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Baby Octopus Yakitori$4.05
Big Shrimp Yakitori$4.05
Gulf shrimp.
Korean Rib Yakitori$3.95
Age Tofu Yakitori$2.95
3 pieces. Fried.
Brussels Sprouts Yakitori$2.95
Tao Cracklins Yakitori$4.05
Chargrilled Vegetables Yakitori$3.05
Pork Belly Yakitori$3.05

Soup and Salad

3 pieces. Clear soup with crispy onions, mushroom and green onions.
Miso Soup$4.05
Seaweed, tofu and green onions.
House Salad with Ginger Dressing$7.95
Squid Salad$8.95
Seaweed Salad$8.05
Snow Crab Salad$9.95
Sashimi Salad$12.95
Bed of spring mix salad, avocado with diced yellowtail, tuna and salmon with ponzu sauce. Raw.
Seared Tuna Salad$15.05
Mixed greens, julienne carrots, tomato, avocado and side of ponzu dressing. Raw.
Mixed greens, tomatoes, asparagus, avocado, cucumber, snow crab, assortment of diced fresh fish, seaweed salad, squid salad, fried kani, masago and green onions. Drizzled in sweet Naruto sauce. Raw.

Nigiri and Sashimi

Albacore Tuna$3.05
Boiled shrimp.
Flying fish roe.
BBQ Eel$2.95
Quail Eggs$2.05
Salmon Belly$3.95
Harasu and limited.
Salmon roe.
Smelt roe.
Smoked Salmon$3.05
Sweet Shrimp$5.05
Japanese eggs.
Sushi Sampler$15.05
4 pieces of assorted nigiri and 1 tuna roll.
Sashimi Sampler$15.05
6 pieces.
Sashimi Dinner$27.95
12 pieces.


Beef-Ka-Bob Tapa$9.05
Open fire grilled with lemon grass marinade.
Chicken-Ka-Bob Tapa$8.95
Open fire grilled with lemon grass marinade.
Rib Eye Larb Tapa$11.05
Finely chopped mixed with Thai herbs, red onions, red and orange sweet peppers and citrus seasoning. Served with rice upon request.
Chicken Larb Tapa$11.05
Finely chopped and mixed with Thai herbs, red onions, red and orange sweet peppers and citrus seasoning. Served with rice upon request.
Hamachi Kama Tapa$10.95
Grilled yellowtail collar.
Baby Lamb Rack Tapa$12.05
New Zealand.
Edamame Tapa$6.95
Choice of sea salt, garlic butter or spicy seasoning.
Asian Cajun Shrimp Tapa$10.05
Gulf shrimp.
Takoyaki Tapa$5.95
Octopus balls.
Japanese Nuggets Tapa$7.05
Sauteed Jalapeno Gyoza Tapa$8.05
Age Tofu Tapa$6.05
8 pieces. Fried.
Baked Sake Tapa$14.05
Hotategai Tapa$8.95
2 pieces chargrilled sea scallop on a bed of spring mix salad with mango.
Colossal Lobster Tempura Tapa$10.95
Colossal Shrimp Tempura Tapa$9.05
Colossal Vegetable Tempura Tapa$7.05
Baked Green Mussels Tapa$6.95
Salted Calamari Tapa$8.95
Beef Jerky Tapa$6.95
Aged marinated rib eye fried and served with volcano sauce.
Alligator Bites Tapa$12.05
Deep fried marinated alligator. Served with sweet seafood sauce.
Buttered Garlic Green Mussels Tapa$14.95
New Zealand mussels stir fried in red onions, red pepper, green onions topped with 3 pieces grilled shrimp.
Asian Boneless Wings Tapa$5.95
Traditional wings deep fried stuffed with pork and shrimp. Served with sweet chili sauce.
Lobster Egg Rolls Tapa$15.05
5 oz. cold water lobster tail wrapped in seasoned snow crab, red onions and carrots. Served with Thai sweet chili sauce.
Crab Wontons Tapa$10.05
Deep fried wonton wraps stuffed with crab meat, cream cheese, green onions with unfiltered honey served with sweet chili sauce.
Sweet Honey Ribs Tapa$8.95
Roasted, grilled and then smothered with our sweet glaze.
Crispy Tuna Tapa$7.95
Golden rice nuggets topped with fresh tuna. Raw.
Crispy Cajun Wings Tapa$8.05
Breaded then tossed with our Japanese 7 spice blend.
Sashimi Tostado Tapa$13.05
Diced assortment of fresh fish topped over Kewpie, snow crab and avocado. Raw.

Ramen Noodle Bowls

Spicy Miso Ramen Noodle Bowl$14.05
Sliced rib eye, mushroom, green onion, corn, crispy onion and seasoned egg.
Premium White Miso Ramen Noodle Bowl$14.05
Sliced BBQ pork, mushroom, bean sprouts, cabbage, green onion, corn, crispy onion, seasoned egg, served with egg noodles.
Tonkotsu Miso Black Ramen Noodle Bowl$14.05
Sliced chicken breast, mushroom, cabbage, green onion, corn, crispy onion, seasoned egg, served with egg noodles.
Garlic Soy Ramen Noodle Bowl$14.05
Sliced duck breast, mushroom, green onion, shallots, crispy onion, seasoned egg, served with egg noodles.
Vegetable Ramen Noodle Bowl$11.95
Mushroom, baby bok choy, spinach, tofu, asparagus, green onion, cabbage, broccoli, sweet pepper served with egg noodles.
Butaniku Dry Ramen Noodle Bowl$13.95
Minced Pork, fried onions, corn, green onions, bean sprout, cilantro, seasoned egg served with cold egg noodles.

Sushi Specialties

Miso Shrimp Eggplant$16.05
Fried Shrimp tempura, tempura eggplant sauteed in creamy miso sauce with green onions.
Upside-Down Shrimp$19.05
Boiled shrimp topped with rice, then baked with snow crab, jumbo lump crab meat drizzled in volcano sauce with green onions, masago and eel sauce.
Jalapeno Yellowtail Sashimi$19.05
Thinly sliced yellowtail topped with jalapeno, scallions and ponzu. Raw.
Hamachi Orange$18.95
Skillfully sliced yellowtail, orange, cilantro and pickle red onions with Japanese dressing and golden tobiko. Raw.
Salmon Carpaccio$19.05
Fresh salmon sliced with Japanese dressing, yuzu kosho and scallions. Raw.
Tuna Tataki$18.95
Slices of seared tuna topped with green onions, masago sauced in ponzu and finished off with sesame seed sprinkles. Raw.
Kosho Albacore$18.95
Seared Albacore sauced in yuzu kosho, ponzu and garnished with cilantro. Raw.
Beef Tataki$18.95
Seasoned seared beef tenderloin sauced in ponzu and beef tataki sauce. Raw.

Tao's Signature Entrees

Asian Ribeye Steak$26.05
16 oz. ribeye Asian dry rub marinated with glazed sauce, grilled bok choy and Brussels sprouts.
Teriyaki Glazed Salmon$18.95
Grilled salmon with a glaze of teriyaki sauce with haricot vert, zucchini, squash, red onions, bell peppers, broccoli and mushrooms.
Teriyaki Chicken$17.05
Teriyaki grilled chicken with haricot vert, zucchini, squash, red onions, bell peppers, broccoli and mushrooms.
Colossal Shrimp$22.95
Grilled shrimp cooked in teriyaki garlic sauce with haricot vert, zucchini, squash, red onions, bell peppers, broccoli and mushrooms.
Volcano Yaki Shrimp$17.95
Sauteed yaki soba noodles and grilled shrimp stir fried in sweet chili volcano sauce topped with Cajun seasoning and green onions.
Steak and Lobster$25.95
6 oz. ribeye and grilled cold water lobster served with grilled haricot vert, zucchini, squash, red onions, bell peppers, broccoli and mushrooms.
Seafood Lovers$27.95
Grilled lobster, sea scallops with shrimps served with grilled haricot vert, zucchini, squash, red onions, bell peppers, broccoli and mushrooms.
Crispy Duck$26.05
Organic 1/2 duck steamed to perfection then fried to crisp served with grilled haricot vert, zucchini, squash, red onions, bell peppers, broccoli and mushrooms.
Lobster Garlic Udon$27.05
2 cold water lobster tails tossed with garlic butter layered over a savory sauteed udon.
Garlic Parm Yaki$18.05
Egg noodles, tossed in garlic and Parmesan over high heat, finished with butter seared shrimp, topped with parsley flakes.

Tao's Rice and Noodle Specialties

Thai Fried Rice
Jasmine rice cooked with eggs, diced carrots, onion and Thai sweet sausage with choice of meat.
Pad Thai
Stir fried rice noodles with sweet and sour tamarin sauce topped with eggs, beansprout, green onions and ground peanuts with choice of meat.
Stir-Fried Udon
Udon noodle stir fried red onion, squash, zucchini, bell pepper, mushroom and broccoli with garlic brown sauce.


California Roll$8.05
Osaki kani (crab) stick, avocados with cucumbers topped with masago.
Crunchy Roll$9.05
Snow crab mix, sliced avocados rolled in tempura flakes and eel sauce.
Philly Roll$8.05
Smoked salmon, cream cheese and slices of avocado. Raw.
Rock and Roll$9.95
Shrimp tempura, snow crab and cucumber on soy paper. Drizzled with spicy mayo. Spicy.
Fried Tempura Roll$9.95
Shrimp tempura, snow crab mix on soy paper deep fried with eel sauce on top.
Shrimp Tempura Roll$8.95
Shrimp tempura with crabstick topped with eel sauce.
Spicy Tuna Roll$7.95
Fresh Tuna and cucumber with Japanese 7 spice seasoning dotted with Sriracha on top. Raw. Spicy.
Vegetable Roll$5.95
Sweet squash, pickled carrot, pickled radish with cucumbers and mixed greens.
Fresh Tuna Roll$7.95
Fresh tuna with scallion. Raw.
Fresh Salmon Roll$6.95
Fresh salmon with avocados. Raw.
Buddha Roll$16.05
Snow crab mix, avocado, asparagus, cream cheese topped with baked white fish drizzled in baked sauce, eel sauce and scallions. Spicy.
Louisiana Roll$10.95
Sauteed Louisiana crawfish, avocados and spicy mayo.
Rainbow Roll$12.95
Snow crab mix, avocado topped with fresh tuna, fresh salmon and fresh escolar. Raw.
Spider Roll$10.95
Fried soft shell crab, snow crab, cucumber, avocado, masago, topped with eel sauce.
Lobster Roll$19.05
Cold water tempura battered lobster, cucumber and snow crab mix with seafood sauce.
Baked Salmon Roll$14.95
Snow crab mix, avocado and cream cheese topped with baked salmon. Finished with crunchy tempura battered, scallions, masago and eel sauce.
Scallop Volcano Roll$17.05
Snow crab mix, cucumber with baked bay scallops topped with masago, eel sauce, green onions and tempura flakes. Spicy.
Summer Roll$11.05
Fresh tuna, crab stick, tamago (Japanese egg), spring mix, Japanese dressing and cucumber rolled in rice paper. Raw.
Cajun Bites$15.05
Sauteed crawfish, cream cheese and tamago (Japanese eggs) panko batter fried with eel sauce and spicy mayo.
Caterpillar Roll$12.05
BBQ eel, cucumber, avocado with eel sauce on top.
Fiery Pacific Roll$11.05
Spicy assorted fresh fish with cucumber topped with avocado, Japanese 7 spice seasoning and Sriracha. Raw. Spicy.
Cucumber Deluxe Roll$12.95
Crabstick, snow crab mix with avocado wrapped in skillfully cut cucumbers topped with sweet white sauce and masago.
Super Dragon Roll$18.95
Snow crab mix, cucumber, shrimp tempura and cream cheese. Topped with baked BBQ eel, eel sauce, tobiko, green onions and shredded nori bits.
Torched Yellowtail Roll$17.05
Snow crab, avocado, green onions and grilled red pepper topped with torched yellowtail, Asian sauce and Sriracha. Raw. Spicy.
Triple Crown Deluxe Roll$17.05
Assorted fresh fish and cream cheese then tempura fried with eel sauce and spicy mayo.
Fusion Roll$18.95
Shrimp Tempura, cucumber, jalapeno, cream cheese, topped with spicy tuna and avocado layered, sauced in spicy mayo, eel sauce, shredded seaweed, red and black tobiko and crunchy batter. Raw. Spicy.
Flaming Roll$18.95
Spicy tuna, shrimp tempura, crab stick and asparagus topped with boiled shrimp, spicy mayo, furikake seasoning and eel sauce (lit on fire when served). Raw.
Jazzy Roll$11.95
Snow crab mix, boiled shrimp, asparagus, crunchy batter with based eel sauce while topped with spicy mayo and masago.
Lava Roll$12.95
Shrimp tempura, avocado, cream cheese, topped with baked salmon bits along with eel sauce, green onions and masago.
Tiger Eye Roll$14.95
Eye of the roll: Seaweed, salmon, cream cheese and avocado: snow crab fried in soy paper based in eel and seafood sauce.
Red Heat Roll$18.95
Soy paper wrapped snowcrab, tempura shrimp, cucumber, jalapeno, topped with salmon, crab stick all baked in hot and spicy sweet sauce finished with green onions, crispy onions, masago, Sriracha, eel sauce and sweet mayo. Spicy.
Spicy Crab Roll$14.95
Tempura fried snow crab, avocado, shrimp tempura topped with red tobiko, eel sauce and Siracha. Spicy.
Sweet Coco Roll$16.95
Tempura shrimp, cream cheese, cucumber, snow crab topped with avocado, kiwi, strawberry, plum sauce, coconut flakes and sweet mayo.
Beef Tataki Roll$17.05
Shrimp tempura, crawfish, cream cheese, jalapeno topped with torched rib eye. Slap dat seasoning, sweet ponzu, white sauce, eel sauce, green onions and masago. Spicy.
Alligator Roll$8.95
Alligator, snow crab, masago and cucumber drizzled in eel sauce.
Voodoo Roll$19.05
California Roll, topped with sauteed creamy garlic crawfish and green onions.
Rising Sun Roll$18.05
Snow crab, cucumber and jalapeno topped with tuna tataki, green onions, masago and shredded nori over spicy tuna sauced in chili sauce and ginger soy. Raw. Spicy.
Salmon Zest Roll$17.95
Snow crab, cucumber, wrapped in soy paper, topped with fresh salmon, ponzu and lemon zest (no rice). Raw.
Ragin Crunch$10.95
Snow crab mix, avocado topped flaming hot Cheetos drizzled with eel sauce, spicy mayo and chili sauce. Spicy.
Ju Sushi$19.05
Shrimp Tempura, cream cheese, avocado, jalapeno, then deep fried: topped with spicy snow crab, drizzled in eel sauce, spicy mayo and Sriracha. Spicy.
Ni Roll$18.95
Snow crab, shrimp tempura, jalapeno, cucumber, topped with spicy tuna, lightly torched salmon and glazed with our sweet-heat relish, green onions and masago. Raw. Spicy.
Hachi Roll$18.95
Seared tuna, jalapeno and cucumber; topped with fresh tuna finished off with a citrus sweet glaze, smelt roe, green onions and fried onions. Raw. Spicy.
San Roll$19.05
Yellowtail, tuna, salmon, escolar, jalapeno, cucumber, cilantro, masago, snow crab and wrapped in soy paper finished with a sweet basil ponzu dipping sauce. Raw. Spicy.
Roku Roll$18.95
Spicy tuna, asparagus, cucumber, topped with snow crab, yellowtail and sliced jalapeno; finished with Sriracha and sweet basil ponzu. Raw. Spicy.

Hibachi Entrees

Angus Rib Eye Hibachi$25.95
Chicken Hibachi$18.95
Shrimp Hibachi$26.05
Salmon Hibachi$21.95
Crispy Duck Breast Hibachi$29.05
Surf and Turf Hibachi$31.05
Seafood Hibachi$30.95
Grilled lobster, sea scallops and shrimp.
Torio's Feast Hibachi$29.95
Rib eye, shrimp and chicken.
Vegan's Course Hibachi$14.05
Fried Tofu, zucchini, squash, mushrooms, red and white onions.

Rice and Noodle Bowls

Orange Chicken Bowl$12.95
Crispy fried chicken tossed in our sweet-tang orange glaze layered over steam bokchoy, topped with candied orange zest.
Mongolian Beef Bowl$13.05
Thinly sliced rib eye and white onions both marinated in savory oyster sauce with a touch of cracked black pepper.
Red Curry Bowl$12.95
Choice of chicken, beef, or shrimp paired with zucchini, squash, bell pepper, white onions and green bean all tossed with peppery red curry.

Poke Bowls

Gangnam Bowl$14.95
Tuna and salmon, cumber, avocado, mango, edamame, red and green onions, snow crab, ponzu, masago. Raw.
Wasabi Pimpin Bowl$14.95
Salmon and tuna, snow crab, avocado, edamame, cucumber, mango salsa, sesame seeds, furikake, green onions, masago, Japanese wasabi Yuzu. Raw.
Miso Hungry Bowl$14.95
Chicken, carrots, cucumber, snow crab, red onions, fried onions, picked red onions, furikake and miso honey.
Shell Life Bowl$14.95
House scallop, shrimp, crawfish, seaweed, snow crab, green onions, cucumber, edamame, picked red onion, fried onions, masago and togarshi aioli.
Just for Yuzu Bowl$15.05
Yellowtail, green onions, cilantro, cucumber, lemon zest, avocado, jalapeno, snow crab, masago and yuzu-kosho ponzu. Raw.
Waikiki Bowl$14.95
Ahi tuna, red onion, masago, seaweed salad, snow crab, cucumber, spicy aioli and ponzu. Raw.
Something for Salmon Bowl$15.05
Salmon, orange, edamame, fried garlic, masago, snow crab, rice puff, avocado and ponzu. Raw.
Catch ann Release Bowl$15.05
Bed of mix greens, fried tofu, mango salsa, avocado, green and red onions, tomatoes, seaweed salad, fried onions, shredded nori, edamame, cilantro dressing; side of gochujang dipping sauce.

Bento Box

Pepper Steak Bento Box$15.05
Tempura Shrimp Bento Box$14.95
3 pieces.
General Tao Chicken Bento Box$14.95
Jumbo Lobster Tempura Tail Bento Box$16.05
Miso Honey Glazed Salmon Bento Box$15.05
Garlic Butter Shrimp Bento Box$14.95
Kids Bento Box$9.05
Japanese nuggets and fries.