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Hawaii 5-0 Shrimp$12.05
5 hand breaded shrimp, sweet spicy Thai, money orange glaze, sesame and scallions.
The Satay$12.95
Skewered beef or chicken, soy ginger glaze, onion straws and sesame seed.
The Truffle Fries$8.95
French fries, white truffle oil, Parmesan and parsley.
The Onion Loaf$8.05
Fried onion straws. Ranch.
The Crab Cake$11.95
Maryland style crab cake, lemon dill remoulade, cucumber, roasted red pepper, red onion, mandarin orange and lemon vinaigrette.
The Calamari$14.05
Fried calamari, housemade sweetand spicy glaze, crushed peanut and scallions.


The Mixed Green$9.95
Artisan blend, red onion, roasted tomato, dry roasted and almond chips.
The Caesar$10.05
Baby romaine and Parmesan crisp.
The Wedge$10.95
Baby iceberg, applewood bacon, bleu cheese, red onion and grape tomato.


The Bisque Soup$5.95
Crab, sour cream and scallions.

The Sides

Half Salad$5.05
Cup of Soup$5.05
Mac & Cheese$4.95
Steak House Mashed$5.05
Brussle Sprout Grain$5.05
Brussle Sprouts$5.05
Pesto Mac$4.95
Sriracha Mac$5.05
Truffle Fries$4.95
Crab Mac & Cheese$5.05


Boneless Ribeye$28.05
12 Ounces
16 Ounces
Petite Beef & Reef$34.05
6 Ounces filet, 1-2 lobster tail, hollandaise.
10 Ounces
24 Ounces
NY Strip$30.05
14 Ounces
Bone-In Ribeye$44.05
20 Ounces

The Companions

Blue Cheese Crust$2.95
Horseradish Cream Sauce$2.05
Herbed Goat Cheese & Red Wine Butter$2.95
Green Peppercorn Sauce$3.05


The Crab Bella$22.05
Giant portabella cap, crab, Parmesan, roasted red pepper and garlic aioli.
Blackened Chicken Pasta$19.05
Seasoned chicken. Linguine. White wine cream sauce. Scallions.
The Burger$14.05
1-2 lb. house Angus patty. Bacon romaine. Red onion. Dijon mayo. Cheddar and Gouda.
The Grouper$33.05
Pan roasted grouper. Pesto couscous. Basil pesto.
The Chicken$15.95
Pan roasted airline breast. Compound butter. Chicken jus. Sage.
The Portoballo$16.95
Grilled Portobello, smoked artichoke, roasted tomato and caramelized onion aioli. Dill.
The Scallops$22.95
Seared scallops. Applewood bacon. Malibu pineapple sauce. Tarragon.
The Pasta$13.95
Linguine. Basil pesto. Roasted tomato.
The Chop$32.95
14 Ounces bone in berkshire pork chop, goat cheese and fig balsamic.
The Salmon$20.95
Fresh salmon, carrot puree, shaved brussels and paprika maple soy sauce.
Crab Cakes$23.95
2 Maryland style crab cakes, lemon dill remoulade, cucumber, roasted red pepper, red onion, mandarin orange and lemon vinaigrette.
The Lamb$30.05
Grilled half rack of lamb. Dijon and herb breadcrumbs crust.


Creme Brulee$6.05
Blackout Chocolate Cake$5.95
Vanilla Bean Cheese Cake$5.95