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Phoularie (Split Pea + Okra Fritter)$8.95
Shado beni sauce, tamarind sauce.
Tropical Salad$9.55
Kent mango, cucumber, kumquats, mixed radish, mixed leaf lettuce, christophine, olives, hearts of palm, coconut vinaigrette.
Oakland Bistro Salad$11.05
Cornmeal crusted oysters, hen egg, arugula, pickled green tomato, watermelon, roasted fresno chili vinaigrette.
Jerk Shrimp$17.80
Cabbage and almond salad, grilled lime, sour cream.


Ground Provision & Tofu Curry$13.95
Basmati rice, roasted red fresno peppers, tamarind sauce.
Island-Style Pork$20.45
Slow cooked, herb and citrus rubbed pork shoulder, pinto beans and sofrito, tostones, sauce chien, pikliz.
Field Pea Soup$10.55
Cassava, sweet potato, new potato, christophine, Guiramon squash, nutmeg dumplings.
Salt Fish & Ackee$16.80
Spring garlic & onions, pimento peppers, thyme, scotch bonnet, sweet plantains, thyme, early girl tomato.
Miss Ollie's Skillet-Fried Chicken (4 Piece)$24.70
Potato salad, field greens with lemon, pepper sauce.


Potato Salad$6.05
Cornmeal Fritters + Wild Flower Honey$6.45
Plantains + Garlic Oil$6.05
Rice + Peas$6.05
Seasonal Greens$6.05
Plantains + Garlic Oil$4.95

Featured Items

Cornmeal Fritters with Wild Honey$5.05
Split Pea Soup$9.45
Sweet potato, carrots, guiramon pumpkin, cassava, Jamaican yam, cured pork.
Tropical Salad$8.05
Pimento, cucumber, kumquats, hearts of palm, olives, radish, mango, mixed leaf salad.
Phoularie (Split Pea Fritters)$8.05
Okra, shado beni and tamarind sauce.
Jerk Shrimp$12.45
Sour cream, lemon, arugula and tomato salad.
Salt Fish & Ackee$16.20
Sweet peppers, spring onions & garlic, scotch bonnet, salt cod, thyme, tomato, sweet plantain.


Ginger Lemonade$4.45