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Meizhou Roast Duck (Full Duck) ????$70.04
Meizhou Roast Duck (Half) ????$39.94
Roast Duck Sliders ????$12.94
Extra Pancake ??$6.94
9 pieces.


Meizhou Dongpo Sausages ????$16.94
Rattan Pepper Chicken ???$14.04
Bangbang Chicken ???$14.04
Sliced Beef with Chili Sauce ????$16.04
Sweet And Sour Short Rib ??????$12.04
Dongo Style Mung Bean Jelly ??????$9.94
Spicy and peppercorns.
Chicken Pot Sticker ????$9.94
6 pieces.
Egg Rolls ???$5.94
Vegetable and 4 pieces.
Marinated Egg ??$1.30
Crispy Duck (half)$23.94
Marinated Duck Head$6.94
Marinated duck neck$7.04
Marinated Beef$13.04


Wonton Soup ????$9.85
8 pieces. Pork wonton.
Oxtail Tomato Soup ??????$11.04
Pig Trotter Soup With Soy Beans ?????$16.94


Spicy Crawfish ?????$24.94
Sole Fillet with Scallions ?????$25.04
Spicy and peppercorns.
Sole Fillet with Chinese Pickled Cabbage ?????$27.04
Hot Chili Oil Poached Sole Fillet ?????$27.94
Kung Pao Shrimp$27.04


Kung Pao Chicken ????$18.04
Spicy and peppercorns.
Spicy Chicken ???$20.94
Spicy and peppercorns.


Serrano Pepper Beef ????$23.94
Spicy and peppercorns.
Beef Filet w Black Pepper ?????$24.94
Mongolian Beef$16.94
Mapo Tofu ????$16.94
Hot Chili Oil Poached Sliced Beef$23.04
Spicy and peppercorns.


Classic Dongpo Pork ?????$12.04
Country Style Sliced Pork with Chili ?????$17.94
Braised pork in brown sauce ?????$17.04
Wok-Fried Spicy Pot ????$25.04
Meizhou Spicy Hot Pot ?????$19.04
Braised Pork Hock with Special Sauce ????$29.04
Dongpo Pork Belly with Preserved Vegetable$26.04


Wok-Fried String Beans ?????$16.94
Vegetarian. Spicy.
Stir-Fried Pea Tips ?????$18.04
Eggplant In Chili Garlic Sauce ????$18.94

Noodles, Buns and Rice

Meizhou Pork Buns ????$7.94
2 pieces.
Sichuan Dumplings ????$9.94
5 pieces. Spicy and peppercorns.
Spicy Vermicelli ???$9.94
Spicy and peppercorns.
Dan Dan Noodles ???$9.04
Steamed Soup Mini Bao ?????$13.94
10pc Soup dumpling.
Meizhou Special Fried Rice ????$13.04
Steamed Rice ???$1.95


Brewed Sticky Rice Ball Soup ????$6.94
Red Bean Sticky Rice Wrap (5PC) ????$6.94

Non-Alcoholic Beverages

Jasmine Jelly Milk Tea ???????$4.94
Jasmine Jelly Milk Tea$5.00
Plum Juice ???$4.94
Jiaduobao Tea$2.95
Coke ??$2.45
Fresh Pear Juice$4.94