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Steamed Clams$13.00
1 dz. with a white wine & garlic sauce
Deep-Fried Smelt$8.94
Deep Fried Calamari$10.00
served with a delicious marinara sauce
Fish Filet Cut Into Strips$8.94
fried & severed with a tartar sauce
Shrimp Scampi$13.00
Homemade Sausage$6.45
Fried Homemade Smoked Sausage$8.80
Fried Yucca$6.05
Chicken Rolled With Bacon$7.95
Grilled Chicken Hearts$6.05


continuous skewers of homemade sausage pork, beef & chicken severed with rice, beans, fried bananas, french fries & salad bar. no doggy bags please!
Espeto De Picanha$33.00
a special cut of the top portion of sirloin, makes this kabob a real brazilian "churrasco" served with rice, beans, fried banana and french fries
Espeto De Fraldinha$22.00
grilled skirt steak, served with rice, beans, fried banana and french fries
Espeto De Frango$20.00
chicken kabob served with rice, beans, fried banana & french-fries
Costela De Vaca$22.00
short rib kabob served with rice, beans, fried banana & french-fries
Salad Bar$14.00
is included with all char-broiled dishes add the salad bar to your meat for only $7.00 or as a meal


Sirloin Steak$22.00
12 oz. steak grilled to perfection, served with vegetables, rice & beans
Bife Acebolado$22.00
grilled steak served with sauteed onions, rice & beans
Bife Corn Fritas$21.90
grilled steak served with french-fries, rice & beans
Bife A Alho E Oleo$22.00
grilled steak smothered with sauteed garlic, rice & beans
Bife A Cavalo$21.90
grilled steak served with two fried eggs, rice & beans
Bife A Cubana$22.00
thin breaded steak served with sweet peas & hearts of palm, rice, beans & fried banana
Lombo A Paulista$21.90
pork loin served with a corn flour mix, potato, rice & beans
Contra File A Paulista$22.00
steak served with corn flour mix, potato, rice & beans


Spaghetti With Clams$16.90
Spaghetti With Garlic & Olive Oil$13.00
Spaghetti Or Cheese Ravioli With Marinara Sauce$13.00


File De Peixe A Milanese$20.00
breaded fish filet, pan fried served with vegetables, rice & beans
Camarao Grelhado$19.90
grilled shrimp, seasoned to perfection, served with vegetables, rice & beans
Camarao A Pastorela$22.00
shrimp stuffed with cream cheese served with sauteed hearts of palm, rice mixed with raisins
Muqueca De Peixe$20.00
fish filet dipped in a delicious sauce made with sauteed onions, tomatoes, coconut cream and a touch of "dende oil" served with rice
Caldeirada De Peixe$21.90
variety of sauteed seafood served with sauteed onions & rice
char-broiled served with vegetables, rice & beans
Salmao A Bela Mulher$21.90
grilled salmon with a shrimp sauce, mushrooms & capers, rice & beans
Bacalhau A Espanhola$21.90
dried codfish served with a chickpea, sweet pepper & onion sauce rice & beans

A La Carte

Risoto De Frango$15.90
sauteed pieces of chicken breast and garlic sprinkled with cheese. served with sweet peas & rice
File De Frango A Milanese$20.00
pan fried breaded chicken breast served with rice, beans & french-fries
Frango A Moda Da Casa$20.00
sauteed chicken breast served vegetables, rice & beans
Frango A Passarinho$16.90
deep-fried chicken pieces (bone in) seasoned with olive oil, garlic parsley & white wine. served with french-fries, rice & beans
Frango A Parmigiana$19.90
chicken breast topped with homemade tomato sauce & parmesan cheese. served with rice & beans
a world famous brazilian dish prepared with black beans dried beef & pork meat seasoned to perfection. served with collard greens, rice & beans
Feijao Tropeiro$19.90
pork chop topped with a fried egg, pintos, sauteed onions, manioc flour & bacon. served with homemade sausage, collard greens & rice
Tutu A Mineira$20.00
pork chop served with country style pinto beans, homemade sausage, collard greens, fried eggs & rice


Chocolate Mousse
Passion Fruit Mousse
Flan Coconut And Chocolate Cake
Fruit Cake