Onion Rings $1.95+
Hand dipped
Skin On Fries $1.65+
Sweet Potato Fries $1.95+
Chicken Fingers $5.95
Hand dipped
Mozzarella Sticks $5.65
Hand dipped
Jalapeno Bottle Caps $3.95
Mushrooms $4.95
Hand dipped
6Pc Wings $4.95
BBQ, spicy, plain, painful
12Pc Wings $9.25
BBQ, spicy, plain, painful
24Pc Wings $17.95
BBQ, spicy, plain, painful
Clam Chowder $4.45
Sandy’s Chili $3.95
Nichols Frito Nachos $5.65
Jalapeno Garlic Bread $2.65+
Cheesy Bread $5.05
Bread Sticks $4.05

Starter 1/2 Salad $3.65
Mixed greens, croutons, parmesan cheese
House Salad $5.15
Mixed greens, croutons, parmesan cheese, hard boiled egg, caesar dressing
Garden Feta $7.65
Mixed greens, mushrooms, olive, tomato, feta cheese, house dressing
Spring Apple $9.45
Cran raisins, walnuts, sliced apple, feta cheese, and house dressing on top mixed greens
Mediterranean Chicken Salad $8.45
Mixed greens, kalamata olives, tomato, feta cheese, mediterranean seasoned chicken served with house dressing
Customize Your Salad $1.45
Customize Your Salad $1.15
Avocado or egg
Customize Your Salad $0.65
Cheese blue, feta, mozzarella, parmesan

Spaghetti or Fettuccini $6.95
With a traditional red sauce $6.95, substitute alfredo or pesto sauce $1.45, add 2 meatballs $1.70, add chicken or sausage $1.45
Vegetarian Pasta $8.65
Sundried tomato, olives, artichokes and fresh garlic placed on a bed of spaghetti
Garlic Crusted Shrimp $9.45
Shrimp seasoned with a special blend of garlic, parmesan cheese and seasonings roasted and placed on fettuccine with alfredo sauce
Garlic Bread $2.65
Garlic Bread $4.65
Mediterranean Chicken $8.95
Seasoned and grilled chicken, fresh garlic, kalamata olive and feta cheese placed over a bed of fettuccine with alfredo sauce
Portobello Mushroom Ravioli $9.65
Roasted portobello and crimini mushrooms, onions, mozzarella and permesan cheese stuffed ravioli served with traditional red sauce

Rock Burger $7.65
Rock sauce, moazzarella cheese, red onion, tomato, lettuce, apple wood smoked bacon, avocado
Black and Blue $7.65
Blackened burger topped with blue cheese, apple wood smoked bacon, lettuce and tomato
Chipotle Stuffed Burger $9.65
1/2 lb patty stuffed with chipotle peppers, pepper jack cheese. Topped with apple wood smoked bacon, cheddar cheese, tomato and lettuce
Baywood Burger $12.65
Double patty, rock sauce, cheese, apple wood smoked bacon, green chili peppers, red onions, tomato, jalapenos, sandy’s chili
Nichols Burger $7.65
BBQ sauce, apple wood smoked bacon, hand battered onion rings
Hot Dog $3.65
Los Osos Burger $6.65
Lettuce, tomato, red onion and mayo
Chili Dog $4.65
Chili Burger $7.19
Sandy’s chili, cheddar cheese, red onion
Customize Your Burger
Cheese $0.65, green chile $0.45, apple wood bacon $1.65, sauted mushrooms $1.45, grilled onions $1.45, avocado $1.15, side of fries $1.65, side of sweet tater fries $1.95, side of onion rings $1.95, sandy’s chili $1.25

Combination Deluxe
Pepperoni, canadian bacon, sausage, red onion, bell pepper, olive, pineaple, and mushroom
Hawaiian Deluxe
Canadian bacon, sausage, red onion & pineapple
All Meat
Salami, pepperoni, canadian bacon and sausage
Veggie Osos
White sauce, fresh spinach, mushrooms, red onions, bell pepper and feta cheese
The Local
Liguicia, pepperoni, sausage, olive, red onion, tomato and bell pepper
Spooner’s Rancho Pesto
Rancho pesto sauce, chicken, green onion, tomato, olive, feta
Garlic Chicken
White sauce, chicken, mushrooms, red onion, fresh garlic
Surfers Friend
Pepperoni, sausage, red onion, bell pepper, tomato, artichoke
Hazard Canyon
Buffalo sauce, chipotle seasoned chicken, sausage, bacon, linguica, red pepper flakes, jalapenos, red onion
Bay Osos BBQ
BBQ pulled pork, BBQ sauce, mozzarella, tomatoes, red onion, pineapple
The Rock
Rock sauce, meatballs, bacon, red onion, tomato
Pesto Chicken
Pesto sauce, chicken, sundried tomatoes, red onion, artichoke
Mushroom, red onion, bell pepper, olive, tomato, and artichoke

A.B.T. $6.65
Fresh avocado, tomato, apple wood smoked bacon and mozzarella cheese
BBQ Pulled Pork $6.65
Our house made BBQ pulled pork with grilled onions and cheddar cheese
3 Cheese $6.65
A blend of pepper jack, cheddar, mozzarella and tomato
Diablo Melt $6.65
Chicken smothered in painful sauce with pepper jack cheese and jalapeno

Toppings Selections
Nichols pizzas come with traditional sauce. optional sauce choices are available at additional topping prices. Choose from bbq, white, rock, pesto, garlic, buffalo, rancho-pesto, hippie or thai. Toppings pepperoni, bbq pulled pork, pineapple, anchovies, sausage, red onion, jalapenos, shrimp, linguica, green onion, minced garlic, fresh basil, bacon, green bell pepper, fresh garlic, fresh spinach, salami, mushroom, artichoke, canadian style bacon, meatballs, olives, chicken, avocado additional charge, tomato
Cheese Pizza $7.65+
Additional toppings individual $0.65, medium $1.15, large $1.65, party $2.25
Gourmet Pizza $11.85+
Calzones $9.95
Calzones $8.05
3 toppings
Slice $2.95
Includes 2 toppings

Gyro $7.65
Gyro lamb/beef blend with creamy tzaziki sauce, lettuce, tomato, red onion on flatbread
Meatball $8.20
Meatballs in marinara sauce, with mozzarella cheese, oregano on toasted artisan bread
BBQ Pulled Pork $8.20
Slow cooked BBQ pulled pork with coleslaw and red onion
Chipotle Chicken & Bacon with Ranch $8.20
Chipotle seasoned chicken strips, bacon, red onion, lettuce and tomato. Served on toasted artisan bread with mayonnaise and ranch
Farmer’s Delight $7.15
Grilled mushrooms, artichoke, spinach, onion, bell pepper, tomato, olives, and lettuce. Served on toasted artisan bread
Cutomize Your Sandwich
Avocado $1.65, cheese $0.65, apple wood smoked bacon $1.65

Grilled Cheese
Kids Burger
Hot dog
Slice of pepperoni or cheese pizza
Chicken Strips (Battered)

Tiramisu $3.85
Lemoncello Mascarpone Mousse Cake $3.85
Cinnamon Sticks $4.15
Vanilla Ice Cream $2.65
Sundae $3.95
Rootbeer Float $2.95
Made with draft rootbeer
Choca L.O. $4.69
Deep fried chocolate pastry served on ice cream and drizzled in chocolate..Awesome