Lettuce Wraps GFR $14.69
Hoisin chicken, cashews, lettuce, pickled vegetables, rice paper crisps.
Avocado Toast $13.69
Grilled caraway, avocado, roasted tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, sunflower seeds, aged balsamicю
Smoked Wings GFR $16.69
House-buffalo or dry rub with smoky ranch dressing.
Corn Dip $9.69
Nachos $11.69
House-chips, queso blanco, black bean corn salsa, chipotle aioli.
Tots $10.69
House-made bite sized croquettes, house-made ketchup, chipotle aioli.

Wedge Salad GFR $14.69
Iceberg wedge, blue cheese, bacon, tomato, creamy peppercorn dressing.
Oliver’s Salad GFR $15.69
Lettuce blend, pepper confit, sunflower seeds, roasted corn, cheddar, bacon, avocado, smoked ranch.
Greens Side Salad GFR $6.69
House vinaigrette.
Grain Bowl $16.69
Protein, mixed grain blend, egg, avocado, radicchio slaw, pickled vegetables, maple vinaigrette.

Pot Roast GFR $18.69
Slow cooked chuck, garlic whipped potato, stewed carrots.

Meatzza Pizza GFR $23.69
12″ capicola, sausage, pepperoni, pancetta, aged cheddar, Gouda.
Pepperoni Pizza GFR $19.69
12″ pepperoni, need we say more?
Margherita Pizza GFR $19.69
12″ tomato sauce, roasted tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, basil, olive oil.
Garlic Mushroom Pizza GFR $19.69
12″ garlic butter, mushrooms, herbs, balsamic drizzle.
Sweet Italian Pizza GFR $19.69
12″ sausage, sweet pepper confit, basil.

Beef Dip Sandwich GFR $18.69
Braised beef, fresh mozzarella, au jus, baguette.
Everyday Grilled Chicken GFR $18.69
Bacon, provolone, arugula, tomato, grilled onion, chipotle aioli, pub bun.
Fried Chicken Sandwich GFR $17.69
Spicy buttermilk fried chicken, b and b pickles, radicchio slaw, lemongrass aioli, pub bun.
Gouda Burger GFR $19.69
Marieke farms gouda, pancetta onion jam, arugula, lemongrass aioli, pub bun.
Oliver Burger GFR $17.69
House-blend, American cheese, pickles, grilled onion, special sauce, pub bun.
PB and J Burger GFR $17.69
Bacon, peanut butter, pepper jack, blueberry jam, pub bun.
Reuben Sandwich GFR $18.69
Corned beef, swiss, sour cabbage, special sauce, caraway rye.
Santa Fe Burger GFR $19.69
Pepperjack, hatch green chili, avocado, habanero aioli, pub bun.
Shroomami Burger GFR $19.69
Pepper crusted beef patty, mushrooms, blue cheese, pub bun.

Sweet Potato Fries GFR $7.69
Smoked salt, cilantro, chipotle aioli.
Garlic Whipped Potato GFR $7.69
Fries GFR $6.69
Rosemary, smoked salt, house-ketchup.
Brussels Sprouts GFR $10.69
Balsamic, gochujang, cashew.
Cauliflower $8.69
Chermoula, pecan gremolata.
Gnocchi $9.69
Garlic butter, herb, grana.
Grilled Asparagus $10.69
Herb butter, lemon, pesto.

Kids Pizza GFR $11.69
No french fries.
Kids Burger GFR $8.69
Kids Mac and Cheese $7.69
No french fries.
Kids Cheeseburger GFR $8.69
Kids Chicken Strips $7.69

Cheesecake $7.69
Macerated berries.