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Mexican Recipes From The House | Seafood Plates Recipes From The House | Dessert

Mexican Recipes From The House

2. Fish Tacos$5.90
Grilled or breaded.
3. Chicken Torta$15.97
4. Chicken Tacos$5.80
5. Menudo$15.97
6. Molcajete 3 Islas$36.73
7. Asada Wet Burrito$15.53
7;Wet Burrito$17.90
9. Asada Burrito$16.80
9. Chicken Burrito$14.57
10. Chilaquiles$15.32
Served with choice of sauce.
Tacos Asada$7.94
Shrimp Cocktail
AguaChile Shrimp$31.94
Spicy shrimps cooked in lemon juice
Shrimp Tacos Picositos$7.74
Top seller, must try...
Horchata Lg$5.20
Rice water with cinnamon and milk.
Cebada Lg$5.20
Barley water with cinnamon and milk . Sinaloan traditonal drink.
Jamaica Lg$5.20
Hibiscus water . Mexican traditional water.
Michelada mix.$9.94
It doesn't include the beer. You need to buy it at a liquor store.
Caldo de Res$15.63
Caldo de pescado$19.43
Caldo de Camaron (Shrimp)$20.73
Menudo con Pata$18.47
Pork in Chile Verde$17.17
Shrimp Torta$17.27
Asada & Shrimp$32.94
Flap meat USDA SELECT and 6 Lg Shrimp with Rice and Beans. Just made corn tortillas.
Shrimp al Mojo de Ajo$23.67
Shrimp a la Diabla$23.77
Beaded Shrimps$23.70
Shrimp a la Imperial$24.95
Shrimps wrapped with bacon Anda filled with cheese.
Enchiladas Chicken$17.17
Enchiladas Cheese$17.17
Mini Mariscada$38.04
2 different ceviches, Lil aguachile, small cocktail, 1 small shrimp taco, 1 small Marlin taco. Good for 1 person
Ceviche Culiacan$18.47
Ceviche Cosalá$18.30
Ceviche Caribeño$23.43
Shrim, lemon cooked ceviche and octopus, plus mango.. very delicious
Tostada Tierra Caliente$23.77
Tostada Insurgentes$24.63
Shrimp and octopus
Tostada Angostura$28.87
Ceviches culiacan and insurgents all making one big and flavorful botana.
Caldo 7 Mares$29.83
Grilled Fish Fillet$19.87
Breaded Fish fillet$21.17
Fried Mojarra$19.87
Shrimp and Octopus Cocktail
Torta Asada$16.04
Chuck Roll meat asada, fresh tomatoe, lettuce, onions and avocado.

Seafood Plates Recipes From The House

11. Shrimp Ceviche Culiacan$13.24
12. Insurgentes Cooked Shrimp and Octopus$19.77
13. Aguachile Spicy Juicy Shrimp$28.63
14. Marishmango$28.63
Peanuts and Mexican candies mixed with sea food and traditional Sinaloan flavors.
14. Mariscoco$28.53
Peanuts and Mexican candies mixed with sea food and excellent traditional Sinaloan flavors.
15. Shrimp in Garlic Sauce$19.53
16. Spicy a la Diabla Sauce Shrimp$19.53
17. Bacon Wrapped Cheese Shrimp with Marlin Fish$20.53
18. Fried Mojarra$15.63
19. Shrimp Cocktail$15.84
20. Shrimp and Octopus$16.23
To standard Culiacan$13.14
Delicious and Lil bit spicy.. enjoy!!
To standard Cosala$13.14
Shrimp ceviche with oyster sauce add Chiletepin sauce to add some spiciness


21. Crepes$10.45
Filled with strawberry, banana, Nutella and cream.
22. Pancrepes$11.35
3 pancakes prepared like crepes.