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Raised Donuts

Ring Donuts
Available in Glaze and Sugar-coated.
Long Johns
Available in Chocolate, Vanilla, Caramel. Also available in Vanilla Sprinkle, Chocolate Sprinkle, and Caramel Crunch.
Custard-filled Donuts
Donuts filled with custard. Available in Chocolate and Vanilla.
Cream-filled Donuts$0.98
Donuts filled with angel cream. Available in Chocolate only.
Jelly-filled Donuts
Donuts filled with apple-raspberry jelly. Available in Glaze, Sugar-Coated, Powered Sugar-Coated, and Vanilla.
Lemon-filled Donuts$0.98
Donuts filled with lemon jelly. Available in Glaze only.
Twist Donuts
Available in Glaze, Cinnamon Glaze, and Sugar.
Pretzel Twists$1.08
A Cinnamon Twist donuts made in the shape of a pretzel. Available in Cinnamon Glaze only.
Apple Fritters$0.98
Generous portions of cinnamon and apple chopped into fresh dough. Available in Glaze only.
Dozen Donut Holes$2.04
These small glazed balls are perfect for snacks or for the little ones.
Cinnamon Rolls
Available in Glaze, Caramel, and Caramel Crunch.

Cake Donuts

Cake Donuts
Available in Plain, Vanilla, Vanilla Sprinkle, Vanilla Coconut, Chocolate, Chocolate Coconut, and Glazed Blueberry.
Devils Food Cake
Available in Chocolate or Glazed.
Old Fashion Donuts
A donut made with sour cream to give it a unique sweet flavor. Available in Glaze and Chocolate.
French Cruller
Available in Glaze, Vanilla, and Chocolate
Candy Cakes
One of our newest products. We take our already delicious iced caked donuts and top it off with crunched up candy bars. Available in Chocolate Heath Bar and Vanilla Butterfinger.


Fruit Turnovers
Available in Cherry and Apple.
Available in Cherry-Cheese and Cheese.
Now available, you can have your breakfast of doughy goodness in a single muffin. Available in Lemon, Blueberry, Banana Nut, and Chocolate Chip.
Bacon Maple Long Johns$1.94
If you're looking for a mix of salt and sweet, look no further than the Bacon Maple Long John.


Start the morning off with a hot cup of coffee.
Hot Chocolate
Orange Juice$1.74
Rinse down your donut with an Orange Juice from Prairie Farms.
Milk or Chocolate Milk
Soda or Water (1 liter)
Box of Coffee (with Condiments)$12.44
If you need coffee for that morning meeting, pick up a box that can hold up to 8 cups full of fresh, hot coffee. Comes with small coffee cups, packets of sugar, creamer cups, and stirring sticks.
Business Meeting Special: Box of Coffee and a Dozen Donuts$20.94
Comes with cups and condiments.
Box of Coffee (no condiments or cups)$11.44
For those who need a Box of Coffee but not the cups or condiments.