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Appetizers & Soup

A1. 3 Piece Vegetable Spring Roll$1.43
A2. Shrimp Spring Roll$1.43
A3. 6 Piece Dumplings$4.23
Tasty pork dumplings served the way you like.
A4. 4 Piece Cheese Wonton$3.33
Wontons filled with delicious cream cheese and crabmeat.
A5. Crispy Calamari$5.53
Lightly fried calamari with chef special sauce.
A6. 10 Piece Sugar Doughnuts$3.03
A7. Miso Soup$2.13
A8. Edamame$3.95
Soybeans steamed and salted for a tasty treat thats part of a great diet.
A9. 3 Piece Oishii Kebabs$5.43
Complimentary combination of chicken, green peppers and onions.
A10. 5 Piece Shrimp Tempura$6.03
A11. Rock Shrimp Tempura$5.43
Rock shrimp lightly fried tossed with spicy creamy sauce.
Volcano Roll$10.03


B1. Ginger Salad$3.03
Garden salad with our ginger dressing.
B2. Avocado Salad$3.53
Slice avocado over fresh green salad with ginger dressing.
B3. Smoked Salmon Skin Salad$3.53
Crispy salmon skin with eel sauce.
B4. Seaweed Salad$3.53
A healthy and nutritious Japanese style salad.
B5. Kani Salad$3.53
Crabmeat cucumber masago with spicy mayo.

Fried Rice

R1. Fried Rice$8.03
R2. Oishii Fried Rice$14.03
Chicken, beef and shrimp.


Y1. Yakisoba$7.93
Y2. Oishii Yakisoba$13.93
Chicken, shrimp and steak.


H1. Hibachi Vegetable$6.13
H2. Teriyaki Chicken$6.73
H3. Hibachi Steak$7.73
H4. Hibachi Shrimp$7.83
H5. Hibachi Salmon$10.73
H6. Hibachi Scallop$10.73
H7. Hibachi Filet Mignon$10.73
H8. 12 Piece Hibachi Jumbo Shrimp$10.83
H9. Hibachi White Meat Chicken$7.83
H10. Hibachi Pork Tenderloin$7.83

Choice Combo

Pick 2$11.03
Pick 3$15.93

Premium Combos

Pick 2$15.93
Pick 3$19.93


S1. General's Chicken$7.53
Chunks of chicken battered and deep fried then coated with a tangy spicy sweet sauce.
S2. Sesame Chicken$7.43
Chunks of chicken battered and deep fried then covered in honey sauce and sprinkled with sesame.
S3. Sweet & Sour Chicken$7.53
White meat chicken deep fried and battered. Served with a delicious sweet and sour sauce.
S4. 3 Piece Oishii Kebabs$7.53

Side Orders

E1. Fried Rice$2.53
E1. Plain Rice$2.53
E2. Noodles$3.33
E3. Hibachi Vegetables$3.63
E4. Teriyaki Chicken$4.53
E5. Hibachi Steak$5.23
E6. Hibachi Shrimp$5.03
E7. Hibachi Salmon$6.93
E8. Hibachi Scallop$6.93
E9. Hibachi Filet Mignon$7.03
E10. Hibachi Jumbo Shrimp$7.03
E11. Hibachi White Meat Chicken$5.03
E12. Hibachi Pork Tenderloin$4.93
Yum Yum Sauce$0.20