romaine lettuce, croutons, parmesan cheese, and creamy caesar dressing.
Cobb Salad$7.00
romaine & ice-berg lettuce, chicken, bleu cheese, sliced egg, alfalfa sprouts, avocado, bacon, and ranch dressing.

Cold Sandwiches

bacon, lettuce, tomato, mayo, and your choice of bread.
roasted turkey, premium ham, bacon, lettuce, tomato, mayo, provolone cheese, and your choice of bread.
Italian Submarine$5.90
genoa salami, premium ham, capacolla, mortadella, provolone cheese, pepperoncini's, lettuce, tomato, and italian vinaigrette on a french roll.
cucumbers, alfalfa sprouts, lettuce, tomato, avocado, mayonaise, and your choice of cheese & bread.
Deli Sandwich$3.80
choice of: meat salad, bread, lettuce, tomato, & mayo.
Deli Sandwich Fixings
meat & salad selections: roasted turkey, chicken salad, roast beef, premium ham, tuna salad, capacolla, genoa salami, egg salad, mortadella.
Deli Sandwich Fixings
cheese selections: swiss, provolone, cheddar or pepper jack.
Deli Sandwich Fixings
bread selections: white, wheat oat, rye, squaw, sourdough, french roll.
Deli Sandwich Fixings
vegetable selections: lettuce , tomatoes, sprouts, pickles, red onion, cucumbers.

Hot Sandwiches

1. Barbeque Beef$5.95
tender shredded roast beef smothered in barbeque sauce. topped with grilled onions on a grilled french roll.
2. Tuna Melt$5.95
classic: tuna salad and cheddar cheese on grilled white bread. or santa fe: tuna salad, pepper jack cheese, and chipotle aioli on grilled white bread.
3. Ortega Turkey$5.95
roasted turkey, ortega chili's, and pepper jack cheese on grilled sourdough bread.
4. Funky Chicken$6.05
chicken salad and cheddar cheese on grilled squaw bread.
5. French Dip$6.05
tender roast beef on a grilled french roll. served with au jus dipping sauce.
6. Special Sandwich$6.55

Daily Entree

Beef Meatloaf$8.70
served with country gravy, a green salad and a roll & butter.

Soup Du Jour

Roasted Red Pepper$3.00

Hot Sandwich

roasted turkey, apple-wood smoked bacon, melted swiss cheese, avocado ranch dressing on grilled whole wheat bread. served with a side salad of the day.

Cupcake Strawberries & Cream

Black Berry Chicken$8.20
served with a tropical fried rice and a green salad
Soup Du Jour$3.00
garden vegetable
Weekly Sandwich - Hot Pastrami$6.45
thinly sliced pastrami, swiss cheese, pickles, spicy mustard on grilled rye bread. served with the side salad of the day.


Chocolate Croissants$1.80
Cinnamon Rolls$1.70
Pecan Rolls$1.70
Sweet Breads$1.45
zucchini, orange cranberry, banana nut, lemon, blueberry, chocolate banana, & strawberry
apricot, apple, blueberry, raspberry, lemon, & cream cheese.
plain, currant, blueberry, & chocolate chip. (sold by the dozen)
chocolate butterscotch, banana bran, zucchini, blueberry, lemon poppyseed, banana walnut, & white chocolate raspberry.


Fresh Fruit$28.05
Lemon Curd$25.05
White Chocolate Raspberry$37.95
Chocolate Macadamia$34.05
Chocolate Banana Caramel$28.05
Baked Apple$21.95
Walnut Caramel$27.95
Strawberry Apple Crumble$27.95

Cupcake Of The Day

Cookie Dough$2.55
vanilla cake with chocolate chip cookie dough topped with buttercream & a chocolate chip cookie.


Mixed Berry$32.05


New York$27.95
Irish Cream$27.95

Trifles $35

Lemon Curd Berry
Chocolate Cherry


Dessert Bars$1.20
fudge brownies with or without nuts, lemon, apricot linzer, raspberry linzer, magic, marble cream cheese, almond butter, and blueberry crunch
chocolate chip, peanut butter, oatmeal raisin, snickerdoodles, chocolate chip supreme, & white chocolate macadamia
Cut-Out Cookies$0.90
sugar cookies cut into shapes and frosted with icing
Rugaleh Cookies$0.80
chocolate, raspberry, apricot, apple, blueberry, & cinnamon
Mini Desserts$16.00
cream puff, éclair, cheesecake, carrot cake, chocolate mousse cup, fresh fruit tart, lemon curd, white chocolate raspberry tart, hazelnut square, chocolate macadamia tart, cannoli, crunchy peanut butter truffle & napoleon.
Regular Cupcakes$1.05
chocolate & vanilla flavor cake frosted with buttercream.
Specialty Cupcakes$1.30
chocolate peanutbutter, strawberry, lemon, coconut, carrot cake, red velvet, peanut buttercup, chocolate bacon, chocolate oreo, chocolate french raspberry, chocolate banana caramel, margarita, orange creamsicle, & bailey's & cream.
Dessert Shooters$17.90
square, round, & martini 2 oz. plastic cups filled with chocolate, raspberry, tiramisu & lemon mousse.
Cheesecake Lollipops$2.00
plain cheesecake dipped in white, milk, & dark chocolate.
Chocolate Strawberries$1.55
strawberries dipped & drizzled in white, milk, & dark chocolate.
Regular Cake Pops$1.70
(1 dozen minimum) chocolate & vanilla flavor cake dipped & drizzled in white, milk, & dark chocolate
Specialty Cake Pops$2.30
(2 dozen minimum). lemon, orange, carrot & red velvet cake dipped & drizzled in white, milk, & dark chocolate


Crème Brulee$3.30
Bread Pudding$3.30
Chocolate Mousse Cup$3.90
Cinnamon Crisp$1.30


Rice Pudding$18.05
Chocolate Decadence$24.05
Apple Strudel$18.05

Dessert Cake


Raspberry Genoise
sponge cake filled with whipped cream, raspberries, and spiked with liqueur. frosted with whipped cream, decorated with toasted almonds & garnished with raspberries
Strawberry Genoise
sponge cake filled with whipped cream, strawberries, and spiked with liqueur. frosted with whipped cream, decorated with toasted almonds, & garnished with strawberries
Chocolate Banana Caramel
yellow cake filled with ganache, bananas, & walnuts frosted with whipped cream, drizzled with chocolate, & garnished with chocolate covered bananas
Chocolate French Raspberry
chocolate cake filled with chocolate mousse & raspberry preserves. frosted with ganache & garnished with fresh raspberries.
Chocolate Oreo Cookie
chocolate caked filled with whipped cream & crushed oreos. frosted with whipped cream, drizzled with chocolate, and garnished with chocolate dipped oreos.
Chocolate Hershey Bar
chocolate cake filled with chocolate buttercream and garnished with hershey's miniature chocolate


Chocolate Rum
Banana Nut
Red Velvet
2 yellow & 1 chocolate or 2 chocolate & 1 yellow


White Buttercream
Chocolate Buttercream
Whipped Cream
Cream Cheese
Lemon Custard
Fruited Preserves
raspberry, apricot, strawberry
Chocolate Mousse
White Chocolate Mousse
Raspberry Mousse
Apricot Mousse
Strawberry Mousse
Lemon Mousse
Lemon Curd


White Buttercream
Chocolate Buttercream
Peanut Butter Buttercream
Strawberry Buttercream
Cream Cheese
Whipped Cream
Lemon Buttercream
Orange Buttercream


chocolate chip, peanut butter, oatmeal raisin, snickerdoodles, chocolate chip supreme, and white chocolate macadamia.
Cut-Out Sugar Cookies$0.80
Dessert Bars$1.30
fudge brownie with or without nuts, lemon, apricot linzer, raspeberry linzer, magic, marble cream cheese, almond butter, and blueberry crunch.
lemon curd, white chocolate raspberry, fresh fruit, chocolate macadamia, and walnut caramel.
Regular Cupcakes$1.90
chocolate or vanilla flavor frosted with buttercream.
Specialty Cupcakes$2.55
strawberry, lemon, coconut, carrot cake, red velvet, etc.
Crème Brulee$3.30
Bread Pudding$3.20
Chocolate Mousse Cup$3.90
Cinnamon Crisp$1.30


Soda Fountain$1.55
Tropical Iced-Tea$1.20
Smart Water$1.80
Vitamin Water$2.00
Honest Tea$2.00
Peace Tea$1.31
Hot Tea$1.20
choice of: hawaiian hazelnut, crème brulee, decaf columbian, and regular. condiments included.


Breakfast Potatoes$2.45
Side Order$3.30
bacon, sausage or ham.
Toast Or Tortillas$1.55