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House Salad$5.95
Spring mix, carrots, cucumber and tomato.
Artisan Salad$10.95
Pine nut encrusted goat cheese atop artisanal lettuce with apples, mandarins and cherry tomatoes in a citrus vinaigrette. Add grilled salmon for an additional charge.
Daily Soup$5.45
Winter Salad$11.95
Wine soaked pears, green beans, poached cherry tomatoes and toasted pecans over wilted spinach and arugula topped with Parmesan and a balsamic reduction.
Maximo Salad$10.95
Mix of lettuce with Brie, grilled cherry tomatoes and wild berries in a berry vinaigrette topped with onion croutons.


Peruvian Ceviche$10.05
Shrimp, cilantro, cucumber and red onion marinated in lime juice served with homemade chips.
Spring Rolls
Soft rice paper filled with carrot, onion, spinach, bean sprouts and avocado served with spicy peanut sauce.
Avocado Fries$7.95
Fried wedges of avocado with cilantro chimichurri and chipotle.
Salmon Cakes$12.05
Panko encrusted salmon and coconut over mango coulis.
Brussels Dilemma$8.95
Brussel sprouts fried and tossed in a savory miso, bean sprouts and cashews with bacon or no bacon….that is the dilemma.
Lamb Satay$12.05
Grilled lamb satay over roasted chickpeas, brussel sprouts and candied bacon.
Risotto Croquettes$9.05
Panko encrusted mushroom risotto croquettes with truffle oil over pomodoro sauce.
Homemade raviolo stuffed with spinach and goat cheese in a roasted red pepper sauce topped with crispy prosciutto.
Brandied Shrimp$11.95
Shrimp sautéed in brandy with onion, cherry tomatoes and fresh basil.
Demi Filet$21.05
4 oz. filet mignon in a red wine demi-glace over shrimp and garlic mashed potatoes with chefs daily veggie.


Seafood Paella$21.95
Traditional Spanish dish of mixed seafood and chorizo in a saffron scented rice.
Farmer's Paella$22.05
Beef, pork, chicken and chorizo with onions, peppers and saffron-scented rice.
Veggie Paella$16.05
Saffron scented rice with tomato, bell peppers and chefs daily veggie.
Pork Chop$23.95
Center cut, thick pork chop served over sautéed brussel sprouts and chickpeas with a brandied bacon glaze.
Stuffed Chicken$21.05
Grilled chicken breast stuffed with spinach and mozzarella in a roasted red pepper sauce over portobello risotto.


Chocolate Mousse$8.05
Dark chocolate mousse with chocolate pecan bark.
Max Brulee$8.05
Cointreau infused creme brulee topped with drunken blackberries.
Bread Pudding$8.05
Spiced pecan bread pudding with a warm rum anglaise.
Homemade Ice Cream and Sorbet Scoop$3.55


Double Espresso$5.05


Cheese Plate$15.95
Assorted cheese with crackers and homemade jelly.
Tomato, basil, red pepper, Portobello, onion and Parmesan on crostini with arugula.


Garlic Cheese Grits$2.45
Wheat Toast$1.95
Biscuits & Vegan Gravy$4.45
Homemade Sausage$2.80
Vegan Sausage$2.70
Hashbrown Potatoes$2.45
2 Eggs Any Style$3.55
Fruit (Seasonal)$3.45
White Toast$1.95
Biscuits & Sausage Gravy$4.55
2 Biscuits$1.95


Corn tortillas smothered in salsa verde, fresh cheese, sour creamand onion.
Belgian Waffle$5.55
Golden Belgian waffle with butter and maple syrup. Add berries, bananas or pecans.
Hash & Eggs$10.45
Beef brisket, potatoesand onions, topped with 2 fried eggs.
Tofu Scramble$7.95
Tofu, red pepper, spinach, mushrooms, potatoes, sauteed onion and garlic.
Pulled Pork Empanadas$10.45
Corn empanadas stuffed with slow roasted pulled pork, with fried eggs and fire roasted salsa.
Farmer's Frittata$9.95
Egg, bacon, potatoand onion frittata with toast and homemade sausage.
Granola and yogurt with berries and honey.
Shrimp & Grits$12.95
Sauteed shrimp over garlic Gouda grits.
Dos Huevos$10.05
2 eggs any style with your choice of bacon or sausage, grits, or hash browns, biscuits, or toast.
Omelet Florentine$9.55
2 eggs with spinach, onion, tomatoand goat cheese with hash browns.